Ivan Carrillo

Ivan Carrillo was a sociology and Chican@ studies student at UC Davis who graduated in 2009. He was the recipient of the 2009 The Veloyce Glenn Wilson, Jr. Award, which honors the graduating man believed to be the most outstanding in the areas of leadership, scholarship, integrity, and service in the campus community. He transfered from Consumes River College. He served as the 2008-2009 ASUCD President, winning on the LEAD slate in theWinter 2008 ASUCD election. Prior to that he was an ASUCD Senator, who successfully ran on the LEAD slate in the in the Winter 2007 ASUCD Election, where he was endorsed by the California Aggie. He was a Peer Cultivator through the Chican@ Studies Department.

Ivan gave a speech at the May 1st, 2007 rally on the MU Patio.

During the Summer of 2007 Ivan taught 7th grade English for the Summerbridge program in Sacramento.

As a Senator, Ivan has mandated P.E.A.C.E. and Safe Zone training for all ASUCD Senators and ex-officio members of the senate; initiated the Transfer Student Mentorship Program, advocated for the availability of more foreign language classes; worked with the UCDPD, Cal Aggie hosts and CEVS to create uniform guidelines for all campus events; organized an awareness rally entitled "Crisis in Higher Education"; negotiated with the administration regarding the pay and benefits of Sodexho workers.

Authored Legislation (Spring 2007)

  • Bill #70: Requiring ASUCD Senators and ex-officio members of the Senate to be Peace Trained through the Cross Cultural Center & Safe Zone Trained through the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center within their first quarter of office
  • Resolution #24: Calling for some conformity in the amount of security at entertainment events. Brought about due of the large discrepancy in the amount of security at hip-hop performances versus other entertainment events

(Fall 2007)

  • Resolution #1: Urging the University to expand the current language program that only offers eleven foreign languages
  • Resolution #2: Condemning hate speech and subversive language. In reaction to recent events on the UC Davis campus ie: vandalism of Jewish Sukkot and KDVS wall and anti-Muslim propaganda in the form of fliers put up around campus.

(Winter 2008)

  • Bill #18: Allocated $1600 to the Reaffirming Ethnic and Community Harmony (R.E.A.C.H.) retreat put on by the Cross Cultural Center.
  • Bill #?: Allocated $600 to the “Transfer Student Transformation” event.

Other Campus Involvements and Organized Events (May 1st)

  • Spoke at rally to address injustices against campus workers and undocumented students

(April – Present)

  • Met with administration multiple times in regards to workers rights on campus

(July 2007)

  • Cal Aggie Camp: Attended the ASUCD unit, which provides a week long summer camp experience to foster kids

(October 2007)

  • Pride Week: Spoke at rally to bring attention to issues affecting the LGBTIQ community
  • Black Leadership Retreat: Participant

(November 2007)

  • Chican@ / Latin@ Leadership Retreat: Participant & Facilitator
  • Organized and co-hosted the “Crisis in Higher Education” Rally

(January 2008)

  • Co-organized and hosted the “Transfer Student Transformation” event where 70 transfer students were able to speak directly to and voice their concerns with Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Fred Wood


  • Safe Zone Trainer
  • R.E.A.C.H. Retreat Facilitator
  • Student Representative on the Transfer Student Task Force

Winter 2008 Candidate Statement

Hello fellow students, our names are Ivan Carrillo and Molly Fluet and we are running with the L.E.A.D. slate for ASUCD President and Vice-President. Over the past three years the L.E.A.D. Executive Office has responsibly balanced and structured our 10 million dollar ASUCD budget to provide students with an increased quality of services. L.E.A.D. has also significantly improved advocacy on the city and state levels to ensure our student concerns are heard and respected. We are committed to this L.E.A.D. tradition of building a stronger student association, and plan to improve the quality of student life, develop student leaders and outreach to all communities.

One out of every five students at U.C. Davis does not graduate. To make sure students graduate we will do the following; first, we would like to make a resource catalog that houses all of the services on campus in one convenient place. Second, we want to establish seminars for all grade levels so that students can make minimum progress requirements and attain knowledge that is pertinent to their success. Lastly, we want to publish the professor evaluations online, so students can make informed decisions about their academic classes.

The quality of student life is important to having a positive college experience. We will work with other organizations on campus to have a safeboat at the annual houseboats weekend. This safeboat will provide water and sunscreen and more importantly have constant contact with emergency services in case of trouble. Also, as five other UC’s already have, we will try to bring “Zipcar” to campus. This would be an affordable and convenient car rental service for 18 and over Aggies.

The State of California is facing a 14 billion dollar short fall and cuts to the UC system are already in the works. As passionate, student advocates, we promise that we will be in the State Capitol fighting for such issues as tuition relief, financial aid, and outreach programs. Also, on campus we will be working with the administration to make sure that the quality of our education is not affected by these budget cuts.

We will continue to represent the best interests of students on all levels. We urge you to take part in building a stronger Student Association by voting for Ivan Carrillo and Molly Fluet to be your ASUCD President and Vice-President. Thank You and GO L.E.A.D.!!!

Winter 2007 Candidate Statement

My name is Iván Carrillo and I am a third year transfer student from Sacramento. I am a sociology major with a minor in social and ethnic relations. Throughout life I have been educated on social justice issues by family, friends, my community, teachers, peers, and mentors. This education as well as discrimination that I have witnessed and experienced has created a consciousness of many injustices within our society. I am driven by a passion to work towards achieving social justice. This drive includes working on issues within our campus that will in turn affect our community.

I am convinced that I can make the biggest change and have the most influence on campus through ASUCD and collaborations with campus centers. As an ASUCD senate candidate there are a few issues that I am focusing my platform on. The main issue is retention. We all come to school with the aspirations of graduating but unfortunately many students who come to UC Davis do not graduate. There are many things that affect retention. Many of these things can be addressed and solved if students were better informed.

There are many resources that if taken advantage of can be the difference in someone graduating and someone not graduating. My main focus would be to bring awareness to them and make them easily accessible for all students. We have to increase funding to campus centers so they are able to promote themselves and offer more services. We also need to have events (ie: resource fairs) repeatedly which would bring these resources and their representatives directly to the students. These events would be set up where it is easy for students to learn about what and where resources are offered. Another way to bring exposure is through advertisement. This includes better signs so centers are easy to find, having flyers, posters, A boards, and articles in school publications which would promote and inform students of resources offered on campus.


Ivan speaking at UCD May 1, 2007: Day of Action Ivan teaching 7th grade English during the summer of 2007


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