Management Company
Professionally Managed by Yolo Property Management
2225 Glacier Drive
(West Davis, near the intersection of Covell & Denali)
Leasing Office Hours
Weekdays 9:00-5:00
[email protected]
Unit Amenities
Central Heat & Air
Wash & Dryer in every unit
Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Stove & Microwave
Cable access
Community Amenities
Free Covered Parking
On-Site Laundry Facilities
Fitness Center
Media Lounge with HD Flat Screens
Study Room with Computer & Printer Access
Free WiFi in Clubhouse
Cats allowed
Pool & Spa
Handicapped Access
Courtesy Patrol by Universal Protection Service

Glacier Point Apartments is a quiet and friendly community located in an optimal area of West Davis. Fall 2016 Prices are listed below. Residents enjoy a fitness center, pool and spa, barbeque spot, media loft and internet lounge with free WiFi. With quick freeway access, walking distance to shopping, restaurants and more, and a bike path and bus lines to campus, Glacier Point is the ultimate location! The complex offers an array of floor plans from single bedroom to spacious four bedroom apartments and every unit features a washer and dryer.

1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom: $1,175.00-$,1225.00/month

2 Bedrooms/1 Bathroom: $1,495.00/month

2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms: $1,545.00/month

3 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms: $1,990.00/month

4 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms: $2,425.00/month

The MU is about 2.5 miles from Glacier Point by car and just 1.5 miles via bike. Glacier Point is on the Unitrans P/Q bus line, which also runs on Saturdays. The Q Line stops directly at Glacier Point. The P Line can be caught on the corner of Shasta Drive, the street before Denali. Many residents opt to take the Q and transfer to the G Line at the synagogue stop. However, if transfers are late, Residents have suggested communicating with the drivers. For those who don't mind a short walk, the B line, on Sycamore Lane one block south of the Marketplace, is only 10 minutes away.

The Marketplace is just down the street (1 mile), where there is a Safeway and lots of other stores and restaurants. If you go down a little bit further, you'll find the Anderson Plaza with its SaveMart (1.3 miles) and Oak Tree Plaza with its Nugget and lots more shops and restaurants (2.6 miles).

For more information on rental housing in Davis, take a look at our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments page.

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2009-08-21 13:37:43   We moved in to the complex back in 8/2006. On initial move-in there was a different manager, nice person, bit of a busy body (gossiped & would try to act like your best buddy). I did not care for her too much but she wasn't there for much longer. Management changed within the same year and made quite a difference. Beverly is one of the nicest and accomadating managers I have met yet. Jerry (maintenance) is very friendly, responds to ANY issues same day and I never felt nervous with him in our apartment with our cat when we are not there- very important to me. We had a bad roommate situation and they were completely understanding & did not hold it against us for our misfortune. They told us how to handle it and what they couldn't do and really showed us they cared. Nicole joined there team and she is just as awesome as the other two. This team really makes the effort to show the tenants that they are there for us. As compared to other places I have lived in where it was always at their convenience. The only reason I am moving is because we needed to relocate. If I ever need to move back and this management team is still on board, I would move back in a heartback. Good Luck Beverly, Gerry & Nicole, and Thanks! —Shallon

2009-09-01 10:47:15   Had a great experience living at glacier, didn't deal with management much, but when we did they were very easy to talk to and very nice about dealing with things. The repair guy was great and responded to requests very quickly. Would have continued to live here but we needed a place closer to school. Great place to live, no complaints. —rocknice

2010-01-25 09:45:56   I have been living at the Glacier Point apartments since September. So far, I've had a great experience. Before moving in I looked at a lot of other apartment complexes and this one was by far the nicest. The property is kept neat and the insides of the apartments are also in great paint, clean bathrooms, etc. The management are very nice either when just saying "good morning" or when dealing with any concerns that I have. There are always (good) coffee and donuts in the mornings and cookies in the afternoons. Whenever I've reported something that needed to be fixed, like a light, it was taken care of within that same day. Parking has never been a problem, I can even find spaces in the lot when I come back at 3 a.m. The gym and pool areas are also very nice. They even have my favorite exercise machine from the ARC. The only problem I've found is that my cell phone reception wavers depending on where I am inside the apartment. Besides that, I love everything about this place and had no hesitation renewing my lease. —KatieP

