These are reviews of Glacier Point Apartments prior to 2009. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

The walls are very thin, so if the people below you have the TV on, you will hear it. Apartments are arranged somewhat around grassy areas in the center, so sound tends to echo between buildings. Each building has a locked utility box area and the doors never stay locked and always SLAM back and forth during the night when its windy.

—Management has not received any complaints about noise in regards to neighbors, the buildings themselves, or the community. Residents with issues need to notify Management so that these issues can be addressed. Utility companies such as PG&E, Comcast, and SBC have access to the utility rooms. They have been asked to make sure that the doors are properly closed when they are done working in the rooms.—

Glacier Point Apartments is overpriced for what you get. Apartments are kind of small for what you pay — a four-bedroom apartment only has a tiny kitchen with hardly any counter space. Management is rude and the Glacier office is always closed, so if you needed anything you have to go to Saratoga West Apartments' office as they have the same management. The outside grounds are terrible and always weedy.

Nice management, none available when I checked. I think it's similar to Saratoga West, which I loved to pieces.

I lived there for a year and would never move back. Parking sucks, the apartments are shitty, management is rude, its far away from everything. My bedroom window faced out into one of the grass areas between buildings, and EVERYTHING echo'd so loudly. There was this older couple who's bedroom window also faced out to the grass and they ALWAYS had loud sex at night and the sound echo'd between the buildings. I couldnt keep my window open at night if i wanted to sleep. I am paying only about $30 more for my room at Greystone than I did at Glacier and i'd have to say greystone is a MUCH better deal. AshleyOrsaba

2005-05-03 18:34:26   I lived here for a year, wouldn't/couldn't move back but still might recommend it to most. Sometimes parking was full but almost always was fine I thought, and I lived near the front. Management were real jerkoffs, Glacier office was always closed, and they refused to let people pay in separate checks (big hassle with 5 people) Some sound echoing, wasn't an issue except for the gardeners. I think it was every Friday morning, bright and early, a good 6 or 7...hundred people with leafblowers. They had way too many groundsmen than needed. Small kitchens indeed, but the room sizes were nice (for a 4 bd), and the carpets/walls were pretty new. The complex itself is only years old so it looks and feels much nicer then everything else built so long ago. Only complaint was thin walls, and the girls below us said they could always tell where we walked. Think it was $1850 for the 4bd/2ba in 03-04. P and Q bus goes by it, most people took Q and transferred to the G. —ES

2005-07-08 16:13:44   Lived here for a year. Management is rude and unapproachable. Small kitchen with little shelf space. I moved out because the neighbors upstairs were constantly noisy (thin walls) and generally just the noise in this complex drove me nuts. When there are parties, people can be annoyingly loud. Price was reasonable (1570 for a 3 bedroom in 04-05) but I wasn't too impressed. If you're a serious student who needs quiet, I wouldn't recommend this place. —MarianneDominguez

2005-12-04 18:34:00  I lived there from 2003-04. The owner of the apartment complex also owns Saratoga West, which explains why the two complexes share the same parking lot and main management office.

The apartment that I lived in (2 bedroom / 2 bath flat) must have been designed by an architecture dropout or some other similarly incompetent person, due to the cheap and noticeably stupid design. Main complaints include: little counter and cupboard space in the kitchen, paper-thin walls, kitchen not separated from the main common space, bathroom doors opened outward, tiny bathroom, poor internet availability, downstairs units susceptible to rodent infestation (due to large vacant fields being nearby).

—The rodent issue is now under control. Management has taken measures to prevent rodents from entering the buildings and have hired pest controllers to come by once a week to address any pest issues, should there be any. Please understand that pests are an issue throughout Davis, which can be verified by any pest controller who services Davis.—

But by and large, the biggest complaint about the apartment complex I had, was the fact that the manager (at least at the time) was the grouchiest, most cantankerous old hag that I have ever encountered. Any concern about the apartment that you might have had would readily be greeted with a nasty response usually barked at you as though you were a lesser form of life. The fact that another wiki user commented that the management was "nice" suggests to me that either they have not had the pleasure of encountering the person I had to deal with, or that the person I dealt with was fired because of her lousy attitude.

