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219 E Street , Suite C
+1 (530) 758-7750
[email protected]
Executive Director
Arthur Defenderfer
Nolan Peschke
Tax ID
December 30, 1976

Good Shepherd Counseling Center was a non-profit organization that provided expert professional counseling services at reasonable rates for individuals and families struggling with depression, addictions, loss of motivation and relationship problems.

Each client is a unique and therapy was customized to assist them with sensitivity and complete confidentiality.

Many people find that they have subconscious blocks that keep them stressed and/or "stuck" in feelings, thoughts and behaviors that limit their personal, relational, academic and career growth. When these "blocks" are removed and replaced with positive thoughts and feelings a client's self image and self confidence are greatly enhanced.

Arthur Defenderfer

Marriage and Family Therapist, Arthur Defenderfer was the Center's Executive Director. For more than twenty five years he has specialized in assisting clients using therapeutic strategies that remove these subconscious blocks.

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2012-07-17 16:30:26   Teacher

When I first came to the Counseling Center I was laid off from teaching. Deep hurts in my childhood manifested in feelings of sadness, stress, difficulties in forgiving and forgetting, lack of trust of others and a pattern of getting stuck in codependent relationships.  As my emotional healing work with Art progressed I let go of many hurts and unhealthy relationships and patterns. My self esteem and inner stability has greatly improved and I am enjoying my teaching career more than ever. I am sure my family, friends, students and co-workers are enjoying the "new me".

I encourage you to explore what counseling with Art can do for you. C.M — Vacaville

2012-07-19 14:53:38   Wife and Mother

The counseling with Art has improved my life in so many ways. When I started with him I was filled with anxiety, fear, self loathing, depression and stuck in a very unhealthy relationship. I also suffered from compulsive eating and spending patterns. Art very patiently worked at a pace I could handle. He helped me face and let go of the subconscious root causes of my problems. As a result I am off all anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications and I have lost weight. Without effort, I feel much better about myself and I am married to someone that is positive and supportive. My family and friends are amazed how I have changed.

My improved life is a testimony that Art is a skilled therapist in helping his clients resolve life long patterns of negative feelings, thoughts and behaviors. I encourage you to go to him for counseling. N.R - Davis

2012-07-19 15:57:18   Psychologist and Author

I originally came to Art for counseling because of “family” issues. My marriage was in turmoil and one of my children was not where a mother would want her son to be. Yet, in the counseling process I began to realize that I was a part of the problem—a big part of the problem—because of the way I was thinking about God and myself.

Over the three or so years that I was in counseling with Art, I came to love and value myself to a much greater extent. I no longer judge and condemn myself as I used to; indeed I no longer am constantly focused on myself—if I am doing right or wrong. Instead I am free to see God as He really is—full of love for me and those around me. As a result of this my actions now spring more from love rather than being born out of constant self-flagellation. Much of the stress and negativity is gone from my life and amazingly that is transferring to those around me—particularly my family. M.A. — Davis

2012-07-19 18:54:24   Why do the above comments seem to come from the same IP address, which seems to be the IP address of Mr. Defenderfer? —Chamoudah

2012-07-21 10:20:48   These comments were written by my clients and they asked me to post them on their behalf. —ArthurWilliamDefenderferIII

  • Whether these people exist or not, it still looks like you're posting them on your behalf to promote your counseling business. —MikeyCrews

2012-07-27 09:19:34   Mother of 5

Very loving and very effective! M.S. ~ Redding

2012-08-06 15:42:16   My time with Art was very beneficial. Woundings from past rejection and abandonment which had caused years of fear and anxiety were brought to light and healed. This resulted in a much more healthy self-image and emotional freedom to be at peace with who I am. I highly recommend counselor Art.

DP — Davis —

2012-08-06 16:06:21   Musician and Math Teacher

Nothing in my life has provided more transformational growth than the inner healing I received from Art Defenderfer at the Good Shepherd Counseling Center. Before coming to Art, I struggled with depression and low self-image. Now, after getting counseling from Art, I am overflowing with life and happiness and my self-confidence is off the charts! Art’s counseling services have truly transformed my life! I highly recommend the Good Shepherd Counseling Center to anyone seeking personal growth or therapy!

M.J. - Davis

2014-08-04 11:47:33   Recently I have wanted to share more about my therapy experience and just how much Arthur helped me find deeply positive change that is still alive and working in me. I have posted here before but it was short and sweet, not really giving a scope of the life change that has happened since going to Good Shepard Counseling Center. So, here is a little more of my testimony, thank you for reading! My family and I had just moved to Davis when we had a family crisis that triggered almost every traumatic memory I had from a very early age. Having 5 children and an onslaught of emotions I knew I needed to help. Not knowing where to go I asked a family friend, also a therapist, if he could recommend someone in area and he wholeheartedly recommended Arthur. Due to the nature of our current crisis and the depth of my personal issues I felt nervous and skeptical when I first entered Good Shepard Counseling Center. However, I was relieved when I met Arthur, as he was authentic and caring. When he talked with me it helped me to trust the process; in a short period of time I knew I had found the right therapist for my needs. During the course of my counseling Arthur helped me work through a number of those traumatic memories and I am glad to report significant breakthroughs in the areas of emotional and physical health. I am much more confident and am setting appropriate boundaries with my teenage daughters and others. I am consistently communicating with others, who are frequently critical of me, in a positive (not over reactive) way. I thoroughly recommend Arthur Defenderfer, he is experienced, professional and a genuinely caring person. M.S. ~ REDDING, CA