John Brown a.k.a. the King of da Burbz sits atop of a staple of suburbia: The Mighty Keg (photo courtesy of JB)

John Brown's Myspace

John Brown (real name Greg Kaysen) is a white rapper from Davis and is a 1998 graduate of the Davis Joint Unified School District. He grew up in West Davis, attended Emerson Junior High and Davis Senior High School. He appears in the nationally broadcast "VH1 / egotrips White Rapper show", reaching the finals. The final show was February 26th (monday) at 9, Greg came in second place to a rapper named "Shamrock".

He has been into performing hip-hop since he was a teenager when he started to learn freestyle rap. He attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, but still found time to get involved in the hip-hop scene in Davis and the Bay Area. He has performed in the past at the G Street Pub.

He is also an owner of a company called "Ghetto Revival" this has caused some sideways glances and angry looks from major hip hop artists who make cameos on the show. John Brown really hasn't explained what it is. Apparently it's some sort of non profit that does charity work in the ghetto in an attempt to better (revive) the area. He also works with a record label that goes under the same name.

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