It is the committee that is made up of members of the Greek Community who deal with specific University violations by both fraternities and sororities. The term for GCB member is the current academic year, interviews and applications for the next year members are done either at the end of winter quarter or beginning of Spring. The goal of a GCB board alternates with every new academic year, generally involving issues that currently impact Greeks on this campus (i.e. Vandalism, The Open Container Policy, Noise Ordinances, Rush Violations). GCB is where fraternities and sororities are sent when a complaintant files an alleged violation of IFC or Panhellenic policy, and are generally penalized with specific sanctions determined by the board through the hearing process. The Co-Chairs are comprised of the current Vice Presidents of Panhellenic and IFC.

Current Members 2012-2013 (House Affiliation)

Co-Chair: Danae Sugaoka (Panhellenic)

Co-Chair: Eiden Babaoghli (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)