2010-01-25 20:12:55   Glacier is an okay place to live in, as a freshman who moved in from the dorms, it's decent (no more fire hazards!) My roommates and I are currently in a three bedroom suite. As what everyone says, the walls are thin, but as far as I can tell I can only hear locally within my own suite, I sometimes hear the people upstairs but that's usually like a chair falling over and other things. Unfortunately, the way the master bedroom in the three bedroom is connected to the living room, let's just say I've heard things that I've never really wanted to hear.

I do have nice things to say about the management, they are friendly and pleasant. Maintenance is usually pretty quick about things and are honest about when things would be done, Jerry the main guy is friendly. And Glacier occasionally holds some events like pie day, free breakfast for finals week which is nice.

And I will definitely say that Cell phone reception for AT&T is terrible for my spot, I usually only have 1-2 bars and my roommate has to put his phone by the window. I know this isn't particularly Glacier's problem, it's just annoying. And currently Glacier's only service provider for internet is comcast, I'd definitely recommend calling the davis rep for comcast for a 'deal' we're are paying ~$80 for high speed internet and basic cable with free HBO/Starz for 9months. And biking to the UCD campus takes about 10-20mins if you take the bike path across 113.

We did not renew our lease for this year because of roommates going to different places, but I guess I would still recommend Glacier, yay for free cookies! —theyangster

2010-02-20 18:20:26   i know this is probably just wishful thinking, but does anyone know if we're allowed to paint the walls while we live there? then just paint them back to white before we move out? —JacquelineD

2010-08-31 16:05:44   We've been here for 4 years, and we loved it. We're moving out because our family is growing, otherwise we would have stayed. Management is very nice, maintenance requests are addressed the same day or the next day. The pool area is nice and hardly ever crowded, so is the gym. They added the BBQ area a couple of years ago which is very nice. The place is quiet- good for older undergrads/grads and young professionals. The only downside (for lazy me) was that it was a longish bike ride to campus- 15-20 minutes. Other than that I highly recommend it! —Zzz

2010-08-31 16:07:12   I forgot to add: the morning coffee and donuts and afternoon cookies are great. For the past year or two, they also have a community dinner twice a year with free food. And, my favorite, free continental breakfast during finals' week. Loved it! —Zzz

2011-02-15 15:09:04   I have lived at Glacier Point Apartments for 2 years now in a 1 bedroom apartment. The complex was built in the mid-2000s if I recall correctly, so it’s fairly new. The apartments are in good working order (nice windows, carpet, appliances) and come with their own washer/dryer as well as central heating and air conditioning, and a kitchen with all of the standard appliances. I can't hear my neighbors unless they slam their front door or hammer their walls. I'm on the top floor so I can't comment on footsteps, etc., but I've never had any complaints from the residents below me. There is a pool and hot tub that are well-maintained, as well as a rec room with treadmills and other exercise machines. The entire property is taken care of very well and looks nice. Parking is available for all residents and finding a spot is never a problem.

The complex is off of Covell. There is a bus stop for the Q line right at the complex, and a bus stop for the P line a few minutes away by walking. Additionally, the D and K lines are accessible by a 5-minute walk down Denali Dr to Arlington & Shasta. Highway 113 is one block away on Covell, and driving to campus or downtown takes 5-10 minutes. There is a plaza with a Safeway and CVS about 2 minutes east driving on Covell. There is a bike pathway off of Glacier Dr. that links to the bike loop; biking to campus takes 10-20 minutes.

The management (Bev and Nicole) are very friendly, along with Jerry (maintenance). They have coffee, donuts, cookies, and candy at their office whenever I stop by. Jerry has responded to my maintenance requests within 1-2 days and I’ve never had a problem getting things fixed. Management hosts fall and spring socials for residents where they provide delicious hot food. During finals week of each quarter, continental breakfast is offered to residents.

