External Affairs

Greg Russell was the ASUCD City/County Affairs Office Director for the ASUCD Office of External Affairsfrom summer of 2005 until April of 2006. During this time he served as the vice-chair of the City-UCD Student Liaison Commission and chair of the Police-Student Relations Sub-Committee. Greg was, briefly, an independent candidate for Senate in Winter of 2006, but withdrew because of potential complications with his City/County work, and also to pursue a kickass, whirlwind, national tour of college football in Fall of 2006.

Harney v. Leathers

On December 11, 2005 Kareem Salem notified ASUCD Court Chief Justice Kris Fricke that he was, pursuant to section 501.3 of the ASUCD Judicial Code, naming Greg Russell as his counsel in the case of Harney v. Leathers. He assisted Senator-Elect Salem in preparing his defense, filing the briefs and documents required under section 501.1 of the Judicial Code, and presented oral arguments to the Court.

This was all, however, contingent upon the assumption that there would be a Court to present to. Failing to meet quorum, the Court could not be officially convened, despite extra-legal suggestions to the contrary (Harney, the plaintiff, offered to sit on the Court to meet quorum but said he would abstain in the opinion). Since that left us one branch short of a government, the Senate and the President acted to move the Association out of limbo.

For his legal services, Greg was compensated with one (1) Happy Luncheon at Hunan paid for by his client.

For details on the case see Fall 2005 ASUCD Election/Unqualified Candidates Scandal

Executive Office

Greg left his position in External Affairs to become Chief of Staff to ASUCD President Darnell Holloway. He served in this capacity until October of 2006.

Current Activities

Greg is currently working on an ASUCD court case against the senate in regards to the closed session of November 9, 2006. He will be giving oral arguments in a court room near you!


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