Shortly after Canseco broke up, TeddyBriggs, GonzaloEyzaguirre and Otis Caldwell still wanted to rock! The one word that describes this unique 3-piece : YEAH. Sheer brilliance leaks from these guys, their heads..leaks from, their heads. They only practice the day of the show and smash your face into fun, dancable songs. Never giving you what you expect, these guys love to switch it up, you never know who will play what instrument for the next song!

They've played:

TeddyBriggs was also in Rooney, way back in the day. He was also in the Zim-Zims.

Gnartoon plays rockin' rizzle.

You can hear Gnartoon at

Sadly, they embodiment of coolgenius, Otis Caldwell, has moved to Iowa and thus ends the saga of Gnartoon. They were going to play their last show at 720 but the davisnoisepolice ruined the fun. Fortunately Anderson road in a convergent nexus of cool and the show was moved just down the road to the Pirate Ship.

Two of the three members of Gnartoon are now in Boss the Big Bit