I would advise anyone looking at this apartment complex as a future place of residence to seriously reconsider their choice. There are far better, cheaper places available in Davis. —JonGage

2006-03-14 16:53:45   Hi! I'm the new manager at Glacier Point. I've been trying my best to address some of the issues above, but if you guys have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to call or stop by the office. Our normal office hours are 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and we are open during lunch. Our hours are also extended during winter quarter. We are currently serving hot beverages and fresh baked cookies & donuts to keep the chill away, so please come visit!

Please see our more positive reviews at —GlacierPoint

2006-04-12 16:02:44   New management is polite, if not friendly. The groundskeepers use incredibly loud leaf-blowers and lawn mowers early in the mornings, which gets old quickly. They claim to have the rodent problem under control but all of my roomates have heard mice in the walls since winter ended. Some of the units are arranged so that anyone walking up or down the stairs can see directly into their neighbors' showers. I won't be living here next year. —BrodyNicole

  • My friends below us had mice problems back in 03-04 as well, once in our upstairs one. The management at the time blamed it on the construction going on across the street (used to be a field, now a small housing development). -ES

—If there is a mouse issue in your apartment, please let us know! —GlacierPoint

New Management is pretty cool. I am not a good tennant, I am always working on my cars in the parking lot, which is not allowed. They are pretty lenient though. The pool is nice, workout room is nice, everything is nice. My only complaint is that shutting down the spa and swimming pool at 10 is ridiculous. IN FACT, if that would be changed to 11pm this summer, I would be VERY HAPPY!!! Thanks.

2006-08-29 18:36:15   One of the reasons I moved to Glacier Point is that I wanted a relatively quiet place to live. It's just that most of the time. One of the problems that I've had is having the resident manager lock the pool area on time. Apparently, she is not in agreement with the posted pool hours of 10am-10pm, which goes along with the posted information portion of the lease. Upon bringing this up the first few times, she was supportive. However, apparently she likes to swim in the pool and spa after hours as well, which means that she is essentially breaking the lease as an employee. It would be fine for the pool to be open later if: 1. they put it in the lease beforehand, and 2. i didn't have to get up at 6:30am every morning. So, really, it sounds like she is being understanding, while she has no intention of abiding by the terms of her job. I will say she is very nice and friendly. But, would you rather have nice and friendly, or competent? On the other hand, Cora (our daytime manager) is competent and helpful. She writes apartments up if there are issues with bad tenants, and she cares about the people that come in and talk to her. Overall, it's a nice place to live if you're getting to bed around 12. —TimMccormick

