Gloria Chen is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2014 ASUCD Election running as an independent.

Hello! My name is Gloria Chen and I am a third year Computer Science major. I am running for ASUCD Senate because I love UC Davis and I want to represent YOU. I want to bring more representation to the ASUCD table and I want to help foster a more inclusive campus through ASUCD. I want ASUCD to fight for what students VALUE and I want to represent YOU and YOUR IDEAS and I want YOUR VOICE to be heard!

Experience - Student Voting Member on Campus Media Board - Intern for Senator Jared Crisologo-Smith - Campaign Manager for Paul Min/Sergio Cano's Winter 2013 Exec ticket - Community Assistant at Student Housing



ASUCD?!? What's ASUCD?? Many students do not know what ASUCD is and what ASUCD does and I want to change that. ASUCD should play a purposeful and meaningful role in every student's life and every student should know where a part of their tuition money is going. I want to implement a better outreach program that will interest all students and to create an ASUCD crash course that will educate students on what ASUCD does and of the opportunities ASUCD can provide them. Many students want to get involved on campus but don't really know how. This outreach program will help students find the resources they need to get involved and will help bring more diversity to the ASUCD table.


Periods are normal. Every woman gets them and as a woman, I know that sometimes our periods come and we just aren't prepared. We're in dire need of a tampon and we scramble to the restroom only to find the tampon vending machine is broken. We ask around and find that none of our friends have any with them. I want to change those two scenarios so they don't happen anymore. I want to make pads and tampons more readily available on campus so that any woman who needs a tampon can attain one and can do so discreetly. I believe that women should have this resource readily available to them when they need it because periods happen and women shouldn't have to feel embarrassed of them.


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