These are reviews of Hoa Viet from 2006 and earlier. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

The pho is pretty good although the broth is a bit oniony. The spring rolls aren't that great. Still, if pho is what you came for, then you should be pretty satisfied. The price for a large bowl is about $6, which is a good deal considering the serving sizes are ginormous. Good place for some dinner with a friend. Also, the #52 (with chicken, beef, or shrimp) is a delicious, very filling noodle dish. The chicken one comes with lots of char-broiled chicken, two egg rolls, and a few shrimpies. The pork spareribs are sub-par, unless you like gnawing rubbery flesh off of a rotting bone.

If you are going to eat pho, ask for the wide noodles (chow fun noodles) in place of the regular. It costs a dollar more, but it is well worth it. Very Very delicious. -_

Hoa Viet is under new ownership and has undergone some renovation, including reconfiguring the space in the back. I spoke to one of their wait staff tonight (2006-06-02), and was told that the new owner had made changes to make sure the place was cleaner, including renovating the bathrooms. The new owner is hands on, and actually bussed our table. The pho tasted as excellent as usual.

The pho is pretty good, and comes in big bowls, as noted above. Good chinese-influenced Vietnamese dishes, too; I've found that Americans find those more familiar than the straight-up Vietnamese dishes. For great Vietnamese Sandwiches, check out Sunrise Restaurant - EricNguyen

i did not like the pho, but that is not because it wasnt good, but rather because i am not a soup person. however i went back a second time and got their vietnamese grilled chicken on rice noodles, it comes with fish sauce on the side, and it was very good. thus, you will like this place whether you like pho or not. MattHh

it's pretty good. obviously if you've been to oakland chinatown before and had a taste of the real good stuff, this place doesnt even compare in quality. but we are talking about davis for this restaurant, so yeah, the food is pretty good. - PatrickSing

doesn't compare to East San Jose pho (with ESJ's enormous vietnamese population), but it's still pretty good. - GiladGurantz

2005-09-15 01:37:21   I used to eat at Noodle House at Madison and Manzanita in Sacramento all the time. They set the bar for me for American Vietnamese cuisine. I've also dined extensively at Bobo kitchen in Sacramento, but Hoa Viet is my new favorite. The pho is superb, the accoutrements are fresh, and the portions are enormous. I tend towards the beef balls, but the "rare steak" is exemplary. For those fearful, "rare steak" simply means they slice sandwich-thin slices of beef and add them to the hot soup, where they are completely cooked by the time they arrive at your table. The "traditional BBQ dishes" are tremendously flavorful, and the usual side dish of vinagered fish sauce is very tempered towards western palates. Great quality, tons of flavor, and very cheap. —ChrisLambertus

2005-09-15   why is my negative, but factual critique, moved down to the comments section, while the positive fawning gets to remain in the main body? Is someone here on the Hoa Viet payroll? stumpy

2005-10-09 09:40:50   We are new to the area and tried this place last night. It was pretty good, though I do have to say their chow mein is relatively better to other chow mein than their pho is relative to other pho. —DaveNguyen122

2005-10-27 23:21:17   I use to work there and to tell you the truth, their kitchen is horrible. Theres massive water on the flow where if you aren't wearing the proper shoes, you can slip and cause serious damage. They do not redo your order if they mess up. They take out the wrong serving with their bare hand(unwash) and place the new order in. I recently came back to order number 92 and was food posioned. Threw everything up in a couple hours. Never going here again. —ToddPhan

2006-01-30 01:04:18   the pho here is mediocre at best, and the rice plats are pretty bad. but if you're craving for pho this place is probably your best bet. don't try the chinese food here either. —EddieLim

2006-02-20 02:54:38   The pho is tasty and comes in a huge bowl, though I can't vouch for it's cleanliness. Face it, if you're going to buy pho, you're probably not going to get it from a pristine kitchen. The charbroiled pork over rice has been consistently good for about $7. Don't forget to try their strawberry and avocado shakes. —CurtisLim

2006-03-19 18:10:58   I actually really like the spring rolls. The charbroiled pork dishes and noodle soups are great but everything else leaves something to be desired. —KevinRollins

2006-03-29 10:38:31   I dislike the gristle meat they use in their pho. It's horribly inaccurate to true pho, and my mom says, it's the kind of meat they use for bacon (the belly meat of the pig). It's a cheap workaround to what they're supposed to put in. And I don't think the management gives full tips to the waitstaff, but skims a bit of it. —QuynhNhuNguyen