  • Are you that guy that comes out at 10:15 and cusses people out? I heard that once even the cops had to come out because of a huge fight that guy started. My understanding is that Cora is not a manager at all, but is an office assistant, so I'm not so sure that an office assistant would have the authority to "write up bad tenants". This begs me to question how useful she could have actually been in this respect, and just how competent you yourself are. BTW, as has been mentioned, a new manager was brought in in the past few months, and she is actually younger than said office assistant, are you sure you are talking about the right people? You seem a little confused. -TheodoreSuryapurnama
    • **I don't know about 10:15 and cussing or starting a fight and cops (those sound like pretty interesting stories though...), but I did wake up one night (3am during the middle of the week) to the sound of belligerent people from 2234 Glacier (they lived across the street until yesterday) and went down because I was pissed... I'm confused why you're set on trying to prove me wrong. Previously, we had no resident manager, save for Fred who works at Saratoga West and lives near the pool at Glacier. Last year, they remodeled the pool house and added a larger office so Glacier Point would have one separate from Saratoga's (previously we had to drop our rent checks there). Our new resident manager was hired in the spring, yes. She previously worked in another Jon Berkeley managed property in Davis. Last Fall and this past Spring, Cora did write up several apartments for noise violations (they both have authority to do so), so I'm not really seeing where you're coming from here.
      • Ah, they're great stories since they're factual. If you ask me they'd be pretty lame stories if they were fictional. But no one has to take my word for it, anyone should feel free to ask other tenants, if you run into someone who lived near the pool area they'd be able to confirm. In fact, maybe if you ask the manager they may have a record of police activity; although I don't know what the privacy laws are, I'm sure the management would at least have a memory of it. Obviously since I don't know the "cussing man's" name or face, I can't say that it was you, but I do find it highly suspicious that someone as sensitive to pool activities as yourself would claim to have no recollection of the loud and uncouth confrontations and police activity. As far as the office assistant's authority in "writing up bad tenants", I encourage you and anyone else to ask the manager about this process. If anything, any documentation written by the assistant would be done with the consent of the manager. This just makes sense to me, but again, you don't have to take my word for it, anyone should free to ask the management. Where am I coming from? In the last year I've spent a lot of time at: Sharps n' Flats, Sorrento, Avalon, La Salle, Chapparal, Aggie Square, and some downtown apartments. All of them have been some combination of: more rundown, noisier, or more expensive. As far as after-hour pool noise, sure occasionally I'll some people there a little after 10, but it's almost never louder than casual conversation. Not any worse than if someone were to chat a little outside their door or around the grass areas. I'm not saying my personal experience is definitive, but I can say with confidence that Glacier is quieter than most newer (larger) places. Take a look at the population (generally older grad students and young families) and it makes sense. Oh yah, Fred is an awesome guy. -TheodoreSuryapurnama
      • ** I've seen the cops stop by to tell people to leave the pool, but I've never seen any fighting. I've asked a few of the still existing tenants (they drew blanks on the subject), so I'm still interested to hear about what you heard. Did you know the people who this happened to? Sounds pretty sketch to me. -TimMccormick

—While the hours of the community center were extended by the request of numerous residents, quiet hours were strictly enforced. Glacier Point Apartments continues to be a very quiet community thoughout the day and the night. Although there has been one known major spat between residents regarding use of the pool area, Management receives only _very_ rare noise complaints from residents, which are addressed to the best of the staff's abilities. Notices, warnings, and citations may be sent to residents from Management Assistants but must be authorized by the Manager. The Glacier Point Management staff currently consists of Hoa (Manager), Cora (Leasing Assistant), Paul (Leasing Assistant), and Fred (Saratoga West's Assistant Manager). —GlacierPoint

2006-09-06 13:49:20   One thing I didn't mention earlier was that they completely screwed us on our deposit. Can't believe I forgot to mention that. Absolutely horrible, billed us for every single thing, and the girls below us too. I wish I knew then what I knew now about renter rights and security deposits, I would have definitely fought it and not let us get taken advantage of for hundreds of dollars. Since management changed, it may be different now, but be pretty careful and make sure you know what's fair and what's not. —ES (9/25/2007 - After dealing with another apartment complex years later, I wish I could go back in time to this event. Broke the lease in tons of places, and violated C.C.C. (Cal. Civil code) 1950.5, which is all about security deposits. I'd take them to court instantly. And we would have won too. Ugh.)

