965 Olive Drive in Suite G
Next to Aamco Transmission Shop across the street from Redrum Burger
Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm, Sundays - Closed
(530) 759 0828
Oct 2011
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Green Bicycle Depot is all you want in a bike store: it's a one-stop green shop for repairs, service and sales.

List of services in order: - Bike rental - Tune-ups - Repairs - Bike sales - Free compressed air

The Green Bicycle People specialize in the used market. Used bikes can range from any brands. Many common brands they carry include Zycle Fix, Micargi, Orgin8, Schwinn, Giant, Specialized and many others. Many of the new bikes will range from $250 to $400. Most used bikes go from $225+, but they do carry several affordable bikes that are less than $150. 

Careful though, as with buying anything used, they are not authorized dealers for these brands and can not help you with any future warranty issues, other than what they provide in the shop. They do not provide any warranty for new bikes, other than free minor adjustments for the first 30 days after purchasing a new bike. 

If you're looking for a complete overhaul on your bike or just a tune up, they've got you covered. For flat tires and other minor repairs, no appointment is needed, as the staff will fix tires on-the-spot. A flat tire repair goes for $10.43. $5.00 for labor and $5.43 for the tube itself. They offer several types of tune ups for your bicycle. A "basic" tune up, that runs for $29.95. A "regular" tune up which is $49.95 and an "advanced" tune up which is $79.95. For the "basic" tune up option, they clean the frame, adjust the front derailleur if needed, put air into the tires and inspect the bike for any problems or broken parts. A "regular" tune up is the same as a basic tuneup, except they clean your bike better and adjust your brakes as well. For the "advanced" tune up, they do everything that is done for a regular and basic tuneup except they clean your entire bike and make it look as best as they can and repack your bearings. The tune ups offered usually don't take very long, usually around a couple hours. 

If you're looking for a wide selection of used quality bikes or parts, they are an excellent source for hard to find components, classic bikes and much more. They have more information on their Facebook page. 

They also buy and sell vintage bikes. They carry many vintage bikes for sale, a lot of them being road bikes from the 70s and 80s. 

They are devoted to serving the Davis community by keeping bicycles on the streets as a mode of environmentally friendly transportation and recreation.








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2012-01-17 13:21:33   This place rocks. Got a set of pedals and toe clips for a great deal, and the guys working there were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Not to mention they're cool to just talk to! Overall, I highly recommend the Green Bicycle Depot. Go there next time you need any bike parts or a whole bike and don't want to pay through the nose. —SeanRaley

2012-01-25 20:12:32   Luv all the old bikes. I wanted a commuter type bike, but didn't want the big price tag of a new one. And, since I'm a diehard recyler, I felt like I should be reusing something that was perfectly good. So, while googling 'used bikes' I happened upon this place thru Davis wiki & their FB page. Tho' I was initially interested in another bike that I'd seen on FB, I ended up trying a few, and decided on a 1970 Schwinn Ladies Suburban (I looked up the SN later). They were very helpful and patient, and more than willing to change parts if I wanted. I ended up leaving mine as is. I also traded in a bike I had. Thx, I will enjoy my bike. —sherrillstone

2012-01-28 13:40:52   Just bought an awesome used road bike that is in great condition! This place really makes you feel comfortable buying a bike and the guys are very helpful and honest about their merchandise. Everything is reasonably priced and I would highly recommend it to a friend! —Omri

2012-01-29 23:34:51   This place is AMAZING....a hole in the wall and glad its there! I am a student always looking for a good deal, found this place when getting my car tune up. I have been looking for a bike for a while but couldn't really afford one that I liked. So when I saw this place I thought it wouldn't hurt to check it out though I was skeptical because I thought used bikes would be in bad shape and hard to find a good fit since I am petite. But i was wrong, not only did i find the perfect size bike, but it was an original Releigh in perfect shape. The owner was so kind, and very informative on exactly what i needed and was looking for. He had reasonable prices and affordable compared to other bike shops in the area. I am a huge supporter of "mom and Pop" shops and this place definitely gets 5 stars, hands up! Recently, I got to ride my bike and I got a flat tire, I went back to the shop and I got it fixed in no time and I even got to borrow a lock until I can afford to buy a new one! If you are looking for a good deal not only on bikes, but parts, and accessories this is the place to come to and SUPPORT! Amazing place! —GYani

