Ignite was a single-election ASUCD Senate slate that was created in Jan. 2006; its official candidates were Michael A. Molnar and Josh Lenhof. 50% of them were elected to the school Senate. Outsiders believe that Molnar calls the shots in the Party, however, as he is the only known Ignite partisan in office, with no announced Ignite candidates for the Fall 2006 election, it would not be misleading to say that the Party is dead.

Perhaps it is incorrect to deem Ignite a "Slate" in the same sense that Student Focus was - while it did not function as a political party, it did indeed behave as a traditional slate. It was a group of students who desired to run together, because they felt each other were the best for the job (presumably), not because they wanted to become akin to a political faction. While they called themselves a party, perhaps they misunderstood the difference between party and slate.

...Because if they did consider themselves a party, they did a really bad job at trying to keep it alive.

Ignite's initial success unfortunately inspired the Christian Democratic Party as well as the Jewish Slate indirectly.

Campaign Statement

My Fellow UC Davis Aggies,

There is "There is "A New Hope" within student politics and it is called "Ignite."."

Ignite is a third party that was created to combat the growing corruption and scandal associated with ASUCD. If you agree that the two party system is failing our campus (and our nation), then vote for a party that cares for the students. Ignite is going to be different from the other two main parties at UC Davis because they are going to push for changes that will improve the quality of life for every student. Their agenda will be very noble indeed and there will be people who say it is impossible. However, I say, "Nothing is impossible and every student can make a difference." As leaders of UC Davis, we are going to take risks that other senators will not take.

"Trust me, "Ignite" is no joke. We are not just some dudes trying to make our résumé’s better! We both already have above 3.00 GPA's. We are students who desire to make a difference on campus. We will take our issues all the way up to the chancellor and the regents. This is what lacks in the other parties: solid candidates that demonstrate leadership and are willing to take great risks for the students! I know other candidates will try to lower us and say that our platforms are impossible to achieve, but I say, "you can accomplish anything you put your mind to." I feel that if you have a dream, and have a passion to "Ignite" change, and you are willing to take a risk, then nothing is impossible. On Election Day, vote for the students who care for issues, VOTE "IGNITE!""

Michael A. Molnar: AKA "Molnar"

-He owns his own landscaping, gardening business in Davis.

-Financial advisor and brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

-Part of UCC.

-He has above a 3.00 GPA.

-He pays for his own tuition.

-He has never had a referral from Student Judicial Affairs.

-A strong leader with experience.

-A Financial Expert and wise spender.

-A man who does not follow the crowd.

-A man of respect and integrity.

-An individual of trust and respect.

Josh Lenhof:

-Pre-Med student.

-A researcher for professors.

-He has above a 3.00 GPA.

-He has never had a referral from Student Judicial Affairs.

-A man of respect and a person who can be trusted.

-A solid leader.

-Part of FBC.

Winter 2006 Platform Issues:

1.) Start Winter and Spring Quarters at the beginning of the week: meaning Mondays. Students deserve at least 9 days off for spring break and a longer winter break.

Commentary: I know this will be a hard. However, I am tired of the other UC schools having more days off than UC Davis. Even the academic senate agrees on this. In order to do this, we would need the academic senate's support because this is a large issue. I know that the academic calendar is written a few years in advance, but in the future, they should be held more accountable to their actions. I live eight hours from Davis and these short breaks make it hard for a person like me. This is something I am very determined to make an issue of because I believe it is unfair.

2.) Allow campus parking after 7:00 PM on Fridays.

Commentary: This is simple. Buses stop running after 7PM on Fridays. If a cost-benefit analysis was done on Taps, I know their profits would be negative during this time period. It is just not economical. I know Taps is the most blood-sucking organization on campus. However, this is something I want to change.

3.) Make Wireless printing a reality.

Commentary: I am not an expert on this, but our university is. I hope that with enough pressure, I can make this become a reality in the future.

4.) Add another 24-hour reading/nap room.

Commentary: During finals, people cannot find seats in the 24-hour room. That is ridicious. How about removing the Junction and makeing it into a 24-reading room with sofas (idea from ArlenAbraham). Davis lacks a 24-hour coffee shop (but there is one in Dixon). I think this is something that administration would be interested in.

5.) Fiscal Responsibility within ASUCD.

Commentary: Although ASUCD has been conservative spenders this year (except Plasma TV’s), many funds allocated to certain budgets go unused, which makes no sense with a 3.4% inflation rate. For example, the President and V.P. each have a $3,000 and $2000 accounts respectively, which is for spending on devolopment programs. However, these funds have not been spent for years. This is just one example of these wasteful programs in ASUCD.

6.) More microwaves in the MU.

Commentary: Very cheap to implement and would help many students during lunch hours.

7.) Sanitary seat covers in the library.

8.) Plant more trees.

Commentary: Something that will be cheap, but very beneficial.

9.) Make the “Epic Quad Battle” a yearly school tradition.

10.) Bring back Respect and Reform to ASUCD!

Commentary: Many students dislike ASUCD because of past actions and their seperation from the students. I want to fix this problem and bring back respect to our government.

Conclusion: Maybe I do not have a lot of experience with ASUCD, but what does that prove. People with experience write retroactive legislation to overturn bylaws. I have plenty of experience in H.S. However, college is expensive, I have to work in order to support myself, and I did not have the time in the past to devote many hours to this association. Seriously, I know how to lead and I know what you need to be a senator. I have led so many programs. I have managed restaurants in the past and I even own my own business in Davis. Seriously, experience means nothing if you do not know how to lead, if you do not have a passion for what you do and you lack courage. I hope you understand. Take Care

Michael A. Molnar, creator of "Ignite."

Still no good. Just as a hint, you use too many abstractions. You say that you don't 'follow the crowd,' but what does that mean? You are a man of 'respect and integrity' and of 'trust and respect? That's twice the respect. Never had a referral from SJA? What do you want a cookie? 'A solid leader', 'trust,' blah, blah, blah, blah... Your platform is just not good, dude. . You sound like a guy doing a bad impersonation of a guy who wants to be a politician.JoshFernandez

This page also needs to be reformatted. The line breaks and bold text are messed up. From about #7 on it's really confusing and I don't know what refers to what.RyanPrendiville