2006-04-03 12:03:16   Went there on a recommendation, to go, and the food took forever. A good thing that was, I got a chance to observe the grubby atmostphere and the questionable looking staff (e.g., workers walking outside the front door to puff on smoke, people emerging from the kitchen area eating, and otherwise shady looking folk; except for the waiter). But more than that the place just looked darn unclean. And so I left. —AnnieSirrah

2006-06-04 15:44:18   One time when I went there, the staff was airing out the bathrooms because of a clog, so the place smelled like feces and pee. Interestingly, there were people who still decided to sit and eat there . . . including me —PattyLouieJunior

2006-06-16 07:01:45   I agree with ToddPhan, AnnieSirrah this restaurant is unclean. I went here last night. I requested an empty so I can split half of my Pho for my friend. Waiter brought out an empty bowl with residue stick to inside the bowl. I mean you can visually see it. So, I told him I want another clean bowl because this one too dirty. He took it back in I guess he cleaned this bowl inside the kitchen because I see those dirty spots. So, once more time. I put a current dirty bowl on the side, then I asked waiter to give me another empty bowl. He brought out another one. It looked dirty as the first one. In addition, I came from southern california, so I know what Pho tasted like. Pho at this place taste so plain and it has a lot msg. If you can to how cleaness they are, just ask for an empty bowl next time you come. For me, I would not come back here again!!! —ConnieTorres

2006-07-05 15:12:08   I've been a 'Little Saigon' girl all my life down in SoCal so I've eaten alot of better and cheaper Phos compared to the one at Hoa Viet. Nonetheless, it's not too bad seeing how it's the only Pho restaurant in Davis. I recommend coming here if you're feeling nostalgic for Vietnamese Cusine. —KristyDai

2006-07-26 00:31:16   Whenever I eat here, I almost always get #52. It sounded good on the menu, and it sure was! They seem to run out of the components for their tapioca pearl smoothies quite often, which makes you wonder why they don't order more. :( —KarlMogel

    - mmmm... #52 I get it wherever I go

2006-08-22 11:30:03   this place is all about quantity and not quality. I only eat there if I'm really hungry or strapped for time. You can get an X-large bowl for about 50 cents more than the large. However, their soup is bland and doesn't even compare to the stuff you can get in sacramento which is only about 20 minutes away. Bean sprouts are always brown and old. —PorkFoo

2006-09-21 17:50:28   the Pho is pretty average, the service there is terrible though. The waiters are actually Vietnamese Communists. —ChrisNgo

2006-10-08 15:44:56   The pho is pretty mediocre comparitive to all the Pho places i've been to up and down California, but i have to admit i like their chow fun the most —JasonKong

2006-10-09 16:36:42   I like Sunrise better. This place has just okay food. My favorite is #51. —KiwiSelina

2006-10-16 22:56:52   Every time I come here I want to have one of their yummy tapioca pearl drinks. However, for the last year or so, they have never had the ingredients to make them. Not even the pearls. I almost feel like grabbing the bag of tapioca pearls I have at home and slapping it down on the table and saying, "I want a Mocha Pearl!" Don't bother ordering them 'cause they ain't got 'em. —KarlMogel

2006-10-17 14:47:32   I love the salty lemonade! Ymmmmm!!! —AlphaDog

2006-10-28 17:22:46   I'm really sad. I went in there a few times at the end of the summer, and everything went downhill. The new ownership is great, but pretty new paint doesn't make the good food come back. I think in the ownership switch, they changed cooks. They used to have, by far, the best Veggie Chow Fun...ever...and the last two or three times I had it, it was completely bland and uninspired—and heavily MSG'd (I'm mildly allergic). Sadness. —JulieEickhof

2006-11-06 22:36:19   Pho can be ranked precisely with the Los Angeles Neighbourhood Scale, where "Little Saigon/Westminster" is the pinnacle and "Westwood" the nadir. For me, Hoa Viet's #1 combination pho was a solid-if-not-spectacular "Koreatown", making it one of the better ethnic meals in Davis. —SimonChan

2006-11-08 20:38:45   one of the dirtiest and nastiest pho I have ever had. The pho tasted like it was just some noodles with boiling water. hardly any beef flavor, and barely resembled anything like pho. I could just boil some rice noodles and buy some beef broth and it would taste better than this. —AnnThiNguyen

2006-12-09 20:38:45   I agree with the above. I was especially pissed off by the 40-ish waiter who seems to think he's a rockstar. I wrote down $0.01 for the tip but somehow it was changed to $5.00 on the debit card. The food sucks, try Stockton Blvd. in Sacramento for better Vietnamese selection. —TerencePhan

2006-12-28 23:47:38   This place is dirty. Food is terrible. Once, when we went up to pay, we stood there for a few minutes to wait for someone to take our money. —JohnWong