26479 County Road 96
(between County Road 31 & County Road 32)
24 hours
(530) 979-7790

Horsequarters is an equestrian facility offering boarding for Davis horse owners. It is a full care facility offering indoor/outdoor lighted arenas and jump courses. There is an indoor arena, a large outdoor jumping arena, dressage course, roping arena, and cross-country course. Easy access to levee trails and a perimeter trail on the property. Boarding options include stalls with attached paddocks as well as large paddocks with and without shelters. There are also lots of options for turnout. Plenty of places to store tack and equipment in the barns, as well as trailer parking for boarders.  

To learn more about equestrian resources in or near Davis, please visit our Horses page.


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2008-07-29 02:31:16   I love this place! I have been there almost a year. The owner is on top of everything you ask for. Great care for the horses and fed appropriately. Has trails around facility, 3 arenas, round pen, trailer parking and obstacle course. Love this place... highly recommended! —aolstad

2011-02-13 13:34:27   I have had my horse here for about two years and I've been really happy with the place. Board for a stall is $315 which is fairly affordable compared to other places in Davis. They have paddocks, but most of the paddocks do not have covered shelters and they are usually all full. The stalls all have attached paddocks. The manager is nice and accommodating, though he can be difficult to get ahold of sometimes. They do a great job keeping the stalls clean and feeding. My horse is a hard keeper and I always had him on supplements to keep weight on him at other places, but at HQ they feed as much as your horse requires to keep good weight, whether it's one flake or four, and I haven't needed to supplement my horse. A lot of other places in Davis try to skimp on hay, and your horse ends up underfed. I have boarded at several places in Davis, and so far this is my favorite. There are all kinds of riders that board there, western and english, competitive and recreational, trail riders and retired horses. Everyone is really friendly and it doesn't have that snobby stable feeling. —chamomile

2012-05-01 17:45:52   Just an update - still there and I love it! :) As other said, owner is hard to get ahold of sometimes, but if you leave a message with what you need it just gets done (just no return call). Stays on top of flooding in winter and keeps grounds nice. Has trail access to creek in a small spot to swim (about a 30-40 min ride).... just lots of ammenitites for a nice place - board is 240 now in back paddock and 340 I think for stall - very competitive for davis —aolstad

2015-08-08 18:22:48   I've been boarding at Horsequarters for nearly 15 years now. My two horses and I are really happy there. The people are so great, we all look out for each other and our ponies, the atmosphere is really laid back, and everywhere you look there are happy, well-fed, healthy horses. I find I can easily hang out there all day quite happily playing with my horses. —monkey