**This page is here for historical purposes only. Some of the below information is inaccurate.

4202 Chiles Road (near McDonalds)
Sales Hours
Mon-Sat: 9am - 8pm
Sun: 10am - 7pm
Service Hours
Mon-Fri: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Sat 9:00am - 4:30pm
Sun: Closed
Parts Hours


Mon-Fri: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Sat & Sun: Closed
Toyota - 530-753-3352
Chevy - 530-231-3300
http://www.hanleesdavistoyota.com http://www.hanleestoyota.com
http://www.hanleesdavisscion.com http://www.hanleesscion.com
http://www.hanleesdavisnissan.com http://www.hanlees.net
DKD (DKT?) of Davis, Inc. President: Dong I. Lee

**This page is here for historical purposes only.

Hanlees no longer has multiple car dealerships at 4202 Chiles Road. There still is Hanlees Toyota/Scion, but the Hanlees Chevrolet dealership has a separate new location. The new wiki pages should be more up-to-date.

I don't have the exact figure, but I was astonished when I saw what percentage of city revenue comes from car dealership taxes. I believe it was over 50%. Davis, believe it or not, is a car dealership town.

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2005-08-26 14:33:58   Worked here for a while. He'll update this page later. — DomenicSantangelo

2006-08-09 07:32:33   I purchase a 2006 Tacoma truck from Hanlees’s in Davis…..story to be continue…. — TedHolm

2005-12-14 08:38:18   Have had a couple of really bittersweet experiences w/the maintenence department at this dealership. Bitter in that the end result/quality of their work is hit and miss, but sweet in that the General Manager is easy to get a hold of and seems willing to bend over backwards to correct any mistakes. I've had my car come back from them with the wrong parts, or scratches on the paint job... while the problems were quickly corrected, I won't be going back. — MikeDavidson

2006-02-25 10:34:14   I just bought an '06 Corolla two weeks ago from this place and I had really great service. Everyone was really friendly, especially our main dealer. We liked him so much we treated him out for pizza after the long hours of paper-signing (because he was so nice and because he really hooked us up by knocking $2000 off the price of the car). I got an oil change recently and they claimed it was gonna take an hour but it only ended up taking 20 minutes. I really like this place. Sometimes I think of just stopping by to say hi to all the people, lol. I highly recommend it! — KrystalVillanueva

2006-03-22 17:21:46   I bought a 1995 GMC Jimmy from Hanlees in September 2004. This vehicle should never have been sold to me, let alone been on the Hanlees' lot. In the course of owning this vehicle, over $9,000 has been spent on repairs, luckily a large part of it on an extended warranty. The service department has made mistakes in repairs (a transmission replacement error cost me a tow back to Davis from Vacaville) as well as over-charging compared with other places in town. Their 30,000 mile service is quoted at roughly $500 compared to $89.99 quoted by Johnny's Service. I urge people to stay away from the Hanlees dealership. — StevenWorker

2006-04-07 19:52:19   Today I went to the service department of Hanlees for a 25,000 mile check-up/oil change/tire rotation. It took about 1 1/2 hours to complete, then again, I also went on a Friday afternoon- so I didn't expect much better. Everyone was quite friendly and helpful. The lady in the cashier's office even saved me almost $30.00 off my bill, as she noted a misprint on my receipt. The main waiting room is small and crowded, so I went into the leasing/purchase room (at one of the many circle tables) and read for class. Relatively quiet with comfortable chairs- not such a bad place to get some work done while you wait! — StacieTownsend

2006-11-15 21:22:32   Today my roommate came in with a list of work that the service department told her she needed for her car. She went in for a brake job and a door handle replacement, they quoted her 1107$ including front brakes, rotors, serpentine belt, tensioner, brake fluid flush (119$!!) door handle and oil change. They didn't even take off the rear tire to check the condition of the rear brakes, as she complained they were squealing. Luckily her roommate is an engineer and works on cars daily. Her serpentine belt was relatively new, the tensioner was not failing, a brake fluid flush... well come ON! 119$?? I guess the old addage about getting work done at a dealer holds true in Davis... or at least for females!! — BethSolik

