German was the first foreign language to be taught at UC Davis, first being taught at the school in 1933.

German is the language most commonly spoken in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. While often referred to as a guttural or "ugly" language, German can be quite efficient, elegant, and clear. German grammar is very consistent - a few rules go a long way. While spoken German varies greatly across Europe, the dialect commonly taught is referred to as "Hochdeutsch". Hochdeutsch is understood well by nearly all German speakers, while Austrian, Swiss, and even closer dialects like that found in Bayern (Bavaria) can even be hard for fluent speakers to follow.

Learning German in Davis

German Culture In Davis

You can find German cuisine at Sudwerk, Little Prague, and the Konditorei. International House has literature on many cultures, including German, and sometimes hosts ethnic meals.

Also check out the UCD German Club.

German Culture in the Sacramento region

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