This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


707 2nd St. (Cross street: F Street)

Hing's was a Chinese restaurant Downtown, but they're closed forever now. Kabul Afghan Cuisine has taken their place. They used to play a single song in a permanent loop. The triplet percussion at the end drove it home every few minutes.


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2005-01-17 01:20:21   Hings had a daily lunch buffet that rivaled Great Wall's. Hing's used to be the undisputed champ of the all you can eat chinese buffet, but their quality had suffered toward the end. —PaulLanzi

2005-02-05 19:20:34   all the Afghan food I've had before was great, and something other than a Thai place is pretty exciting. —AmeliaCarlson

2005-02-25 19:55:01   Hings eggplant dish was way better than any other chinese restaurant ive tried in davis. better than noodle express, noodle city, old teahouse, chans, and the orange huts. too bad they closed theyhad a lot of business too. —MattHh

  • Hing's Chinese Restaurant
    • $5.99
    • I was going to be diplomatic and say "it's cheap and there's no wait", but since they went out of business a week after I ate there, I'll say it like it was: the worst food. At least of this lot. All-You-Can-Stand (instead of All-You-Can-Eat; you'll leave before you're full. I rated them a 4, probably being a bit generous. This entry is now for historical purposes only since Hing's is closed forever. Rating=4SteveDavison

2005-07-16 14:37:28   A few months before it went under it was sold. This seems to be the reason that the quality of the food went down so much. —BenjaminRosenstein

2005-09-04 20:59:40   A friendly person at Kabul Afghan Cuisine told me some horror stories of what they found when they were cleaning up for their restaurant. Kabul is a nice place, I should go back. —SteveDavison