604 Third Street
(intersection of 3rd & E Streets, next to B&L Bike Shop)
Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm

James D. Meinert, DDS has been a dentist in Davis for about 15 years.He accepts most Delta Dental insurance plans, among other insurance plans and is currently accepting new patients.

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2006-05-16 09:30:47   I recently moved to Davis from Wisconsin, and chose Dr. Meinert to be my dentist. I've always dreaded going to the dentist, and still do, but Dr. Meinert and his hygenists were all friendly and gentle. No cavities either! I'm definitely happy with my choice and would recommend other people go here as well. GSHIP covered the entire cost of the visit. I was a little surprised since Dr. Meinert wasn't listed on here as one of the GSHIP dentists. —AdamSchneider

2006-08-18 13:05:43   I say "A-OK" to Dr. Meinert's office! I had bad experiences with dentists in the past and as a result have become kind of freaked about going to the dentist. I used to go to Dr. Storm's office in Davis. But I never had my teeth cleaned by the same hygenist twice in 3 years and that kind of bugged me. To make matters worse my husband was misdiagnosed by Dr. Storm. He changed dentists to Dr. Meinert. I did more investigating and read lots of horror stories about Dr. Storm on the wiki. SO... i braved my fear of new dentists and changed to Meinert. Sharon, my hygenist, was great. Everyone in the office is very friendly. Dr. Meinert seemed great too (although I can't comment on serious work because I had no cavities and needed no other procedures). Anyway, if you are looking for a dentist I would recommend Meinert. —HeatherMartin

2007-01-08 09:22:46   I was really impressed with this dentist and the hygenists. —TawnyMata

2007-02-20 17:12:07   Superb, I got an excellent cleaning and they seemed very professional. Would definitely recommend them —AaronBurda

2007-06-09 10:36:26   Had a great experience at Dr. Meinert's office. Quick, painless cleaning and great view of downtown during the process! —Alaga

Comments Archived: For comments and reviews during the several months that Dr. Jack Lin, DDS was in practice, read them by clicking here.

2007-12-21 16:04:35   DR. MEINERT IS COMING BACK!!!!!! I just went in for my 6 mo checkup, and was informed that Dr. Lin will be leaving, and Dr. Meinert returning in January. —Alaga

2008-02-08 18:23:52   Not Recommended. In my experience, the staff who work in this office are extremely rude, unhelpful, and have a poor understanding of administrative issues relating to the university and dental insurance companies. Because of the errors of the staff in this office, my insurance claim was not filed correctly. They did nothing to help me when I asked them about it and in the end they threatened me with collections and thus forced me to pay the full sum that should have been paid by my insurance. When I filed the claim myself (somehow I figured out how to file it, having never done it before, and the women in the office could not) it went through without any issues. Delta Dental paid Dr. Meinert's office and so did I. The office did not inform me of this. When I called the office and asked for a reimbursement, it took them months to send it to me...and they did not refund it all. They still owe me $60. Frankly, I don't expect to see my money. —AraGlenn-Johanson

2008-03-17 16:28:39   I got some fillings here a while back. It went quite well :) So well in fact, that I'm going to call his office right now and get a check-up! —brandonhkey

2008-05-09 11:08:39   I am soooo glad that Dr. Meinert is back!! It is so nice to see familiar faces in the office. The staff is very welcoming and inviting. I used to be scared to go to the dentist, but Dr. Meinert makes me feel so comfortable and relaxed. He is such a nice family guy! YAY FOR DR. MEINERT! Welcome back. You were truly missed. —bombbrunette

2008-08-11 15:40:40   Dr. Meinert's office is excellent. My hygienist was very gentle and patient (compared to other dental hygienists I've had) but I still felt like I got a very thorough clean. Even though I just went in for a routine clean handled by one of their dental hygienists, Dr. Meinert took the time to talk to me about my teeth. Good service, and definitely one of the best dentist experiences I've had! —VinceBuffalo

2009-03-19 12:08:13   Went this morning to have my teeth cleaned and I liked the staff and the office experience. The hygienist was sweet and took her time while scraping along. Need to go back in for a few cavities but that's my fault! —condemned2bfree

2009-04-02 19:05:39  I had a horrible experience at muy first visit to Dr. Meinert's office today. I say office because I barely got to see the Dr.