2006-12-11 13:13:27   Hanlees quoted $198 for a Prius 25000ml service, with a rude attitude by the service manager. Miata in Sacto did it with a friendly face for $49 with using a discount oil change coupon. You figure. — TomFrendl

2007-03-19 08:13:40   I had blew a new tire and wasn't sure about the auto policy/warranty I had purchased for my new camry at capitol toyota in san jose so I went to ask about it at the dealership at Hanlees. I was greeted by if not the exact words of one of the 'fleet' managers, "You see, if you had bought the car here we could have serviced it for you. Instead of going out to buy a car for the best price you could've bought your car here in davis for a small diff in price and we could replace your tire right now." Put what he just said on repeat x2. After trying to make me regret buying my car for the best price he directed me to Leschwab tires which was next door. Despite the small context of this exp and the general view of dealer attitudes this experience definately gives bad rep to Hanlees. Oh and this was said to me in front of their other dealers. — BrianJan

A month and a half ago I was in the market for a Toyota Tacoma, so the first place I went was this dealership in Davis. After showing me their selection of Tacomas, it seemed that they didn't have exactly the combination of options and colors that I was hoping for, nevertheless I needed a truck and I wanted to see what kind of offer they would give me. On that first day, they tried to get me interested in a silver extended cab truck with a "scoop" on the front. You know those things on racing cars that help their air intakes get more air - well they look dumb on light trucks. "Yeah, I'm cool, I have a racing scoop on a tacoma that doesn't do anything!" It seemed that they bought too many Tacomas with scoops and couldn't sell them, so they offered the scoop thingy free of charge. It looks dumb - I don't want it even if it's free! After telling me a delightful story about a man who bought a sweet car on the spot with cash and drove it away tipping his hat, and how cool that was, Pete went through a gut-wrenching process of figuring out whether or not I would qualify for their 0% financing offer. I say gut-wrenching, because every unconvenional answer was met with condescension and they didn't seem to understand why I was in their office. Over and over again, I had to repeat that I wanted to compare offers from different dealers, and they kept going, "huh?" Finally, I left with them processing my credit application. Apparently, Ariela and I would have to co-sign on the lease, which is bizarre because by herself she doesn't have any credit. And my credit is very good. A few days later, I got a call saying that our credit went through, and that I would need to show up with a list of references. You know, people who know I exist. I came in expecting to finally get an offer to use as a comparison, and I've just got to say, if you don't remember customers, don't try to guess. My girlfriend was apparently now my brother, and I wanted a Carolla. This aforementioned list of references seemed to be a ploy to get me back in the dealership for a push. Without even looking at them, they decided to bring an asshole into the discussion. This asshole was also known in their outfit as the "Sales Manager," (not Pete) but to me, he was an asshole. Without ever meeting me beforehand, or seeing the vehicle in question, he proceeded to tell me how this was "the perfect vehicle for me." Liar. I would have preferred a white truck, without a stupid looking scoop. Next, he took a colored marker and a blank piece of paper and wrote out a cartoonish list of numbers, and wrote a line on the bottom and said "Would you sign that here?" "What does signing my name here signify?" "That you will buy this truck" "Then I'm not signing it. I'm not here to buy the truck, I'm here to hear your offer." This started a whole new line of explanation as to how I had this odd idea that I should get several offers and comparison shop. I mean, a Twenty-thousand-plus purchase and I wanted to shop around? Then they forgot what I just told them and thought my girlfriend was my sister. Maybe politeness kept me from walking away right there, but then the sweaty asshole, err, Sales Manager, said "What would get you driving this truck home tonight?" "Nothing, I'm not here to buy today." Round three of not understanding comparison shopping. They pressed me to find out where else I was looking, and I hesitated to give them specifics. "What truck do you want, I have this, and that, and that..." (Wait, is he admitting that the loopy scoopy truck is not the perfect truck for me?) So I thought to ask, with how many brands this guy has to sell, "Do you have a Dodge dealership?" "Oh, you don't want Dodge, they have no resale value, they aren't good..." Liar again. Hey my dad knows all about good trucks, and Dodge are them, the fact that they don't make light diesel trucks is the reason why I was interested in a Tacoma. As I got up to walk out the door, the sales manager chucked another per-month financing plan at me, knocking off about $8,000 off the originally-offered 10% financing option. Guess my credit ain't so bad anymore, huh? Still not 0%. I left, because as I said, I wasn't buying that day. Call me old-fashioned, but I think that people need to shop around when it comes to big purchases. Pressure-selling means that you may buy something that you will later regret. Actually, I'm not old-fashioned, these guys are. That's what the guy who sold me my new truck told me, at Freeman Toyota in Santa Rosa. Yes, two days later I was 80 miles away signing on a white, double-cab light tacoma truck with 0% financing. With no cosigner. You see, what I didn't notice when these guys were trying to cram that scoop down my throat was that I was more comfortable with a double-cab than an extended cab. Having more options to choose from helps, but the way they tried to pressure-sell was a big turnoff. I'm not that rich guy who plopped down a wad of cash to buy a $90,000 car and drive it away, nor are most people. But people need to be treated decently and not pressured on important purchases. When you go into dealerships, banks, and other businesses, you deserve to be treated like that rich old guy. I'm very happy with my new truck, and I thought to drive up and tell them off at Hanlees, but it wasn't worth the gas. Instead in the mail, after another dealership gave me a great deal, Hanlees spitefully sends me a "credit rejected" letter. Wow. Mega-Assholes. (Except for Bobby - he was nice.) I suggest that if you are interested in a Toyota vehicle, that you avoid this dealership. You won't have to go far to find someone who will let you make your own decision. Customers have all the power in the world over salespeople. Pushy salespeople will change their strategy when they stop selling cars that way. -KarlMogel

