Davis Farmers Market
Wed: 4:30-8pm
Sat: 8am-12pm
Type of Food
Gourmet Popsicles, Sandwiches
Payment Methods
CASH only
Jaymes Luu

Fat Face in its current form is a food stand at the Davis Farmers market. They serve grilled cheese sammies and pops on Wednesday evenings, and breakfast egg sammies and pops on Saturday mornings. Select flavors of Jaymes' popsicles can also be found at the Davis Food Coop. You can read more about his philosophy, special flavors, and local sources here.

Jaymes used to have a storefront in Davis (see below).

This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


A bit hard to find, but only the first time!

425 L Street
Fall Hours
Wed & Thurs: 11am-3pm
Friday: 11am-8pm
Sat: See you at the Farmers Market
Sun-Tue: Closed
Current Menu (RSS Feed)
Type of Food
Gourmet Popsicles, Sandwiches, Soups
Price Range
$2.50 a pop
$7-7.50 sammiches $4-5 half sammiches
$4-6 soups
Payment Methods
CASH only
Jaymes Luu
Call in Orders
(530) 430-POPS

Jaymes' Fat Face is a gourmet popsicle shop which also serves sammiches and soup for lunch. It's the brick and mortar location for Aisu Pop.

The shop is located at 425 L St - Suite C, directly behind Floors To Go and close to L Street Furniture, Bikram Yoga Davis, Rodness Martial Arts Center, and Bike Forth. It's a bit off the beaten path but is the only place in Davis to get a gourmet popsicle outside of the Farmer's Market.

If you have any flavor ideas or requests please feel free to let the owner know! [email protected]

They will be closing sandwich operations at the shop on March 11, 2011. See the image below for details:

it's true :(


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2009-11-02 12:38:52   Wow I get to be the 1st to comment! Fat Face is awesome. Went to the grand opening yesterday and had a super yummy BBQ pork slider, ginger lemonade, beignets, and red pepper tomato soup. Skipped on the pops but must comment that they really can't be beat. All of them are so delicious and fresh flavors (especially the thai iced tea sweet potato pop my personal fav). Highly recommend everyone go check it out for your weekday lunch fix or your sweet tooth cravings. After all... fro-yo is so 2008! —HeatherMartin

2009-11-06 12:40:49   Yummy! Today, I had the roasted pork and persimmon sammich and roasted pepper and tomato soup. She also had Mexican Coke today, so if you like your Coke in bottle without high fructose corn syrup, Jaymes has it. —ScottLay

2009-11-06 15:03:59   Congratulation Jaymes.

I have always love your pops. I now love your sammiches. —ThUn

2009-11-11 17:57:40   I'm looking forward to trying this out. The Fat Face sign itself is worth commenting on though. Whoever drew the pig did a great job. I enjoyed it just driving by in the car. —EdHenn

2009-12-03 12:32:22   just came back from there and i'm in the middle of wolfing down the roasted pork and persimmon sammich that has frisee and goat cheese too. i don't even know what frisee is but it's delicious. i'm sure it means 'crack' in another language because i could eat three of these in one go, they're so good. i don't really go for funky combos in a sandwich but i took a leap based on jaymes' recommendation and she is right on the money. speaking of jaymes, i doubt you can find a cooler or nicer person to talk to. she's totally awesome. i tried a pop and i inadvertently laughed out loud from surprise because they taste exactly what they're named after. sounds silly to find pleasure from something like that but just try one and you'll see what i mean. A+, thumbs up, 5/5, absolutely recommend this place.

totally diggin the sign too. —beekergene

2009-12-03 12:35:44   sigh...while writing my review i finished my sammich without realizing it and now i feel lost and cold and alone. it's that good. —beekergene

2009-12-06 15:07:49   The sammiches are amazing and Jaymes is so nice! I love sitting in there eating my sammich, chatting, coloring on the table, reading the newspaper... I'm officially addicted. I've tried the squash, roast pork and persimmon, beer poached fig, smoked salmon, plus breakfast sammiches... I get pretty happy when I check the menu feed and see a new kind, I can't wait to try more! I just wish the shop was open everyday! Why such limited hours? —SRB

2009-12-10 15:19:13   I'm with beekergene... the roasted pork and persimmon sammich is awesome! yummy yummy... I don't usually like goat cheese, but I tried it, and with the persimmon and secret sauce... soooo good! Thanks Jaymes! —AdrienneW

2009-12-11 13:31:46   Be sure to check the “current menu” link at the top of this page before you go – you can make sure it’s open that way.

Fat Face has a very casual atmosphere, but the soups, sandwiches, and pops are top shelf delicious. This is a local business well worth supporting! —K.Lee

2010-01-07 13:31:42   Beer Poached Figs, Caramelized Onion, Arugula, Goat Cheese sandwich. Are you kidding me? It's fabulous. I can't wait until I'm hungry again so I can go back an get another. Be prepared for cash only. Also have had the egg sandwiches at the Farmer's Market which are great too.