There are a few potential drawbacks to living at Glacier Point. It’s far away from downtown or campus, so you have to bike, drive, or take the bus anywhere you want to go. The bus lines nearby aren’t the best – the P/Q have long routes and only stop at the MU - but many residents use them. It’s also a quiet complex that’s probably not too party-friendly. I chose Glacier Point because it was new, quiet, and offered plenty of amenities, especially the washer and dryer. Its location and distance from campus didn’t bother me since I enjoy riding my bike everywhere. I don’t take the bus often, but it’s convenient should I ever have to. I would definitely recommend this complex to anyone!


2011-08-02 16:44:53   I lived there last year and enjoyed it quite a bit. Reasonable pricing, good perks (donuts every morning, cookies in the afternoon, breakfast during finals, etc.), and decent location. But the best thing about Glacier Point is Jerry. Jerry is the maintenance guy for the complex and he rocks! Super friendly, good attitude and responds very quickly to work orders. I would definitely recommend living here, as long as you're able to put up with the P/Q lines. —KieranToovey

2011-09-25 20:48:10   Glacier point is a fairly nice place to live in, except for how far from campus it is.

The worst part comes when you actually move here comes my experiences at Glacier point (over 2 years). The first apartment I was in, was a 3 bed/2 bath with a $600 security deposit. Come the end of the year (AFTER I had already signed a lease on a different apartment in the same complex), the management attempted to withhold a little less than half of my security deposit for cleaning and painting. When we received the move-out paperwork, it said that approximately $200 would automatically be deducted for CARPET matter what.

this is ILLEGAL. Also, my roommate and I (and our parents) cleaned that place for hours...and followed all of their instructions to the letter. So needless to say, we were surprised to have gotten only half of our money back after all of the effort to clean the place. So we had to go after the management, but wouldn't you know it...they gave our money back because they were not allowed to do that.

Of course I had signed a lease before I realized that all this crap was going to come year 2. I had prepared myself and discussed all issues with the management at the beginning of the year. This time, they had more specific cleaning outlines, as well as did not deduct for carpet cleaning costs. BUT of course something else had to happen. My roommate and I cleaned the place, once again following the instructions to the letter. Also, the complex is trying to charge me for a 1/2 paint on an apartment that DID NOT need any painting, because it was NOT damaged by me. Again they have tried to weasel me out of half of my security deposit.

Even though this complex looks nice, it is nice until you try to get your security deposit back....because you WILL have to fight in order to get your full deposit back. Renter beware because the security deposit is sure a lot of money! —EmilyRichards

2012-07-26 14:24:08   I've lived in Glacier for the past year and I love the property. I had planned to live here for an additional year, however some things happen with the people that I was supposed to live with. Beverly was very understanding with the issues that we were going through and tried to help us to her best ability. She is the nicest out of all the people in the office. Also, during the time that I lived at Glacier anytime I had any issues with anything in my apartment not working the maintenance man Jerry always came in a timely manner to fix the problem. In all Glacier is a very nice place to live and I would definitely recommend it ! —PatriciaCrowder

2012-08-13 10:25:29   My wife, daughter and I lived in GP for just under 2 years. Bev and Jerry are very friendly and repair service has always been prompt. I believe this is one of the quieter complexes, since I have heard some of my friends complain about undergrad partying where they live. The management sponsors many tenant appreciation events, such as bagel breakfasts during finals week, chili night, and free coffee and donuts on weekdays. The pool and spa are also in good working order and are always a pleasure after a long day at work. Upstairs from the exercise room there is also a large screen TV for movies and cable TV where my daughter watched the olympics. Aside from the amenities the apartments are acceptable. The appliances are neither very new nor very old, and the location is neither very good nor very bad.

