There are a number of hotels in Davis that are convenient for travelers passing through on Interstate 80, visiting parents, visiting scholars or Picnic Day guests.

For the Whole Earth Festival, the Hippies just seem to sleep in their vans/busses, and booth owners sleep in their booths. Evan and Sarah actually found a couple sleeping underneath their car when they left the chemistry lab late one WEF night (not recommended for heavy sleepers!). Nevertheless, I'm sure the hotels get a lot of business that weekend as well.

Busiest times for the hotels in town are Picnic Day and the slew of graduation ceremonies in June. Many hotels sell out months in advance and rates are considerably higher during these events. Don't count on being able to walk in anywhere. If the hotels are all booked up there are more and larger hotels within a 20 minute drive. Woodland, Dixon, West Sacramento, and Sacramento proper all tend to have rooms available closer to the events.

Bed and Breakfast establishments are smaller than hotels and tend to have a much different feel. One north-county option is Cache Creek Inn in Rumsey.

If you are visiting the University or vet school for more than a week, you can look for short term room rentals on Craigslist or Airbnb. Students and homeowners often rent extra rooms.

If you are visiting you may want to check out the Yolo County Visitors Bureau to gain additional information about the community.

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