2007-05-18 18:04:38   I brought my car into the chevy service department and I an NEVER going there again. my car had an engine leak in it and they fixed that and called me at 5:00 the day it was done (they close at 5:30) and told me that they could not come get me because they wouldn't get back until 5:40 and i had just spend over $1000 there and they couldn't wait ten minutes for me to pick up my car, that really annoyed me. The next day it took me three attempts to contact the service department. The first time I called I was on hold for about twenty minutes and no one picked up. The second time the lady that answered said that after 10 min of being on hold no one in service was available and would have them call me back asap. an hour later they still did not call back so I called them and finally got ahold of them. 10 minutes after I had my car back I parked it and was going to move it and it wouldn't start. They paid to have towed back to them on Thursday and its now Friday and not done. They never called me to check in, I have had to call them about five times today to get any information at all out of them. This problem never should have happened in the first place because they said that they checked out the whole car for any other problems it might have, but apparently they did not, or they didn't look very hard. They guy I dealt with was also really sleezy, I did not like him. I am never ever going back to this place again. —kateso

2007-05-27 01:57:14   Salesman was extremely nice, got to test drive on my own, all pricing up front, and without hassle. Was convinced that the salesman was an honest, nice guy. However, later I mentioned the word "price" and he went ballistic. I told him I didn't agree that I couldn't get a car below invoice, and he thought I was calling him a liar and freaked out nicely. He later apologized, but he was very bitter with me.

Other places were about $1000 below Hanlees OTD, so called the salesman to say I was buying elsewhere unless they beat the price, to which the salesman replied: "Do you want a new price? I'll give you a new price! $100 ABOVE INVOICE LIKE BEFORE", clearly angry. I didn't enjoy my experience at all, and ended up leaving feeling like I was somehow in the wrong for wanting a good deal.

