Indio Hall's gloomy back side that butts up against the health center. Indio Hall is one of the dorms in the Regan complex and home to the Multi-Ethnic Program, or MEP. A classy place to live! It was used as a residence hall for some of the incoming freshmen during the 2005 summer advising program. This Hall is probably the most central in campus; it backs up right against the old Health Center. Indio is a 2 stories tall, with three single rooms and about 20 or so double rooms. The bathrooms are community style and of course... single sex. There is one bathroom on each floor, and a small visitors restroom next to the lounge. Each room (double) has two built in closets, one bookshelf behind the door, and the normal dorm furniture (2 regular twin beds, 2 desks, 2 drawers, 2 desk shelves) and linoleum flooring.


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