Once you find this place, you'll be back.


2010-01-29 19:42:24   The people of Davis DEMAND evening and weekend hours at the Fat Face shop!!! —atwong

2010-01-31 16:45:25   Went to the Farmer's Market this past Saturday and went looking for Jayme's Fatface stand. Bought a "Cajun" sammich (egg, anduolli sausage, and collard greens on a crispy ciabatta bread) and a thai tea+sweet potato popsicle. Price is a bit high, but I really like supporting local businesses. I really enjoyed my meal. Sammich was excellent and the popsicle was like a frozen thai tea (didn't quite taste the sweet potato)! Overall, a great place for me to hit up after a long bike ride during summer! Keep up the great work! —BrandonToo

2010-02-28 00:15:42   I went in for lunch one day and was presently surprised to find such a cozy place. I had read these reviews and thought I had to try it. Now for my review: I had the pork sammich with everything on it. The pork was tasty, cooked to perfection, and had great texture. Bread was fresh, spread was delicious, and veggies were awesome! The pork actually really reminded me of Vietnamese prepared pork (I'm Vietnamese) and it was nice to find something strangely familiar. I ordered half of my sammich for dine in and half to-go...but I ended up eating both halves right then and there. You gotta try it peoples —juicee

2010-03-10 11:01:43   Please bring back the grilled cheese on walnut bread! I keep checking the menu and it is never there anymore :( —CharlieMurphy

  • Have you tried asking if they'd make one? A lot of places will still make stuff even after they take it off the menu. —TomGarberson

2010-03-10 11:29:14   When I saw their sign with "sammiches" at the Farmers Market a couple months ago I wanted to correct the spelling. I remember the pop was interesting. I can't correct the spelling today. It's been a kind of frustrating day. —BruceHansen

The spelling is intentional.

I fiigured it was today since it's correct for "Type of Food".

2010-03-12 15:04:42   So I'm at work and I thought I should comment on the delicious sammich I just ate. I can't say how glad I am that I stopped by Fat Face. It's a bit of a hole in the wall and I assume that the majority of people don't even know it exists, which is a shame. They really seem to have created a very thoughtful menu, even if the rotation only consists of four or five sandwiches at a time.

I had the chicken salad sandwich, and there was something really buttery and garlicy in it that was just amazing~. The only thing about these sandwiches though, is that they are on the small side. I'm small so the full suited me just find but I imagine that it's not enough for people with larger appetites. But hey, I guess those people can just buy two then.

Ok, back to work and back to offending people with the garlic breath :\ —KMP

2010-03-17 18:45:05   I've never really been a big fan of sandwiches.. Most sandwich places have not enough meat for me and too much bread. I'm not a big fan of most breads, but the bread here is so good. I've tried the smoked salmon and the bacon and egg sandwich offered at the farmers market. Both are sooo good. You can tell the ingredients here are all super fresh. I've only tried the Thai Tea w/ sweet potato but it is amazing. This place is awesome.. I'll be back soon. Their sandwiches seem small but for a big guy like me its pretty filling, just have a popsicle for dessert and you'll be good! —


2010-03-19 23:28:57   Finally went to Fatface and very much enjoyed it. I had a grilled cheese sammich with aged cheddar that was delicious. The fan-produced art of the pig and the popsicle monster gives this place such a friendly vibe. I'll be returning for sure to get that pork sammich they were out of today. —EdHenn

2010-03-25 16:23:33   I returned for the Braised Pork sammich today, and it's a delight. The pork has so much flavor, with just a bit of homemade cheese and some greens. Jaymes seems to have the knack for very simple but delicious combinations of tasty ingredients. This place is a winner. —EdHenn

2010-03-29 14:42:12   Everything made by Jaymes that I've ever eaten has been absolutely delicious (not the best word, but I don't think there's a word that exists that can describe how good the food is). At Farmer's Market, my boyfriend and I always plan to try something new or something we haven't had in a while, but can never resist getting another sammich. —pwong

2010-04-03 12:36:23   soooo jazzed about this place. I have always LOVED her breakfast sandwiches at the Farmer's Market and pleased that she now has a storefront. I'm eating the roasted tomato soup from FM as I type and I just can't wait to visit the real spot bc I know it will be a delight. THIS is the kind of place the city of Davis needs more of. —soledad101

2010-04-29 15:14:43   I wish that I had gotten two of her grilled cheese sammiches. They are that good. The atmosphere is really fun, everyone is nice, and the popsicles are incredible. Everything I have ever tried tastes like sunshine and happiness inside of my mouth. Go to Fatface. —Ldish949

