Buying cheap beer at Safeway.

Griffin is a member of the Playboy Millionaires. He plays bass and sings the Playboy Millionaire anthem.

He is New Jersey bred and moved to Davis in Spring of 2004 from Arcata in Northern California. He lives in the garage of the Pirate Ship. He is the stowaway.

From the Sharon's wall of Polaroids

He was kicked out of Rutgers University for conspiracy to overthrow the government and lead the forced secession of Texas Movement.

On the evening of January 21st, 2005, Griffin Walker and Wini Chen married. Lead by drunk Rev. Mike, the two came together in the presence of God, to join in holy matrimony. It's true. Yawen was a witness.

Griffin is also an accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist. Check out his album "Rarities Vol. II" I Believe he will be playing a show at Delta of Venus sometime soon.