608 Adams Street
(West Davis, near the intersection of Arthur & Russell)
Covered parking
Water/sewer/garbage paid
Sorry, no pets
Close to campus
One-year leases from Sept 1 thru Aug 31

Glenwood Arms is a small apartment complex owned by Simmons Real Estate that offers one- and two-bedroom apartments ranging from $815/month to $950/month [September 2012]. Located on Unitrans P/Q bus line, it lies just beside Aggie Garden Apartments and Sundance Apartments; a 10 minute bike ride to campus.

As of September 2012, a one bedroom is now $815/month & two bedrooms are $950/month.

For more information on rental housing in Davis, take a look at our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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2009-03-08 14:48:46   their is an apartment available there starting on April 1st but at least two people are coming to look at the place on the 11th of March so if interested you should act fast. if you get the voice mail it might say they don't have any available apartments but they do —TrevorKuss

2012-07-29 02:50:06   No contact information provided,and have no web address too.No way for non-residents to book these apartments. —RohitGupta

You mean aside from the phone number up at the top under "Contact"? —TomGarberson