2012-01-31 20:11:48   I recommend this place. The owner is sometimes a little hard to understand because of his accent, but he really knows his stuff, won't up-sell you, and is willing to spend time talking and making sure you're happy with your bike. I left with more bike knowledge and a feeling that I'd helped support local business and the real Green movement. —BrettAnneBalamuth

2012-02-06 20:42:03   I had a great experience buying my bike here last week. The shop owner, Nelson, is super helpful and knowledgeable. I had been in a couple of other well-known bike shops in town. Both of which really didn't seem to want to spend much time with me to help me find a good beginner bike. When I walked into Green Bicycle Depot, I felt much more comfortable asking questions and having a conversation about what I wanted. I ended up buying a used bike that has suited my needs perfectly! The folks at Green Bicycle Depot are there to help you! —JEFROX

2012-02-26 16:26:23   This place is pretty cool. Plus the people working there are super nice. I went in for a new old bike because my old bike was falling apart. The owner was very patient and helpful, going through a lot of trouble pulling out bike after bike that he thought I might like. Also, they don't make you uncomfortable if you're taking some time to think things through. Didn't push for the more expensive bikes, just stuck with your price range and try to figure out the best solution. Overall it was a great shopping experience and I walked away with a great old road bike. You won't be disappointed there. —JessicaLin

2012-03-02 18:31:08   Just got an awesome women's vintage Colombia cruiser here! It's super clean. I wouldn't buy a bike anywhere else in Davis. The mechanics were super nice, helpful and friendly and let me try a number of bikes to make sure I got the right one. They had suggestions for what styles were good but didn't try to pressure me into any certain one. Great service and great selection of vintage bikes. If their "green" ideas don't get there, the service and quality of their work definitely will! —KatieAnderson

2012-03-03 16:13:42   This place is AMAZZZINNNGGGG!!!! please support this "mom and Pop" shop. I bought a bike last year which I am suppper happy with. Recently, I had a tire problem I went to the owner and asked if he could fix it, he knows I am on a tight budget and a student. So after he took his time looking to see the problem was and he decided to put in new tires. When I got ready to figure out my payment plan or if I could pay half and come back later to pay the rest his response was, "dont worry about it!" Owners or people like this are rare he was concerned for my well being and was glad I didn't get into an accident. He mentioned if I had problems again to come back or call him so that he can help. I am not saying that he will give me or everyone something free every time BUT his integrity and passion to help students or his clients is what wins my business. And every time that I have gone in there he is never trying to take advantage or sell me anything. I see his sincerity and honesty. I will continue to come here for my repair needs and future bike purchases. I HIGHLY RECOMend! —GYani

2012-03-31 09:20:30   This place fantastic! If you're in need of a bike for a decent price these guys will patiently help you find the bike that's the right fit for you. The owner is super friendly and will make sure you are happy with your bike, that also means fixing it for you if something goes wrong later. One huge perk about this place for me was that they helped me sell my old bike. He took it off my hands on consignment, let me set my price and called me once it was sold. Easy! Also, if you need accessories you can talk to the owner about what you're looking for and he'll get you a good price for it. Please please please visit this spot! —ChristineMeeuwsen

2012-04-03 19:48:10   Awesome place! The people who work there are VERY friendly & helpful! They were more than willing to fix my bike after the chain broke, and the owner even offered me cookies as I waited for the repairs to be finished :) The best bike shop in Davis!! —JessicaElizabeth

2012-06-15 16:39:06   I got $150 of work done here in just a few hours and am so so glad I came here. I think I would have paid way more at another bike shop. When I bought a bike light they even insisted on installing it for me too, on the spot. You can tell that the owner takes pride in being helpful and honest. —kelseycee

2012-06-26 15:57:55   Love this place. Large and interesting selection of old bikes. Nelson, the owner, is knowledgeable and fun to talk to. Tell him what you're looking for and he's happy to pull out some bikes and show them to you.

