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The Interfraternity Council (IFC) at UC Davis is an organized body that oversees 20 social fraternities on campus to ensure they follow UC Davis guidelines, as well as making sure all Fraternities follow their specific charter goals like scholarship, philanthrophy, et cetera. Fraternities that are a part of the IFC are afforded certain rights and resources that are available on campus. IFC is a UC Davis branch of North American InterFraternity Confrence. Nationally, There are approximately 63 NIC Fraternities.

There are currently four active Greek-letter councils. IFC is comprised of NIC fraternities. Davis Collegiate Panhellenic Association (DCPA) is for all National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities & fraternities. The African American Greek Letter Council (AAGLC) is for national african-american interest fraternities and sororities. The United Sorority and Fraternity Council (USFC) is for ethnic and cultural fraternities and sororities. Davis does not have a chapter of the Professional Fraternity Association (PFA), but it will hopefully develop in the next couple years.

The Interfraternity Council is the governing body of many fraternities in Davis. Fraternities must apply to be in the council, and most national organizations require their fraternities' chapters to be a member of their school's IFC in order to exist. IFC is predominantly comprised of social fraternities, versus professional fraternities. National organizations require this for accountability, since otherwise there would not be a lot of oversight for these organizations. Panhellenic Council is similar, however, their council is for sororities, as IFC is for fraternities. 

The majority of these fraternities are located on Frat Row and Frat Circle.

Current Officers

President: David Bronstein, Sigma Chi ([email protected])

Executive Vice President: William Han, Theta Chi ([email protected]

VP of Recruitment: Gabriel Arredondo, Phi Delta Theta ([email protected]

VP of Finance: Nick Barber, Zeta Psi ([email protected]

VP of Communications: Sourena Shir, Sigma Chi ([email protected])

VP of Activities: Jared May, Zeta Psi ([email protected]

VP of Programming: Brandon Soares, Theta Chi ([email protected]

IFC Fraternities at Davis