  • Most of the people I talk to agree that the old management was just always too cranky and mean, thankfully I never had to deal with her personally. The new manager has always been nice and helpful, at least to me, and except for thread directly above, I haven't heard anyone else complain. I just moved into my own unit here, and I had to fill this huge exhaustive list and was told to comment on _anything_ that was wrong for the apartment so that I wouldn't be held responsible for it at the end of the year. Did the old management have you do anything like this? -TheodoreSuryapurnama
    • Yeah, but they were lax with repairs at first when we moved in. As I said, I wish I knew about this back then. They charged us for the entire works: painted the entire apartment, cleaning, this/that. Very vague on what they did too. I think the line simply said something like "cleaning, painting" for bathroom (ex). Which really sucks, cause that was our sophomore year, so we did get taken advantage of without knowing better. It's ridiculous for them charge us and say that every room and bathroom in a 4-bedroom apartment needed to be repainted. Ours were near perfect, we even used spackle on pinholes. We had even rented a SteamVac and ubercleaned everything for hours and hours. Really pisses me off now thinking about it.
      • That sucks, sounds like you guys really tried to clean up the place, unlike most people I know who think its okay to leave "just a little trash behind". I'm not sure what happened with your paint, who knows since the old manager doesnt seem to have a good reputation. On a related note, I learned a few things when some of my friends recently moved out of Avalon. I found out that you have to clean under the elements on the stove and also below/behind the fridge. If you clean everything else but leave these two, it can bump up your charge from almost nothing up to a "partial clean" or even a "full clean". The same goes for any number of "small things" you might have forgotten to clean. I guess that makes sense since it would take a cleaner quite a bit of time to clean up things like that. I've also found out that those professional cleaners are WAY cleaner than the steamvacs. I always thought that the steamvacs were "good enough" and I've used them a few times myself, but I saw the Avalon apartment I mentioned after it was professionally cleaned, it looked NEW. Stains that I know a steamvac wouldn't get out were gone, I was really surprised because I thought that carpet was hopeless. Anyways in light of what you mentioned I'm going to make sure that I write down every minor little thing I find wrong with my place. -TheodoreSuryapurnama
        • We knew that. We had a roommate get the list of everything they check for and expect, from their office. We moved the fridge, the stove, etc. I can't believe we didn't think to get the list of our renters rights to see what they can fairly charge and what they can't. Like I said, they barely left any details, but they charged us pretty much full cleaning for everything. And you shouldn't need to professional clean to new, a steamvac is good enough - reasonable wear and tear is expected and allowed for legally, it doesn't have to be exactly as-is. Like I said, we were really screwed and it totally put a dampener on the last few years. It wasn't even writing it down for us (we wrote down EVERYTHING, every scratch or nick). It was simply they cleaned everything (supposedly anyway), left almost no detail of what was cleaned on our papers, and charged us a ton for all of it, without doubt far exceeding what they could have legally done. The old managements were jerkoffs. Besides not really knowing our rights on it, we didn't think they'd cheat us [how naive :(] so we didn't seek to challenge or try to take them to court for it. If it happened again I'd have taken it to court within seconds of opening the envelope.

—It's unfortunate that some residents have had negative experiences with Management. Residents are encouraged to contact Management regarding security deposit issues if they have any questions before and/or after refunds are distributed. Residents can pick up from the Glacier Point Office move-out packets that detail cleaning standards and offer tips on how to maximize refunds. —GlacierPoint

2006-09-14 17:10:48   The grass areas and grounds are nicely taken care of. Pool and work out equipment were always well kept. Never had a problem with noise even with living near the pool area.(thank God for no train tracks outside your window, parties, or overly rowdy people in this complex). Manager was extremely helpful and willing to go out of her way to try and fix/answer my problems. She always addressed my issues when things came up and dealt with them in a timely manner. I've never had a more professional manager out of the 6 other complexes I've lived in. Definitely one of the nicer complexes within Davis, both the apartments and the people who work/live there. —JodyJames

2007-08-31 17:51:21   The manager that was answering questions on this wiki moved to another complex around the end of 2006. I've just completed my year at Glacier and it was a positive experience. Management was always friendly whenever I had to work with them. Noise wasn't a problem, parking was easy, and the grounds were always clean. My Comcast cable internet was fast and reliable, I don't remember any significant slowdowns or outages. I've moved out because I just purchased a house, otherwise I would have renewed. They gave me a list of things to clean long ago, I've lost it since then but I scrubbed my apartment down pretty decently. I think I did a good job but perhaps a professional may have some tricks to get some of the yellowing out of the kitchen and bathroom floors. We'll see how much of my deposit I get back. —TheodoreSuryapurnama