As of a couple of weeks ago they only take cash, so come prepared. —keraunoscopia

[UPDATE: Nope! Was there Saturday and they take credit cards (2012-09-22). — AlanMiller]

2012-07-05 16:56:40   Highest recommendation to purchase and fix your bikes here. Nelson helped me pick out a bike and also helped me learn how to ride a bike! He even helped us look for our lost car keys! He was very honest, informative, and very helpful. Nelson honestly gave us all the information on the bike we were buying, and also gave it to us for a really good price. The other workers there were friendly as well. Go here for all your bike repairs and inquiries and you won't regret it!!! —MaryDee

2012-08-15 10:51:43   Beware of this place when you are buying a bike. I went there looking for a particular kind of bike. He has none of them marked. Small Asian man helped me. When I asked him how much a particular bike was, he thought for a moment, and pulled some price out of the air. When I researched the prices of this bike, the new version was cheaper. He did not appear to appreciate that before pricing the bikes, he should find a comparable based on age and make. If you are still inclined to buy from there, DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you pay what he's asking. —DavisLurker

2012-09-28 19:09:31   My new favorite bike shop in Davis. There's nowhere else that's this reliable, affordable and friendly.

Had a really good experience here. I came to get my wheel trued and a new rack. The owner fixed my wheel right away and added a missing screw, then showed me a great $15 used rack that would work with my bike's frame and vintage feel. At least 20 minutes or work were put into my bike and he only charged my $5 for labor.

Overall the people here are really nice and clearly care about the Davis community and reusing old bikes (which is great for the environment and your wallet.) —ArielMarek

2012-12-12 16:49:03   This place is awesome! For a bike nerd this place has so much gems sitting around, it's like a treasure hunt. When you see a pink Derosa and other bike porn worthy stuff sitting around, I knew this is the place I want to come back. A pink Derosa, Colnago, Davidson and a Coppi is not something you see normally even for a bike shop these days. Perhaps it's my personal belief in reducing redundant production in an already overabundant market, I don't believe there's much of a reason to buy a new bike made with junk quality aluminum when you can buy a slightly old but still good to ride steel bike. For a bike older than 10 years to be still running today should be a statement itself. The Green Bicycle Depot looked like it had so much good old steel bikes ready to go with a variety in brands and sizing. If I was new in town, this is the place I would buy my bike except that already own handful of bikes. Plus who has a box full of Suntour derailleurs and other cool stuff sitting around. —SteelisReal

2013-02-21 18:33:34   I literally just got a bike there. I didn't know anything about bikes and it left me really vulnerable to getting cheated or taken advantage of. I checked this place out at the recommendation of my roommate, and I couldn't be happier. He gave me the whole story about department store bikes and everything, but showed me all different kinds. Didn't really pressure me into one. I ended up getting a road bike, that is clearly used but everything looks brand new as far as all of the cables and such (see what I mean, I know nothing about bikes). I didn't have a way to get it home (I live pretty far from the shop), so he delivered it for me. I tried to give him money for delivering it, and he refused. All around, he said he just wanted to educate me on bikes even if I didn't buy anything. Really an honest guy that I'd recommend to anyone. Yes, I ended up spending more than I wanted to, but I'm confident the bike is really sturdy and that if anything goes wrong, I can bring it back there and they will take care of it. I also like that I wasn't contributing to our throw away society by buying a brand new department store bike. I'd highly recommend this place. —MeggM

