Gilmore Hall is one of four high-rise residence halls in the Segundo area and was named for John W. Gilmore. It has five floors, an elevator, lounge with a tv and piano. Each floor has a kitchen. Each room has two beds that can be lofted or lowered, a book case, a desk and drawers. There are also two closets. The bathrooms are high school locker room style with shower stalls. Wear your flip flops! Gilmore is the closest high-rise to the DC and the ARC, thus giving it the best location in Segundo.

Freshman Antics

  • On December 3rd, 2005 A.D., diners in the D.C. were shown some Gilmorian antics, as the girls of 414 proceded to dance by their window (at least one later holding up a sign listing their room number), perhaps in an attempt to get some sex.
  • The top floor, Gilmore 5 is usually referred to as the "Penthouse".
  • In 2008-2009 Gilmore 2 was known as the party floor