The hygienist started out with me ok, pleasant and chatty. But when I had a problem with the ultrasonic cleaning procedure nearly drowning me, ehe said she was sorry, I told her it was ok and she switched to the pick and scrape method (much better). So far so good. When she left saying she'd call the dentist in I was a bit confused as she'd only completed half my mouth. Dr. Meinert came in, a very nice guy, poked around, discussed some fillings and then that was it. Wha??? The other half of my mouth was still not cleaned!!!

To me it seemed that the hygienist took offense of me not liking the ultrasonic treatments.

Long story short, they used my, once every six month, cleaning allowed by my insurance (for free) and only cleaned half my mounth!!! If I want the other half cleaned it'll cost me $65.00!! When my wife called back to ask about this weird experience the hygenist said my teeth were in really poor shape, When my wife said I had them cleaned 6mos ago, the hygenist said she didn't know the quality of the last dentist I had!! (he was very good).

I have never encountered this issue before. Ever. This, to me, is mostly about generating income for the Dentist's office and ripping off the patient.

I would NOT reccomend going to this office for the staff. Dr Meinert seems nice enough, but he should exert more oversight of his office operations and procedures. —zippity

2009-08-20 10:42:08   I had a good experience at Dr. Meinert's office. The hygienists were super friendly and helpful. Dr. Meinert took a quick look at my teeth and double checked to make sure my teeth were okay. I haven't been to the dentist for five years due to fear of the dentist and cavity fillings. Surprisingly I did not have any cavities and only need to get my wisdom teeth pulled out. My hygeinist was extremely patient in cleaning my teeth and gave many tips for brushing. I had a great experience here. I have not had any work done by Dr. Meinert so I cannot give any recommendations or comments upon his work, but the experience in this office was overall pleasant. I'm not so afraid of the dentist anymore, in fact I look forward to my next visit. —FlowerCindy

2009-08-27 11:45:10   The dentist was gentle and provided a good experience, and in general the staff over the phone were friendly and competent. The only odd thing about the staff was the abrupt change in attitude with any feedback or requests for changes. It seemed unprofessional so even though the dentist was fine, I'm unlikely to return. —acgradstu

2009-10-15 11:46:35   I would definitely recommend Dr. Meinert. I can't say I've had any major work done—just routine cleanings and exams, but I've always had a good experience. The hygienist is always very thorough and gentle; cleanings are pain-free. My teeth are pretty happy now! Dr. Meinert and the staff are friendly and have always been very professional in my experience. —blee

2010-02-01 12:23:01   DO NOT GO HERE. The staff is very rude and unhelpful. The nurse kept checking herself out in the mirror when she was setting up the X-Ray machine. The whole time (about 5 minutes) Dr.Meinert was in the office with me, his priority was flirting with the nurse. He did not explain anything to me, even when I asked questions. It seems like he is one of those dentists who has "seen it all" and has stopped taking his patients seriously and with compassion. He does not realize that what is to him a daily occurrence can be in fact a miserable and unusual experience for a patient. After all this the only thing I left the office with was a sheet of paper that said how much I would have to pay for everything they want done. I still have no idea what are the pros and cons, the side effects, the alternative options, etc. I feel like I am just a number to them, not a person. Hopefully not all Davis dentists are this rude. —justsangfroid

2010-02-08 10:21:10   If you work for the state, the only Delta Dental plan he is on is the Premier plan. —aharjala