2013-03-21 15:31:34   I was in a bike accident on campus recently. My front wheel was bent and the inner tube and tire had torn. I called around to every bike shop in town and Green Bicycle Depot had the best prices. Not only that, but the owner was extremely friendly over the phone. He was also extremely helpful when I arrived at the shop. He showed me the replacement parts that he would be using and suggested that I examine my old inner tube to see if it was useable. It wasn't, but the suggestion alone showed me how non-commercial the staff was. Overall the shop is well run and the workers are extremely friendly and professional. 5/5. Will return. —Quinnb

2013-08-30 18:02:21   This place is great, went in the Friday before classes starting for a tune up and they had the bike ready within a few hours. They even offered to help me load the bike into my car. I will defiantly be going back. —WilliamKinderman

2013-09-12 16:05:42   Recommended. I picked up a nice new unmarked Marin here (an older model demo?). After a day's riding around town, however, I discovered the pedals were not tightened properly when one pedal came loose after stripping out the crank. Of course, I took the bike back right away. Though they thought it wasn't their fault (I'm sure this was a simple mistake), they replaced the crank with a new one, giving me another bike to use for a day as they fixed it. Overall great experience when things didn't go perfectly. Neat place! —DavidRheinheimer

2014-02-09 16:51:22   Yes, the bikes are decent. However, I went to this bike shop after purchasing a bike from them to fix the chain and some check ups. The owner was kind enough to fix them for me, but not quite kind enough to fix the break that was somehow loosen after I brought the bike to him. I noticed the break when I biked to work after picking up the bike, and I had to wait until after work to take the bike back to the place for a second fix. On my way to them, I fall, due to the loosen break, and had 12 stitches on my lip, 3 stitches on my chin and multiples scars on face and knees. The biggest scar among them all, is my confidence in green bicycle depot. —sophiewang

2014-02-25 12:10:49   I recommend this bike shop. It's a little hidden, but I'm glad I found it when I was looking for a bike for my girlfriend. The selection of bikes that Nelson (owner) had was surprisingly large. Although their bikes are a little older than what you'll find new at B&L or other shops in Davis, the bikes at GBD are maintained to tip-top shape and will outlast the newer (but cheaper made) bikes. They were very patient and explained to me the pro's and con's of each type of bike. Never at any point did I feel pressured to buy the bike. I ended up with a small-sized road bike for my girlfriend that I got at a great price. The bike was even sold with brand new tires and brake cables/housing. I've brought other bikes here for maintenance/replacement parts and the quality of work has been top notch. Their shop is also very clean and organized, and the owner is a very down to earth guy. They also live up to their name. I asked Nelson what he does with all the frames/bikes that don't sell after a long time, and he told me he brings them to metal recycling plants where they melt them down to be re-used. I would highly recommend this shop to those looking to purchase a bike or just for repairs/parts. —MikeyH

2014-04-09 17:27:26   This bike shop is absolutely phenomenal. I came in looking to get a nice used bike to replace on that was stolen, and the owner just took his time showing me all the kinds of road bike they had. He talked about the pros and cons of each one, and let me test all of the ones I looked at. I never felt any pressure to buy, and the owner really has a lot of enthusiasm about his bikes. I would definitely recommend this place. —JohnUhrig

2014-04-17 15:46:59   Good: Friendly staff, reasonably priced parts including used ones, lots of options. Not-so-good: When I had a flat fixed here, I noticed that the tube was too long and had to wrinkle up in order to fit, but they assured me it wasn't anything to worry about. However, when the tire went flat months later, the leak occurred right where it was scrunched up, under extra stress. Not a huge deal and I now know tubes aren't always perfect fits, but it was a pretty significant mismatch. This, in combination with other little things (like a rear rack installed in front of my reflector) makes me torn between really liking this place and doubting whether the friendly, green factors balance out the details. —kayjayarr

