behind Kemper Hall and Bainer Hall
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UC Davis
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Civil/Environmental and Applied Science Engineering

Mohammed S. Ghausi Hall honors Dean Emeritus Ghausi, who served as dean of the College of Engineering from 1983 to 1996. Prof Ghausi is probably most well known to students today as the co-author, along with Richard Spencer, of the textbook for EEC 110AB, Introduction to Electronic Circuit Design. Before 2010, this building was called simply "Engineering III".

In the lobby there is the Stockholm Water Prize that Professor Takashi Asano won in 2001. The Takashi Asano seminar series is held in the main conference room, 3102B.

Inside you can use UCD's wireless internet capabilities. Or you can just sit down and marvel at the cleanliness of the building.

Computer Scientists have been known to marvel at its reasonable architecture, modern furnishings, and clean floors. Then again, they're comparing it to the basement of Kemper Hall.