2010-02-09 15:27:47   I have never posted anything on wiki before but had to create an account just for this. I had a HORRIBLE experience here. I went for a cleaning and they told me I had to go see an endodontist for a root canal. I was referred to a local endodontist, had to see them twice, then had to come back to Dr. Meinert another two times before the procedure was finished. Apparently endodontists do not finish the procedure (installing the crown) so I had to go back to Dr. Meinert twice once to get a temp crown and then again for the final crown. No one bothered to tell me this before they referred me. If I knew this I would have just gone to a dentist who could do it all in a total of two visits, which is very typical. The lady behind the front desk was INCREDIBLY rude. Also, when I was getting my temporary crown fitted, the assistant dropped the temp crown on the ground wiped it off and put it back in my mouth. That is COMPLETELY unacceptable. When I told the lady at the front desk about my complaint her only response was a blank stare and a rude so what do you want me to do about it??? TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! —flipnflygurl

As a dentist I must say the experience this person describes is very typical for a root canal. If the root canal was on a molar it is a very involved procedure and often takes two visits to get the best results. A crown also requires two visits because the tooth has to be prepared for the crown and then an impression of the tooth is sent to a lab where the custom crown is made so it can be cemented later. I would disagree that it is typical for this whole process to take place in just two visits (unless it was on a single rooted bicuspid, which is certainly possible to complete a root canal and crown prep in one LONG visit and then a shorter visit to cement the crown). It may sound scary to just have the temporary crown wiped off but it was probably wiped off with a cavicide wipe. Cavicide is a very common dental disinfectant, and it comes in presoaked wipes (much like a baby wipe). It is a very effective disinfectant and would certainly kill any bacteria or viruses that may have contaminated the crown when it fell on the floor. It would have been best if this office had let the person know what to expect ahead of time but the expericances described here sound like good dentistry was taking place. dagonjones

2010-03-22 13:48:59   I just called to make an appt, the lady on the phone was very nice and professional even though I had to call her back because I didn't have all the necessary information. Needless to say, I am looking forward to my appt on Thursday. —Tiffee

  • Looking forward to a dentist appointment? Now that's just weird.

2010-03-31 23:22:17   I have mixed feelings about this dentist. I started going to him because my dentist left town and he's close to UCD. I wish I had read these reviews before going. I saw the hygienist more than Dr. Meinert. When I did see him, he was more focused on talking to his hygienist about the Super Bowl than dealing with my teeth. I found that rude and unprofessional. Finally, the straw that broke the camel's back was an interaction with a receptionist. During my last visit Dr. Meinert said he would reduce the price of my co-payment for some fills because they are tiny. I watched the interaction between Dr. Meinert and his receptionist where he instructed her to change the price because my fills are tiny. I asked her what my total co-payment would be and she gave me one price. I set up an appointment for these fills in two weeks. When the receptionist called me she gave me a different price. I told her that is not correct and I reminded her of what Dr. Meinert said. She called me back and said "I asked Dr. Meinert and we don't do that...." I could not believe that three people in that office could not remember an interaction 2 weeks before. Bottom line, I'm going elsewhere. —LC

  • Sounds a bit shady. Check your user page (by clicking on your username in the upper right corner of this page, or clicking on the "messages" notice up there)—I left you a message there. —TomGarberson

2010-04-02 13:44:24   Today I saw Dr. Arina Huang and her diagnosis was different. Dr. Meinert was ready to give me three fills and charge my insurance and myself at least $400. Dr. Huang gave me a thorough inspection. She even checked my jaw. I realized that I really did spend a lot of time with the hygienists at Dr. Meinert's office. Although they were very nice and friendly, I did not feel like they had the expertise to diagnose dental conditions. Dr. Meinert mainly works on fills and work often identified by the hygienist. His office feels a lot more like a business. —LC

2010-04-06 13:16:59   I echo the thoughts of the last two posts. The doctor is nice and the hygienists do a good job, but the place feels too profit-focused. The front desk staff is extremely aggressive about calling and calling to schedule appointments. I also had a minor clarification issue with my insurance that made them unable to access my account with the insurance company the day I visited. The front desk person said she would call me if it couldn't be resolved. I received no call from her but instead received a bill due immediately for the entire charge. —jsg718