2014-07-12 14:25:13   This store is excellent. Nelson is super knowledgable and helpful and seems very genuine. He took time out to talk to me about different bikes and find which was best for me and my needs. Excellent selection, prices and customer service. I will definitely be going back and will recommend it to friends! —Skerri

2014-08-01 15:46:26   Maybe my experience would have been better if I had dealt with the owner—the comments here seem to be unilaterally in his favor—but I didn't have that pleasure. I dealt with a shop attendant who spoke the most broken English I've ever heard. I honestly think I would have understood him better if he'd been speaking his native tongue. I hope this doesn't come across as racist or xenophobic or anything; I grew up in a military family and I've dealt with international students and their families my entire life. I've never had so much trouble understanding someone as I did today speaking to the shop attendant at Green Bicycle Depot. Perhaps he's family of the owner, because I can't imagine anyone in their right mind would hire him to deal with English-speaking customers.

My other complaint is the prices. They weren't too high, they just weren't there. Out of the hundred plus bikes there, I saw two with price tags. When I asked for prices on certain bikes, the shop attendant seemed to be making it up on the spot. He wanted $80 for a beaten-up mountain bike which still needed repairs and probably didn't cost $80 new.

I'm going to head back another time and see if the owner can show me around, because my experience was totally out of line with the rest of the comments here. —TBrown

2014-08-09 16:06:13

In a city with more bikes than people, the Green Bicycle Depot is awesome for its forward-thinking and customer-first approach.

For one, buying used bicycles is an environmentally friendly idea that the city of Davis should not only be proud of, but more attentive to, especially if it wants to consider itself as exemplary for sustainability. For another, Nelson and Ronaldo (the shop's duo) are stand up guys. As a friendly heads up, while Nelson usually manages the shop and its sales, Ronaldo's the handyman and fixer upper. Generally, this set up will see Nelson at the front of the store with Ronaldo working on stuff in the back. But every now and then when Nelson might be busy with another customer or an errand, Ronaldo will cover. In truth, sales aren't really his thing, but they don't have to be: he's still a cool guy to chat with while waiting to make a deal with Nelson (the owner).

More importantly, as a visitor to the shop for nearly two years, I can say that these guys have not failed to help me even once throughout my many visits. Check them out, and you'll gain a valuable resource in the D-VILLE! —JimmyRecinos

2015-03-18 00:05:15   Brand new $300 bike that I bought here has broken down 4 times in the first year, cost me a total of $150 of maintenance and has caused me to miss classes, be late to midterms, etc. Huge hassle. Finally got it fixed at B&L and it has not needed a repair since (4 months). I would not buy another bike at this store. However, the managers are very kind and did not charge me for labor when fixing my bike every 2 months. Their used bikes are very expensive for the quality in my opinion. Expect to pay $150 at the minimum, I was surprised they had nothing cheaper than that (not the best looking bikes either). Keep in mind that although that is cheaper than other bike stores in Davis, you can find a good craigslist bike for around $100-120. My suggestion - buy a usedbike off craigslist. Bright side of an older bike is that it has survived years of wear and tear, any faults in the bike will have shown themselves. —jrnorth

2015-07-31 10:50:19   Nelson was very nice and knowledgable about bikes. He wants his customers to have a good and affordable bike. Although there are used bikes for sale, he directs me to the newer bikes where some cost the same as the second-hand bikes. Makes sense because I wouldn't have to pay even more to fix a used bike when I run into problems. I asked him about his bike accessories and it turns out they were all very affordable for a low price, except for his higher end stuff like a kryptonite u-lock because those are really for customers who really want to put in extra money for better security. At the end of the day, I bought a nice single speed bike. It's very interesting to learn that Nelson is the only flexible bike seller in town. What makes his shop different from other stores is that he takes the time to explain to his customers (pros/cons etc) whereas other shops display their bikes and you buy the one that catches your eyes. I recommend this place when one is searching for an affordable/decent bike. —vinhv