This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


1107 Olive Drive , in Slatter's Court across from Olive Drive Market
Monday through Friday, 11:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday and Sunday, Noon to 5:00pm
(530) 757-2600 (no longer works)
[email protected]
Renee Trevino
Oct 2006

It appears as though Hidden Treasures is now closed. The building at the address listed is empty with a "for rent" sign in the window.

Hidden Treasures is a small thrift store that feels like an antique store.

From the proprietor

Hidden Treasures is unique because it is so unlike your typical thrift store. Instead of rummaging through piles of old, well worn castaways in a dim musty hole in the wall, your senses will be delighted by nearly new top shelf clothes, furniture, appliances, toys and more at Hidden Treasures. Windows on all sides let natural light help you spot the perfect thing you're looking for. New treasures flow through our doors on a daily basis and our low prices ensure you will find that bargain you're looking for. Can't find it? Just ask, 'cause you never know at Hidden Treasures.

Hidden Treasures has a surprisingly large variety of baby and children's clothing - it appears to be mostly baby and toddler. Janelle thinks it is the largest used clothing selection for kids in Davis next to R&R. They had some adult clothing as well, but not nearly as much. There is also a pretty big selection of baby and children's accessories such as toys, high chairs, booster seats, etc.



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2006-11-13 11:55:54   I was in today, 11/13/06, and they have some wonderful stuff. Lots of kids clothes(as well as adult), small appliances, nice shoes. The things they have are in really good condition, but still at thrift prices. Owners are friendly and happy to chat. —JaniceGutshall

2006-11-13 12:01:53   Great place to find beautiful and unique old things with great prices! —PatTemple

2006-11-26 22:04:35   Two days before Thanksgiving I was going to pick up a friend in Slatter's court, but, found that large city trucks, piles of tree trimmings, and falling branches from above blocked the only entrance to the court. not being able to park where I would have normally done so, I parked in the "customer only" parking spot in front of the Hidden Treasure Thrift store so that I could run in and grab my friend that I was picking up. Since the store was closed, I figured my parking there for 15 minutes or so would not be a problem. Unfortunately, the owners of the store must have felt differently because when I returned 15 minutes later, my car was gone and I was informed that it had been towed since the store opened a few minutes before. I went to the towing company to liberate my car from the tow yard, and was told I had to pay $220 for my car to be released. Only hours before, I had bailed out of jail (where I was placed for a crime I didn't commit) for an outrageous $2,500, I had no money and every day it stays there is $40 more to the bill. Consequently I missed Thanksgiving with my family and spent it alone with nothing to eat because I had no transportation or funds. My car is still in there until I can save up enough money, and the cost increases daily. I just want to know why my car was towed after only a few minutes? Maybe I was going to shop there, but, ran down the steet since the store was closed, then I would not have been towed? I think it was a spiteful act of the type of people I would never give my business to nor would I recommend to anyone else. — LauraMaria

2006-12-07 16:07:06   The owner is a wonderfully nice person to converse with and she is very helpful. The prices are very decent and everything she offers is in excellent condition. Great store! —RachelPeters

2007-02-27 22:49:10   Great Stuff; nice items good enough for gifts; good used household items. I've never had a parking issue. —KatKneazle

2007-03-02 13:25:34   This place is great! I went in yesterday to check it out for the first time and I was pleasently surprised. Renee is very friendly- and she's right: Its not like other thrift stores. Good Stuff. —MyaBrn

2007-06-13 10:23:05   Lots of great stuff. —KatKneazle

2007-06-13 10:26:23   Really Great Stuff. —KatKneazle

2007-07-11 12:29:18   thrift store is clean , to much clothes for me just my opinion , owner seems nice but kinda a nosy type person made me feel uncomfortable. But store needs way less clothes and more treasures —dickjones

2007-08-03 15:30:51   Good items no junk i like that and store is very clean owner knows what she is doing. My girlfriend loves the books and fun collectibles this is our favorite thrift store and really good prices very cool we will be back weekly!!! —Brians

2008-03-09 10:49:51   Great little shop! Lots of kids stuff. The owner is great. There is always a lot of variety. Love it!! —Hen

2008-04-11 09:27:23   I spend my weekends hunting for treasures hidden away in thrift shops all over California. Hidden Treasures in Davis, California has to be one of the best independent thrift store that I have ever visited. My wife and I were amazed at what we found in that small store. If you've never been, MAKE IT A POINT! AND, if its not on the shelf, ask Renee, the owner, and more than likely she'll have what you're looking for hidden away. P.S. If you just spent 2,500 bucks to bail out of jail right before a major holiday, don't be stupid enough to park where you're not suppose to. —StevenDay

2009-11-03 06:31:22   Each time I go it is always closed during the time they are supposed to be open. But I would like to see what is inside. It seemed to look cluttered and cramped with a lot of children's stuff in it. I hope I am able to walk around. —jackieshowel