2010-05-27 11:28:29   What a disaster - I would stay away from this practice, not so much for its dental practices but for the unbelievable rudeness of the staff. I've rarely felt as mistreated as when I had to deal with them concerning a billing error. When you have so many wonderful dental practices in Davis, why on earth would anyone go here? —Bessie

2011-03-09 15:44:25   Highly recomended!! I have also have had bad dentist experiences in the past and basically written off dentists all together, then I was refered to Dr. Meinert by a co-worker who had nothing but good things to say. I've seen a few dentists in my life and do not have the healthiest teeth, and Dr. Meinert and staff treat me not like a patient, but as a friend. All proceedures were smooth and painless! Dr. Meinert actually had me laughing as he was extracting some teeth! (Again, my teeth were'nt in the best shape. I love the sign in the office that states; "You dont have to floss all of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.") I refer all my family and friends here and am confident that they will be well taken care of! —MarkPeterson

2011-03-28 21:02:00   Great office staff and dentist! I'm so glad I picked Dr. Meinhart out of the list I received from my insurance company. Thanks to Wiki for a place to share experiences and help each other out! —YogiJen

"2011-12-08 When I called I was welcomed with a very nice receptionist who took down all my information. They even called my insurance company for me before I came in! When I entered into the office it was nicely decorated. The seats were comfortable and the office smelled soooo good! They had their Christmas decorations up so it was very festive. The receptionists were nice and cherry. I would recommend this office to anyone. I'm so glad my insurance told me to see Dr. Meinert. He was really nice.

2012-03-28 09:25:41   I'm usually a wuss when it comes to dentists. For that reason, I avoided going to one for the past year and a half, even though I broke a filling about nine months ago. I expected it to be a painful, financial bloodbath — probably just because I'm conditioned to feel that way about dentists and because of that broken filling. Anyway, I got two fillings at a totally reasonable cost (after insurance) and Meinert polished my front tooth (which I once broke in half while playing basketball in a swimming pool) for free, while the novocain kicked in. None of it hurt (which had been my experience as a kid. I must not numb easily). Happy to have knocked everything out (from cleaning to fillings) in two short visits. —justincox22

2012-06-29 14:10:42   I’ve had various insurance plans and thus, experience with many of the local dentists over the last 30 years. I’ve never used Davis Wiki to choose any service, but currently have no insurance -so no restrictions placed on which dentist I can select. I started reading comments on those whom I’ve had experience with and quickly learned how to read through the subjective for my determining factors: Price, honesty, competence, availability. After the footwork, I chose Dr. Meinert. Here are my results & review: Price- Out of the 7 calls I made, this dentist is at the very affordable end, albeit his office is located in central downtown and is lovely. *Discount for cash payments, btw. Honesty- When I explain the reason for a visit, they know what procedures may be necessary. What I want is a low to high estimate of work to be done, time and price. I rank honesty by their response and the result. This office was the only one that gave me an actual breakdown right on the phone. There were no surprises, padding or pushing for more work when I left. So, big thumbs up. Competence- I’m not a dentist, I'm a physical anthropologist, but I know how to read an x-ray and judge the degree of severity. That's as qualified as I get to measure the work. What can be said: Dr. Meinert gives quick, effective shots, there was no wait time for a magazine in the seating area or in the chair and the Dentist himself gave me an estimate for an extraction while we were looking at my x-ray. Some professionals are shy/cowardly about money talk- preferring to hand that off to the admin. Based on that, the entire staff are skilled, personable & efficient. Availability- I was able to get an appointment within 2 days of my call and I didn’t feel crammed between five other patients. As I was leaving, the women at the front desk said to give a call when I was ready for an exam and cleaning. I definitely will and would recommend this dentist to anyone.