Bought a car from Maita, which is far away but MUCH better. May reluctantly attempt service at Hanlee because of the convenience as opposed to driving 23 miles to Maita. I haven't attempted this yet.


2007-10-20 19:50:27   Went to look for a car there on Thursday. Had some problems. First that they had an '01 Prius under a sign for 5,999 which peaked my interest. Turns out it cost about 10K more than that. Other than a half hearted apology, I got no concessions. Had a salesman named Delorean (like the back to the future car) who was nice and seemed like a decent person for a salesman. The numbers just weren't working for me and I asked for my keys (I was considering a trade in as well) and this burlier dude named Moses (could be the sweaty asshole talked about above, it sounds like him) walks out and starts trying to intimidate me. Previously I'd had a good impression of this place, though that was with their service dept. Now I'm thinking they are no better than anywhere else. Ethically questionable not for the price mix-up per se, but for not taking more responsibility for it. The day after a lady in the sales dept. called me back, whether it was because the two guys knew I was unhappy afterward or whether it was because I walked out of there without buying, I can't be sure. She was slightly more apologetic. I'm considering calling BBB to see what the dealership is obligated to do when they advertise such a grossly inaccurate price. I'll update when I can. —AnthonySoto

2007-12-18 10:27:55   Went in there last evening to shop for a new car. Should have looked at the wiki first. Not much has changed since the first review...or maybe something has: over the course of time, they have added racism to their repertoire. —13urningMonk

2007-12-18 11:32:18   This place is horrible and the sales people are racist. I went shopping for a new car and decided to take my boyfriend. During a test drive a slow driver was in front of me and the Hanlees representative in the car with me said "They must be Chinese. Chinese people always drive like that." After the test drive we were taken inside to talk about pricing since they refused to discuss this upfront. The sales person asked my boyfriend if he was "Indian". He is Indian but I didn't see how that was relevant and he didn't ask me if I was Irish. We were then presented with a sheet of paper with some prices written down. When we said it was out of budget, the sales person asked what we could afford and I said $20K. The sales person then said "If my boss says you can have this car for $20K will you buy it tonight?" Of course we didn't say yes, this was the first place we visited and wanted to shop around for the best car and best deal. They sales person came back and said they couldn't work with us on the $20K so we got up and left. The representative who had accompanied us on the test drive and who also had an issue with Chinese drivers was waiting for us outside and began telling my boyfriend that "This isn't India and you can't bargain here like it is." He also indicated that he had some Pakistani people in earlier and they were just as difficult as my boyfriend. I have never felt so appalled! I will never go here again and I highly encourage others to do the same. —consumeradvocate

2008-01-11 13:17:57   Not too happy with them right now. Brought our Chevy in at 8:30am this morning to replace a rear blinker light and told them we needed the car back by 1pm as I have to leave town for work. At 1:10pm they told us it wouldn't be ready for another half hour. They also told us that they wanted to perform a 30,000 check up/service for over $600 but didn't give us a breakdown of what needed to be done. —CindiDrake

2008-01-15 13:17:57   After the Chevy portion of Hanlees dicked me around for three days and then backed out of the financing they told me I could get, I went to Hanlees Toyota and Scion. The manager there John was nothing but helpful and friendly. I graduated from davis a year ago and have had my job less, therefore I had been having a hard time getting financing at american car companies, which aernt really set up for recent college grads. John gave me a recent college grad discount even though i graduated over a year ago, and got me financed at 7.5% which is damn good for a first time buyer with minimal credit. My experience there was wonderful and I now have a new scion. Apparently John and his team came in to the Davis scion toyota dealership to clean up the place as they had an unusually high number of complaints. They fired everyone that worked there previously and brought in his team. They are trying to build back up the reputation and heal old wounds so if you got dicked around on there before go back adn tell them and im sure they will help you out. I am really pleased with the new staff. —AllanRae

