On land, on sea, and in the air, gulls can be found just about everywhere in Davis at different times although the highest diversity and abundance is during the winter months. In the early mornings a large flock of these birds can be found doing calisthenics off of Russell, between California Ave and Howard Way (see the poorly representative photo below). At other times you'll find them jogging and doing laps with the ducks in the Arboretum. After rainstorms, they seem to fill the skies. Davis has managed to maintain amicable relations with these winged warriors, but other places have not faired so well. Treat them well, however —you can see from their beady, squinty little eyes that it's fine line between plumed peacenik and bloodthirsty killer.

Gulls come to Davis for one reason - the Landfill. On any given day you can visit the landfill (you need four wheel drive in the wet season) and see hundreds of the birds picking through our waste. Luckily they don't seem to enjoy compost very much...

Where else do the gulls hang out in Davis?

Gull photographed in the UC Davis Arboretum (2/21/05). This guy was trying to muscle his way in on the duck-turf.

Swimming in the arboretum. (2/21/05)

Gulls off of Russell Blvd at 7:00am (2/22/05). Count the gulls in this photo and win a prize.

For more info on other local wild animals see Town Wildlife.


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