The Human Geography Research Group is a collaboration of students in the Geography Graduate Group at UC Davis whose research focus centers on human geography (vs. our counterpart, physical or biogeography). The group was started during the winter term of 2006 in order to allow for cohesion and support among the human geography students in the then first year cohort and allow a place to discuss research ideas. It is closely tied and associated with the Physical Geography Research Group, founded by similar students in the other half of the diverse discipline. The Human Geography Research Group has since expanded to include students from other years and disciplines whose interests are geographical. The research group became a part of GLOBAL when the club was founded in the fall of 2007.

Meetings are informal and occur biweekly (see the schedule of events at GLOBAL for more information about meeting times and places). At these meetings, students discuss their research ideas, problems they are facing, achievements they have accomplished, and advice regarding grad student life in general. During the founding of the group, a major goal was building community among the students, and this remains an important part of the meetings and discussions.

Research interests of our recent attendees include:

  • Gender, concepts of masculinity and femininity
  • Place and Identity
  • Tourism
  • Sense of Place
  • Historical Geography
  • Transportation corridors
  • Agriculture
  • Urban/Rural interface
  • Community Development
  • Themed Spaces
  • And more!!!