2008-02-08 16:10:59   Glacier Point is awesome.... I have lived there for about a year now, and just resigned a lease for an additional year..... The apartment managers, Bev and Nicole and very understanding and pleasant..... Jerry, the maintenance guy is very reliable and whenever i needed repairs they were completed the day that I reported them.... I highly recommend anyone who wants to live in very nice, newer apartment with very reasonable prices to choose Glacier Point..... The grounds are very nice and well-maintained..... The Davis Bike Loop starts across the street, which is a beautiful bike path that runs through the entire town.... All the comments from below must be about the old management becuase none of it is true..... If you are lucky enough to find an available apartment at Glacier Point, you better sign the lease...... —JeremyAnderson

2008-03-25 02:47:24   Lived here for 1.5 years under the management of Hoa and Bev (current manager). From my experiences both managers were very approachable. The new maintance guy is really nice too - gets things fixed really quick. I had no problems with rodents/pests and my unit was on the lower level facing the empty field too. I have never had any loud neighbors except the last month I lived there. There's a unit in building 2 (the one nearest the bus stop) that plays annoying loud techno music up until 3am! EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK. I have complained to the cops 2x. There never was problem with parking before but during the last month I notice more cars than before. Other than that I loved my living experience there. FREE DONUTS AND COFFEE! —qntDAVIS

2008-06-05 10:56:25   I lived at Glacier on two separate occasions, once from 1998-2000 and again from 2002-2008. I wouldn't have come back if I didn't enjoy it the first time. The management has gone through a few changes since 2002 when it was run jointly with Saratoga West until now. The current management/maintenance staff is fantastic. If a repair is requested in the morning it is usually taken care of that day. The only time something in my apartment wasn't taken care of same day was when replacement parts had to be reordered and even then it only took 2 or so business days to be completed. If you're looking for a party atmosphere DO NOT come to Glacier. In recent years more small families, grad and professional students have been living at Glacier making for a very quiet atmosphere. My only complaint about Glacier is the location of building 10 relative to the rest of the buildings. Being in the middle of everything I would get echoing noise from other buildings but it was never really that bad and never really went on that late into the night. The owners have recently hired a private security company do to periodic drive and walk-throughs of the apartments to quell noise/parties before they get out of hand. I never had any issues with hearing noise from my neighbors through the walls, but through the years I had some pretty good and very courteous people living near me. Parking enforcement has really eased trying to find a spot in the complex. A few years ago it was nearly impossible to find anything after 7pm. The Q line picks up right along Covell /Denali and has a stop on Anderson that allows for transfer to either the G or J lines going to the MU or Silo stops. The landscaping is maintained very well and mowing of the lawns begins around 9am on Thursdays. The only reason I left Glacier was because after finished grad school I got a job out of state. Thanks so much to Bev, Nicole and Jerry for everything! —Dr.Mike

2008-06-27 15:19:55   Living at Glacier Point has been a great experience with great management. Lots of ample parking and enough parking on nearby streets for guests to come visit, quick response to work orders, and clean gym and pool- a big pluses in terms apartments in Davis. Good cookies, donuts, and coffee. —BessieChu

2008-08-29 14:53:22   Glacier was a pretty good place to stay. Good parking, nice repair man, clean place.

+however, it is highly recommended that you leave your place messy. We tried cleaning up the apt as clean as we could and they said we needed a FULL clean. So instead of cleaning your apt and wasting time, just leave it a mess because you will be charged the same amount ($195). The lady said our place was a mess because we had dirt on the blinds and dust BEHIND the fridge. I lived here for 2 years and this is how i'm thanked.

*if you want a better deal, wait till the quarter starts, they always have empty rooms, we got a 3 bedroom for 1295 (compared to 1695). —normalperson