132 E Street, Suite 140 (next to Zen Toro)
Mon-Sun 12pm-10pm
Holidays vary
(530) 341-2289



Ho Ho Market (Cantonese for "good"--) is an east-Asian mini-mart that opened October of 2015. Ho Ho features east-Asian snacks of your childhood, such as Yan-Yan, lychee jelly, milk candy, and Ramune marble soda, along with currently popular snacks like Hi-Chew and dried seaweed; perfect for late-night study breaks! Not only does HoHo have an abundance of these treats, the market boasts a wide selection of ramen popular in college cooking (ramen that's not Top Ramen! :D). Other goods to enhance your kitchen include the frozen foods available (seafood, dumplings, pork buns, and more!) and various sauces that cater to the east-Asian palate.

Tucked comfortably in the corner between Zen Toro and A Better Place to Bead, Ho Ho Market is primarily frequented by diners who stop by the restaurants in Mansion Square. However, its customer base has grown to include students stopping by for a quick snack to locals purchasing groceries. Because of its semi-hidden location, Ho Ho relies primarily on word-of-mouth for others to discover what it has in store.

Ho Ho Market is constantly changing its products and stocking new items, while maintaining store favorites such as Pocky, so you'll know you're always going to find something new and exciting each time you come in-- whether it's sweet potato Kit Kats or sugarcane VitaSoy!

Customers love HoHo because of its super great prices and abundance of variety <3

Ho Ho also promotes OpenBoard, a longboard design service that provides customizable, high-quality longboard decks. Boards are available in store for purchase.

There is no credit/debit minimum to purchase items at Ho Ho-- meaning, you can come in and grab that single Mango Hi-Chew with no fear of scrambling for change!!