2008-02-17 08:02:36   just bought a 2008 SE V6 camry from hanlees in davis yesterday. the folks there were fantastic. i had been to toyota of marin to check out the same make, and was getting high-balled on the price, low-balled on the trade-in, and generally treated pretty terrible. hanlees didn't have the exact car i wanted, but actually drove to berkeley to pick one up, and return with the correct car. apparently they are under completely new management, and were extremely courteous the entire day. —sal

2008-03-21 10:15:52   I went to have an oil change. I left terrified to drive my car. They told me I needed extensive work done, including having the alternator replaced (I later found out it was just a belt that was squeaking), and my tires would fall off while I was driving and I would die (yes, they actually told me that). After 3 days of not driving, my boyfriend finally talked some sense into me. It has been over a year later, and my alternator is fine, and my tires haven't fallen off. Needless to say, I won't be going back. —JennyG


2008-05-28 11:39:46   I worked for the Hanless Chevy a five or so months ago it was horrible, management was a joke and they treated people horribly. I would never buy a car from here period. —dnm12

2008-06-01 16:50:27   I was disappointed in Hanlees Toyota the last time I went. They were normally helpful. I went in because my clock didn't work and my boyfriend went to get his light fixed on our cars. Well they told us they would call us when everything was ready, but they never called so we had to finally call them and they didn't fix either one but didn't bother to call us and tell us the estimate or anything and they were about to close. When we went to pick up our cars, they couldn't figure out why my closk wasn't working and wanted to charge me over 400 dollars to fix it by putting a brand new one in. When all it was, was a shortage. —KaylaCassell

2008-07-15 19:44:32   If you say something, then why wouldn't stand by what you say. Question, deferred payment means: not cashing a check until the deferred date.

So why was my check cashed. Maybe so my account could then be overdrawn and I would be slapped with overdraft fees. All because I believed that deferred meant, you will not cash the deferred check until the deferred date. Surprise, not Hanlee’ Toyota in Davis:

True story, Hanlee Toyota sell man and finance dept. persons both said, don't warir, we do this all the time, do what! cash the check before the deferred check date. And when you call back to ask about it, those same people cannot be found, even worse, they hang-up on you.


2008-07-26 07:38:17   This is a car dealership. The people are annoying, it takes forever to make a purchase while they bombard you with all kinds of options you don't need. They're no different from any other place. After buying a car here I don't ever want to go through the process of buying another car again. Does it really have to take 5 hours to buy a car? Really? No it doesn't. —JimBob

2008-08-06 17:00:31   Hi, my name is Adam England. I am the Parts Manager for Hanlees Chvrolet. In July of 2006 Hanlees Chevrolet moved from Hanlees Toyota to its own dealership. Located at 4989 Chiles Road. It's in the same lot as the new Hanlees Nissan. I would like to let all of Davis know that our new hours for parts and service are, Monday -Friday 7:30am-5:30pm and Saturday from 8:00am-2:00pm. Plese come in and mention this post and receive 10% off all your parts purchases. Ask for Adam or Louie. Or you can just give us a call at, (530-231-3300). —giantsfan

2008-10-08 13:26:30   I have had a similar experience to several other people here. Service mailers come with great sounding deals, but when you get there the price goes up for some reason or other. It's nice to spend money here in town, but is it worth getting ripped off? I think not. —JasonSR

