750 F Street, Suite 5
Monday - Thursday 8:30 - 4:30
Closed for Lunch 12:30 - 1:30

Hamid R. Shirazi, DDS practices periodontics and implant dentistry.

During your first visit, you may expect an oral evaluation which includes pictures, x-rays, and periodontal probing.

Payment is due on date of treatment. The office accepts cash, checks, Visa and Mastercard.

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Medical Professionals are limited by HIPAA as to what information they can make public about their patients, including who their patients are. As such it is very hard for Doctors, Dentists, and Psychiatrists to respond to negative comments on the wiki. Please keep this in mind while reading any comments.

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2006-12-29 00:08:42   His fees seems high, more than what most workplace insurance will cover, leaving you to cover the difference. —JohnWong

2007-12-12 18:56:23   Had a periodontic procedure done with this dentist and was impressed. Good staff, good communication troughout procedure. I felt he anticipated my questions well and did not rush. My recovery was relatively comfortable, which tells me Dr Shirazi is a pretty skillful oral surgeon. —KeithRancor

2008-03-04 07:15:06   I found their work to be excellent, although they're obviously in it to make a good profit. They're prices are high and they make sure you understand that cancellations (no matter what the issue is) will cost you a fee ($50 if I remember). I actually did have to cancel because of a illness and they said they'd give me a "one time exception" in a letter that read as a very stern warning. That being said, when they came back from lunch 30 minutes late to one of my appointments I sure felt like sending them a similar letter or charging them $50 as it seemed one-sided. (They did apologize profusely, but so did I when I got sick). But to end on a positive note: they're very very friendly, they do excellent work and my experience was a good one. I would go back as I do believe there isn't a better place to go for gum issues anywhere in the nearby area. —WesHardaker

2008-04-02 19:51:26   I had a periodontal exam with Dr. Shirazi’s office. I thought Shirazi was rude. He didn’t answer all of my questions and even laughed off one of my questions. My question was just asking what a particular test was measuring. His office tried to overcharge me for the exam. They came up with a very lame excuse for the fee increase. His office seemed far more concerned with my money then providing dental care. Consider going somewhere else. —DouglasH

2008-09-16 23:13:36   I scheduled a periodontal exam to have an oral surgeon look at gums which were receding in two localized areas. It was a bad experience on several fronts. First, after receiving 3 stern warnings not to be late to the appointment, I showed up on time to find that the entire staff was in a meeting and I had to wait until 10 minutes after my appointment time to check in. Dr. Shirazi did a brief visit during which he stated that I had bad breath, and claimed that I was grinding my teeth at night. He said, jokingly I think, that I probably ground my teeth because my wife was aggravating me. Maybe in his culture that's considered funny, but to me, it was offensive. He instructed his assistant to take several pictures of my teeth - I was required to hold two uncomfortable metal devices which pulled my lips back, while she took about 10 pictures. Later, when I met with Shirazi to discuss the treatment plan, he announced that the assistant had used the camera incorrectly, and the pictures were lost. This did not really inspired my confidence, if someone can't even operate a digital camera, I don't want them near my mouth with dental instruments! The next negative experience was that I was given a waiver form to sign - the front desk person said she forgot to give it to me when I first came in. The form had about 12 different paragraphs which had to be signed individually...somehow it wasn't enough to just read the whole document and sign it once. When I complained about all the signatures, the front desk person said "Oh, no one really reads those things, we just need you to sign it in each place." This seemed insulting to me, I have better things to do than sit in a medical office signing my name 12 times. To cap it all off, Shirazi, his "finance person", his dental assistant,and the front desk person then proceeded to give me a high-pressure sales pitch on the $1000s of dollars of dental care that I supposedly needed. I was asked to sit on a very small bench in his office while the 4 of them stood around. There was a computer monitor with my case information which they could see, but I could not. The whole setup felt bizarre and uncomfortable to me. I've since received two phone calls and a strongly worded letter from their office, stating that I am endangering my health by not returning for the various surgeries and treatments that they recommended. Although I appreciate the followup - I have since gone to a different provider in Davis, who resolved my issues with about $400 of dental care - about 1/10th the cost of what Shirazi wanted to charge. Other people's experiences may be better than mine, but I do not intend to return to Dr. Shirazi's office. —FredFoobar

2009-01-20 14:21:23   Maybe where Dr. Shirazi grew up his sense of humor is considered funny, but I found it nothing more then insulting.

