Sources for Gluten and Dairy Free foods in Town

  • Farmer's Kitchen Cafe at Natural Food Works
  • Davis Food Co-op has some items, anyone working there will be more than happy to help — there is also a Wheat- and Gluten-Free shopping list available from the brochure rack
  • Dos Coyotes has a gluten-free menu to supplement its regular menu
  • KetMoRee can make many dishes gluten free.
  • Paesanos has gluten free pasta and gluten free pizza crust available.
  • The Segundo Dining Commons has gluten free bread and soy milk.
  • Nugget Market has a wide selection of things like gluten free bread, waffles, dough flour and other baking materials as well as vegan "cheese" and "yogurt." When you are having a sandwich made, you can choose a gluten-free focaccia for $1 extra.
  • Original Steve's has gluten free dough now.
  • Pizza Guys has gluten free dough now as well.
  • Woodstock's also has gluten free dough.
  • Village Pizza & Grill has gluten free dough
  • Almost everything at Chipotle is gluten free except the burrito shells. Get anything but a burrito and you'll be fine
  • Subway has some salads that are gluten free. See the list here
  • Every smoothie at Jamba Juice is gluten free except for Heart Defender. Some of the boosts are not gluten free though. See their website for details.
  • tea list has a house salad and a chicken salad available every day which are gluten-free and dairy-free, and make their own gluten-free rice-flour cookies. Their Green Tea Smoothie is made with fresh fruit, ice, and green tea only, and is a good option. With 24-hour notice they can also prepare gluten-free or dairy-free Afternoon Tea service!
  • There is a list of things you can buy at Safeway that are gluten free
  • Many (although not all) foods that are kosher for Passover are also gluten-free. Passover tends to fall around the same time of the year as Easter.
  • Mikuni's has a gluten free menu.

Please add others that you are aware of.