For families with school-age children, the Patwin school is a 3 minute bike ride down the green belt, and it is an excellent elementary school. The bike commute to UCD campus is 15-20 minutes, and there are close bus stops on Covell for those not into biking. The parking lot is all unreserved spots, with some under a shelter. I have only once seen it completely full, so there is never a problem finding a place to park. All in all, our experience has been very positive living here, and I would recommend it to others looking for an attentive management service. Our experience in other places with bad property managers fueled our pursuit of a good staff (using these reviews on Davis wiki) and the reputation for prompt and courteous care taken by Bev and Jerry is well-deserved. (e.g. Jerry helped me when I lost a house key and fixed our washing machine very promptly. Bev gave us a very good reference for our new landlord and helped us set up a sub-lease agreement for the last month of our lease).

While we have not completed our lease yet, I cannot address the comments from other tenants that Yolo property management will try to keep the deposit. However, our past experience is that they have been fair and that they offer a walk-through before the lease is up give some idea if the apartment's condition merits a full refund. Again, because of the management and amenities I highly recommend Glacier Point, especially for students or small families looking for a quieter apartment complex. —IsaacGreenhut

2013-03-08 12:57:12   I absolutely LOVE this apartment complex. My housemates and I moved in three years ago and we never left! The management is extremely nice and helpful. They are always willing to answer any questions that we have and assist us on the spot if we ever get locked out of our apartments or need to pick a package up. Jerry, the maintenance guy, is extremely friendly and efficient! If we ever had a problem with our bathroom or apartment light etc. all I would have to do is tell Jerry about it, and he would show up on the same day and fix it. On top of that, we get free donuts and coffee every morning, free cookies every afternoon, and free breakfast during finals week. We also get free printing in the main office. With such an incredible management and so many perks, I'm sad to leave Glacier Point Apartments because I'll be leaving Davis. But I would recommend anyone who's looking for a great place to stay to check this place out! —manpreetbath

2013-03-11 11:44:34   We have lived in these apartments for three years and never once had a problem. The management at Glacier Point is outstanding. Whenever there is something wrong ( i.e a light is out or a drain is clogged) Jerry the Maintenance Man fixes it right away. In addition to the excellent service at Glacier Point the people who work here are also very personable ( Jerry!) and willing to talk to you anytime. Though this apartment is farther away from campus than some others might be the management and the perks of living here ( i.e free coffee and donuts in the morning; cupcake and pie day; socials; and free breakfast during finals week) definitely makes up for it-Laura R. —LauraRichstone


Hello Christine and thank you for bringing this to our manager's attention on Saturday - I believe you spoke to her the day you reported this and your maintenance request is actively being met.

Glacier Point recently welcomed our new Resident Manager, Heather, who is aware of this issue and it currently organizing a bike sweep and the installation of new bike racks. Unfortunately it seems our last Resident Manager didn't follow through with the last bike sweep for which we apologize.

Glacier Point and Yolo Property Management has a reputation for being very responsive to our Resident requests and unfortunately a need for additional bike parking was not brought to our attention until Christine's call into our Resident Manager this Saturday - perhaps this was on account of the previous manager not relaying the need to our company which is unacceptable if that was the case. If any Residents or their guests ever feel for any reason that property needs are being overlooked by a Resident Manager, we urge you to call Yolo Property Management directly. Of course, we are confident that with our new Resident Manager, Heather, this situation and any future resident needs will be met swiftly as extraordinary customer service is our mission and what we are known for around Davis.

Thanks again Christine. We understand your frustration and are working to improve bike parking. —D.Sparks

2014-12-28 04:07:15   This complex is awesome. I was very lucky to get a spot here. If you only own a bike and and attend UC Davis, it may get a little rough during the cold season, because the apartments aren't the closest to campus. However, there is a very close bus stop for P/Q, 220, and others. Plus, it's near a little mall and inside a beautiful quiet neighborhood. I love the staff, they are welcoming and nice. They offer free donuts and coffee every weekday and 24-hour study room (with computers and printer) and gym. The only fault is that the study room and the gym are pretty small, but you can't get everything in life, right? :D They are doing an amazing job. Plus, these apartments come at a great price. If I can suggest an improvement, there should be more community life -like gatherings of all the residents, just to meet at least. :) —duda