The Grounds Division at UC Davis is responsible for maintaining outdoor areas of campus, including both landscape and hardscape (benches, roads and paths). Beyond simply maintaining plantings, the Grounds Division goes to great lengths to select a diversity of plants that are unique, intriguing and educational while still considering our local climate and ease of care. The Grounds Division stewards a dedication program and fund which enables the purchase of benches and trees in honor of individuals. Sal Genito is the director of the Grounds Division. As they are unionized, sometimes they go on strikes.

Among the things that Grounds Division manages are:

A street sweeper Another model of street sweeper. Lettering on the side says "636 hi-speed green machine." You can read more about it here.

Take a look at our Town Flora to learn about the wide variety of plants found in Davis as well as other resources.

    StevenDaubert says that when he was young a street sweeper broke down in front of his house and he loved it! He got to pester the driver with all sorts of questions about the machine!