2012-08-20 14:14:57   Office staff is horrid. They filed my claim incorrectly with my insurance, refused to correct it and even reported me to the credit agency. I litterally had to call my insurance to get written proof of this and the office still refused to correct or admit wrong doing. Will never go back again. Its sad because Dr Meinart is a wonderful dentist. Should just get better office staff. —rubberyducky

2012-09-12 13:22:13   I would highly recommend Dr. Meinert. I finally got Dental Insurance and made an appointment with Dr. Meinert after reading reviews. I went in for a cleaning and the staff was so nice and the lady that did my cleaning was very thorough about making sure I understood what I was seeing in my xrays and always about what she was doing to my mouth. I have gone to alot of dentists when I didnt have insurance and I will say that Dr. Meinert was a good choice. Also, when I got the detailed print out of what I needed done to all my teeth, they didn't make me choose to have the most expensive ones first, they let me choose the ones I could afford to have done first. Most dentists I have gone to, want the most money the fastest. Dr. Meinerts office gave me options with prices. I will recommend him to anyone looking for a new dentist in Davis area. —EricaStokesberry

2013-10-17 16:36:27   I have switched Dentist in Davis last year and have been seeing Dr. Meinert. I have always had a great experience. The staff and Dr. Meinert are very knowledgeable and make you feel very comfortable. The hygienist are all friendly and gentle. They have a nice office located downtown that overlooks 3rd street. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a Dentist to go see him. The Hygienist are really good!! —deamion

2015-03-05 21:35:31   Pathetic service. My first appointment was a cleaning, X-rays and checkup. The rooms are creepy, without proper walls and doors, it was like having dental work in an office cubicle, and the place smelled like cheese. Old cheese. The hygienist was just completely unpleasant to be near, let alone have her hands in my mouth. She stunk. Both body odor and bad breath. Really bad breath. Poor demeanor, poor dental cleaning skills. I honestly could not wait to get away from her. When Dr. M came in he acted as completely disinterested in me both as a customer and a patient. I told him of a tooth that was causing me discomfort, He looked at X-rays, talked about this and that and left without recommending a treatment. I sat there a bit and the hygienist escorted me to the front. The receptionist was busy texting on her phone and I waited for her to finish and she began to check me out, then the office manager returned from wherever, huffing and puffing about this and that and was so nervous being in her presence made me want to be anywhere that was not next to her. She said Dr. M had told her to schedule me for a crown. I told her he hadn't told me that, so she flounced back down the hall to get him and he came up front, obviously perturbed, and acted like he was doing me a huge favor to explain my treatment plan, none of which included the tooth that was causing me discomfort. I agreed to the plan, scheduled the initial appointment, then they said I would have to have a temp. filling for THREE WEEKS! So I scheduled the second appt. for 3 weeks later. I was very uncomfortable with this entire situation and can not believe it takes that long to get a crown made. Where do they get them, India??? I went home extremely unhappy with the ENTIRE experience. I called the next day and cancelled the two appointments. Over the next month, the office manager called no less than ten times to try and schedule the appointments again, each time sounding more and more aggravated that I would not schedule the appointment. Finally I told her I would call them if I wanted to schedule an appointment and to leave me alone. Four months later I went in for another cleaning. My appointment was at 8am so I was there 15 minutes early like they said. No one was there and the door was locked.At the stroke of 8, Ms.Text Messenger showed up and began unlocking the door. I asked her if she was from Dr M's office and she said yes. I told her I had an appointment at 8 and she said ok. I told her it was impossible to keep an 8 am appointment with me if they didn't open the office BEFORE 8. She just glazed over like I had just asked her to explain the theory of relativity in pig latin. Then she said "we have to park way over there". I told her I didn't care where they parked, my appointment was for 8am. Then she point across the street and says"it's fine, I see one of the hygienists now", to which I replied. It's not fine. I am not going to sit here and get treated like garbage, cancel my appointment and forget about ever seeing me again. If you have one shred of self respect you will not condone the horrid practices of this sham of a business. What a complete and undeniable joke this practice is. You've been warned. —Furrylittleotter