Grace Alive's information Sandwich Board found several places around Campus.

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Grace Alive is a Christian College group and spiritual organization on campus. They are affiliated with Grace Valley Christian Center, which is the subject of some controversy. Many activities are directed by University Minister Greg Perry.

Meetings on campus are held Wednesdays at 7pm in Hart Hall 1130 and at Grace Valley Christian Center Sundays at 9am.

Grace Alive organizes many campus activities including the Faith and Reason series which has sponsored various noted speakers including Intelligent Design founder Phillip Johnson and author of "Total Truth" Nancy Pearcey. Upcoming events can be viewed at their website.


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2007-10-24 15:39:50   Grace Alive is the campus ministry of Grace Valley Christian Center. On the surface Grace Valley is a wonderful place: close-knit community, good teaching, many wonderful activities for families and singles. Unfortunately, all is not as it seems. Beneath the surface lies a pattern of public humiliation of individuals by the leadership as well as the leadership's adherence to an abusive form of control which ultimately robs individuals of their liberty in Christ. Take heed!RichLindvall

2009-12-24 12:24:31   Grace Alive is Excellent place for young college students. when i was attending UCD Greg perry was my college pastor. I love his preaching and his message. But I hate The Pastor of the Church, He thinks he is the main hero and the main show...he never greeted anyone and left the church. When he preach, i always saw the pride that he had. Rebuking members infront of people..what is that.He thinks his church is the only best church in davis...i am going to pray for him..but other than that..I love GRACE ALIVE and GREG PERRY GREAT MINISTER OF GOD.. —enrique