The Greg Dizon Senate Table Hottie-Hot-Hot Award is a gag award established by Greg Dizon, the former chair of the ASUCD External Affairs Commission.

Selection Process

The public submits nominations to the Convener of the Award Selection Process, who is the sitting EAC Chair by precedent. All nominations must be for people meeting the following requirements:

  1. Must be an a Senator or ex-officio member of the Senate, or anyone who is able to sit at the Senate Table

  2. Must not be a deuce

The Convener of the Award Selection Process shall select two recipients from the nominations, using the following informal criteria:

  1. Diversity of outreach in UC Davis campus and the Davis Community

  2. Composure and patience during Senate meetings

  3. "Hottie-hot-hot-ness" (The definition of this word still remains extremely ambiguous.)

CAVEAT: In no way do the terms "Senate," "Senate Table," "Chair," "Senator," any other variants or the general nature of the gag award imply the official support or endorsement of ASUCD, its units, or UC Davis.

Award Winners

Inaugurating Winter '09 Recipients

Convener Gregory J.S. Dizon

Recipient Hotties L. Brown & J. Patrizio

Honorary Hottie B. Obama

Runner-Up's A. Hartstein, R. Saini, M. Torres, M. Tang

Spring '09 Recipients

Convener Hyatt K. Cummings

Recipient Hotties M. Torres & M. Newbon

Fall '11 Recipients Convener Carly Sandstrom

Recipient Hotties T. Bush & M. Provencher

Winter '12 Recipients Convener Carly Sandstrom

Recipient Hotties M. Espinoza & M. Martin

Fall '12 Recipients Convener Emily Alice Gerhart

Recipient Hotties Jasmine Shen Patrick Sheehan

Runner-Up Anni Kimball