Sacramento: 715 L St.
Davis: Davis Park and Ride (drop-off only)
Sacramento terminal: 916-444-6858
National: 800-231-2222

The nearest Greyhound Bus Station is in Sacramento. For many years the station has been on L Street with a back entrance from the alley toward K Street, between Seventh Street and the Berry Hotel (currently under renovation) which is on Eigth Street. In recent years there's been a search for a new address that's away from what's been noted as a crime area with a high rate of arrests there. That's been attributed to the numerous low cost hotels in the area. How much attention regarding the crime problem was given to the fact that a bus station itself attracts criminals along with the passengers? Anyway, a new atmosphere was sought and after a search there's a new address solution: 420 Richards Boulevard. A new terminal has been built there and has had a ribbon cuttng ceremony. It will become operational on July 27, 2011. It's planned to be a temporary location until an anticipated move to the future redeveloped downtown railroad yard.

Greyhound has very limited service to Davis. It consists of occasional (once a day) drop-offs at the Davis Park and Ride parking lot. You cannot depart from there, as there is no ticketing (or anything else). It is unclear whether they will even unload checked baggage there. You cannot even purchase a ticket to this stop online, and when I checked once it was $38 one-way from Sacramento. It seems they REALLY want to discourage you from stopping in Davis. Don't disagree with them: take Yolobus, a taxi, or use a friend.

Some history: Back around 1950 (until ?) Greyhound actually used to have a real terminal in Davis. From at least 1981 until the construction of Davis Commons, there was a small station on 1st Street. It then moved to the small building at 208 G Street near the Terminal Hotel before daily service was discontinued.