Some people contribute massive amount of work to the Wiki; original articles or the relentless cleanup of the entire site. I wanted to do something to recognize their efforts. We're all equal here on the Wiki, so this "award" only means your efforts caught my eye (or somebody who recommended you). To a certain extent, this is the most honest of all awards - one to one peer recognition, although I have discussed all these winners with other editors prior to the choice.

Here are past winners:

CarlosOverstreet has contributed amazingly detailed and complete articles about the state that Davis is in. His writeups on Northern California, Southern California, Central California and the Central Coast are amazingly complete. Not just informative, these writeups are paired with photos and witty commentary, making them a delightful pleasure to read. Neither stubs nor dry condensation of facts, these are entries complete and mature that sprang forth from his keyboard.

It is for his lengthy, complete and well written original contributions to the wiki that I recognize him.

AlphaDog has been slowly and steadily cataloging the enormous variety of plantlife found here in Davis. His photos are all carefully framed and cropped. If you were to remove all other content, DavisWiki would be an amazing resource for people interested in the plants that surround them.

It is for this work of steady quality and amazing depth that I recognize him.