2008-11-16 20:32:51   I was interested in the possibility of a new camry one day, and i had some time on my hands so i decided to stop by hanlees toyota in south davis to see about options, specs, etc. I parked my volvo in the guest lot and immediately had a man wearing soiled clothes not say a word to me, but right in front of me come up and walk around my car looking at it as i'm guessing a trade in. i dont even have to imply it was a bit creepy & annoying. But i walked onto the lot and looked at an le when i soon had the attention of a sales associate. He answered most of the questions i had but didn't know a few of them. I took the car for a test drive around chiles road just for a minute or two and when we returned to the lot the salesman looked at me and said, bluntly "so, you want to buy it?". It was difficult to even resemble a response i dont think i did i just got out of the car, went to my car, and left. While toyotas are toyotas, and the way i was treated at this dealership OF COURSE doesn't say anything about the quality of toyotas or scions (which, I still believe in), University honda is a world away- theyre professional, courteous and decent people. Not saying honda is better than toyota, but in this case "univ honda" is so much easier to deal with. —Chrissapher

2008-11-17 08:10:29   While car buying is rarely fun, it's a little easier when only dealing with people over the phone and internet initially. I have to say, I didn't have a great expereince with many of the Sacramento-area Toyota dealers except Elk Grove Toyota. They were so honest, it was almost shocking. In the process of buying an 08 Prius, we delt with Maita, Roseville, Davis, Fairfield, Stockton, Tracy and Elk Grove. Only Elk Grove could come in at the out-the-door price we requested with all the features and color we wanted. They didn't play games and made the process as easy as possible. After we bought, I noticed almost every new Toyota (still w/ dealer plate) I saw in the entire region was from Elk Grove. I wouldn't waste my time dealing with Hanless again. —AmLin

2009-02-17 16:37:35   The best car buying experience I had.

I would recommend this place to anyone. Though their friendliness was almost overbearing, I think it was better than the slime I dealt with in Elk Grove and Roseville. I came her fully expecting the same treatment, but was pleasantly surprised.

Our sales guy, Les Eales, (slimy name, nice guy) was the best.

I told him my price range and he stuck to it. When I started to drift towards cars out of my budget, he would remind me that the monthly payments would be higher and tried to encourage me to buy a car that wouldn’t kill me financially. He also gives great test drives. He explained everything in the car to me, including how the ABS brake system worked and everything on the dash and what-not. Then he stopped my 06’ Hyundai Sonata dead in the middle of the road and floored it. The car peeled out and we were doing 80 down the road outside the dealership. And this guy is ancient! It was hilarious.

And they treated me great through the whole experience – even after I turned down their shitty Chevy Cobalt that I test-drove for 2 hours. (Not that their Cobalt was shitty – just that ANY Chevy Cobalt is shitty) I also didn’t notice any of the racism that some people previously mentioned. My boyfriend, who came with me, is Hispanic, and one of the newer salesmen there was some sort of East Indian. Turns out my boyfriend even knew the guy from high school…but anyways, I think things have changed here since some of the previous reviews. I would very much recommend this dealership to my friends.

Also turns out my boss and several family friends bought their cars there and had the similar experiences… —Devakii

2014-10-24 21:20:36   My name is Frank, I register this accout to tell my experience with Hanless Toyota. This place was horrible, and they try to scam people. I used to change oil for my toyota corolla and Camry in Walmart or ELK Grove Toyota dealer. But one time walmart oil change place broke their oil filter, so I have to go to hanless, I totally went there 3 times, the unbeliveable thing is everytime their technician called me saying that they checked my car, my water tank is broken and something is leaking(if you think about carefully, you will think I only go there for oil change, why you guys check my car and tell me some thing was broken), I changed it for the first two times, but the third time when they said the same thing to me, I can't trust them no more, so I insisted not change it, and I ask my friend to check my car, there is nothing wrong with my car, thanks god, my friend help me saved almost $1000 dollar, so no more words, this is the worst horrible place I ever go, I can't believe that they scam people like this, if you don't believe me, be my guest to try it, or if you want to catch them, just bring your car and test them, I bet with my head, they will say something is broken in your car!!!!

Never will go to Hanless!!!!!! —RedinDavis

2014-10-24 21:22:36   maybe they saw I am a international student and know nothing about the car? so they use those tricks everything when I go there change oil? I swear to GOD, they told me something in car was broken everytime —RedinDavis