I also had some of my day wasted by showing up at the scheduled time and had to wait for them to finish their morning meeting.

They have a problem with the air in their office. Either a mold/mildew problem or the cleaning chemical they use. I left their office feeling ill. The feeling remained until the following day.

After visiting Dr. Shirazi's office I didn't have a problem going outside Davis to find another periodontist. —Patient

2010-08-17 15:28:27   Dr Shirazi is very overpriced and the office extremely inflexible. Customer service is non existant..A community like Davis deserves better —SangeetaPatel

2011-01-21 16:11:07   I would highly recommend this office and have referred friends and family there. It is the most organized, orderly and clean office I have ever experienced. My perception is that Dr. Shirazi applies the same disciplined approach to periodontal surgery that he does to running his office and frankly there are those of us out there that consider that a plus! During my first appointment I was surprised at the paperwork, but the upside is that I was completely clear about my responsibilities and what he was planning to do and what to expect—again, for me it was a huge plus. I find him to be quietly personable, surprisingly funny, and very easy to talk to. He hardly talks at all during treatment other than "turn left", "turn right" but I notice that he is completely focused on what he is doing—a huge plus! I have not always wanted to go ahead with treatment he recommended but when that happened he was very willing to discuss any concerns with me. He even told me that he wanted me to cancel gum surgery rather than have treatment that I didn't completely understand or agree with—with the proper notice, of course! By the way, I have no problem with their cancellation policy. They let you know up front what their expectations are and frankly I think most people who get caught by it only get caught because they don't consider that by missing their appointment without notice everyone pays—something that as a business person I understand. I love that he is absolutely rigid about NO cross-contamination in his office, and he requires this of his staff. Every technician and hygienist I have had has verified that he is regimented about sterilization and cross contamination—he has zero tolerance for it and is personally involved in the methods used to set up and tear down. They are required to wear clean gloves to set up and tear down for each patient. So I know nobody has touched the suction tube, water sprayer, dental floss or tools they put on the tray with their bare hands—something I have seen done many, many times in other offices. Being in the healthcare field myself this was my number one concern when I was referred to Dr. Shirazi. I made sure to ask detailed questions on my first visit—especially since they're dealing with surgery. They seemed pleased to answer my questions and highlight their high standards. I was pleased to find a place where I can relax (relatively since it is a dental office) knowing I don't have to worry about getting something worse than I came in with. His fees seem higher in some areas and lower in others. I always seem to have a copayment, which has been typical of every dental office I've been in. I'm not lucky enough to have insurance that pays 100% of anything—medical or dental—and I don't expect it but when I've questioned whether my insurance was applied correctly the receptionist has always checked for me and reported back to my satisfaction. I'm just happy to have found a periodontist here that I have complete confidence in. He is kind, skilled, and direct in his approach. I would highly recommend this office if you are looking for quality care. —DianeNewton

2011-05-08 09:41:18   I was very impressed with Dr. Shirazi and his staff. He gave my husband the most thorough dental exam he has ever had; he is obviously very skilled and detail orientated. He was able to diagnose some pain/headache/jaw issues that had left other doctors baffled. His staff was clearly working well together as a team. I'm not very up-to-date on comparative dental pricing, as many have raised issues with costs in other posts—but, honestly, I'd rather pay a bit more and rest assured knowing the work is top-notch, which it clearly is at Dr. Shirazi's office from my experience. —KarenEmbry

2012-09-18 12:09:10   My experience with Dr. Shirazi was an enjoyable and knowledgeable one. At first there were a lot of papers to sign and go over which was a bit tedious, but I realized that it made me learn more about the process of treatment and other things that I should take care of on my own. His office was very clean and all of the staff members adhered to the standard of sanitation. The operation room was a clean and relaxing place much to my surprise. All of his staff knew what they were doing. He made me feel comfortable before my treatment as he went over all of the stages of surgery, which in turn gained my trust before my treatment since he showed that he knew what he was doing. His fees seemed higher in some categories and lower in others. Even if all of his fees were a bit higher than other offices which I think are around the same cost, I would still happily choose Dr. Shirazi’s office and recommend him. —MarkEllison