It could be a challenge for our children to further their learning when they are kept home now.

Are you worried that your children fall behind their school curricula? Do you want to have an efficient and structural system, which can help you manage and support your children's academic development?

Our Afficient Academy (AA) system provides an excellent opportunity for you. 

AA is an artificial intelligence (AI) based education program focusing on Math and English for 2nd graders and up. It's aligned with the US Common Core curriculum.

Students work on problems dynamically tailored to their skills and receive immediate feedback online. Weekly reviews will also be constructed by our learning center tutors for you to follow with your children’s learning progress.

This program has proved to be very effective in San Jose. According to the data from over 2000 students spending over 2 months learning with AA system, 90% of these students earn A/A+ in their classes.  Students on average can complete one grade material in 2 to 4 months.

To learn more about AA in Davis, please contact Sharon and Maya in the AA Davis Center.

For more information,

Sharon Guo  (530)302-5159     [email protected]


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