Indian food is delicious, often spicy, and has many dishes to suit either a meat-eater's or vegetarian's palate. Restaurants at which to eat Indian food include:

Outside of Davis:

Kathmandu, Raja's, Namaste Nepal, Preethi, and Pooja Indian Grill offer lunch Buffets. Kathmandu and Namaste deliver.

2012 has been a big year for Indian food in Davis, with three new Indian restaurants opening. The number of Indian restaurants is starting to rival the number of Thai restaurants.


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2005-11-01 19:29:03   The Raja's got a great lunch buffet, and their curry is always cooked to perfection! —JohnDudek

2012-08-06 19:42:56   I went to Raja's the other day for lunch buffer. Apparently they're only charging $5.95 for the summer. Love it. —ykarmi