2010-05-21 19:56:00   Thank you Jaymes for a wonderful anniversary dinner!! We loved it and it was so awesome we were able to make it happen given the newborn baby at our house. We will give our highest recommendations to others and may just do it again at home for the fun of it!! Fatface rocks the house ya'll! —HeatherMartin

2010-06-17 19:49:11   Oh my goooodnesssss fantastic. My boyfriend and I have been eyeing this place for months but we both have wierd schedules so we can never get over there at the appropriate times, UNTIL TODAY!. I had the fig n' goat cheese sammich, boyfriend had the braised pork. The fig sandwich was like unicorns, glitter, and happiness in my mouth, A plus plus plus oh man. Braised pork was awesome, but not as good as the figgie :) boyfriend complained they were smallish. They ARE kind of small but I felt satiated, personally, and very pleased with the quality of the ingredients, overall taste and of course the finishing touch of lightly grilled bread. Not enough places do that. Wow. —JessicaWinter

2010-06-23 15:36:02   I'm not a big fan of the popsicles, but this place has the best sandwiches in town. The new bacon sammich is simply fantastic, the crispy bacon is cooked to perfection, the buttered bread is crunchy, the tomato and the arugula are fresh, and the avocado sauce is heaven, you can feel the love they put into it, best BLT ever! —icastano

2010-06-25 12:50:54   Just tried Fat Face for the first time today, and I can honestly say it's one of the best eateries in town. Great tasting "sammiches"; you can tell that a lot of care and attention to detail is put into their preparation. It's cool that Jaymes makes what she herself enjoys and isn't afraid to put interesting ingredients into the mix such as goat cheese and fig. Some of the pops also have unique flavors such as avocado mixed with lime and thai tea mixed with sweet potato. Don't be intimidated; you'll be surprised at just how well everything works together. Overall, very delicious and creative menu! —ScottMeehleib

2010-08-10 11:02:56   Great honest food and I love the egg Sammiches at Farmer's.

I was also going to write that I would want a shirt with the logo on it but I just saw on facebook that it's in the works, awesome! —BamCam

2010-08-22 14:28:31   This place is the ultimate. I've had the beer soaked fig sandwich twice and the coca-cola pork sandwich once. Both were super yummy. I now try to get to this place at least once a week. —jsg718

2010-09-05 11:06:08   Never having had Fat Face, I wanted to get the full experience when I saw the stand at Farmers Market. I got a breakfast sammie and the mint ice tea, and on my way out I got a peach and berry popsicle. It was pretty much fantastic. The ice tea was especially impressive - it was sweet, and incredibly minty in a special way. And the popsicle had a great texture. Wasn't like an ice cube, so I could crunch it perfectly and enjoyably. Plus, I really enjoy that the peaches in that popsicle came from fellow Farmers Market folks, and it's all a local effort. Thanks for the deliciousness, can't wait until next Farmers Market to get something else! —ChristyMarsden

2010-09-23 10:13:48   very good sandwiches with a really nice and friendly atmosphere in the restaurant. —DagonJones

2010-12-10 19:53:15   This place is amazing. Great find for foodies. the beer fig sammich and thai lime and avocado pop are some notables. I highly recommend this place. Jaymes is super friendly and its got a great vibe. —DonHo

2010-12-14 15:25:10   Went in here after hearing about how good their "sammiches" are. Got the cola pork and I have to say it was the smallest, most over priced sandwhich ever. It barely had any pork and was pretty bland. I might go back and try a popsicle in the summer though —JasonS

  • Hi Jason, thanks for taking the time to write about your experience. I am very sorry we disappointed you on the cola pork. Pork is possibly my most favorite food group and I apologize the sandwich underwhelmed you so much. Since seeing your comment, we have been paying extra attention to the cola pork to make sure it is as flavorful and satisfying as it should be. Thank you for giving Fat Face a try and helping make us better. If you are interested in providing more feedback to help us improve, please don't hesitate to contact me directly via email or phone found on this page. And if you do decide to come and try that popsicle please let me know as I would love to say hello! —Jaymes aka Jaymes

2010-12-15 20:57:21   I finally managed to get into this place today. I wish it were open during weekends and evenings, (although it kind of makes finding this place open a special treat). Anyway, I tried the pork sandwich on recommendations from DW, and I have to agree with most of the above: it was very good. The pork was super tender, the way pulled pork should be, soft and melty. It came with avocado, which I wasn't expecting, but it turned out to be a good combo, and I liked it in the end. The sandwich did disappear a little too fast, but it wasn't on account of it being small. It was more that it tasted really good and I ate it too fast. —jefftolentino

2011-01-07 13:55:33   You guys are just amazing! Seriously, my office-mates and I have upgraded Fat Face to #1 sandwich destination in Davis. <3 <3 <3.

I'm just disappointed that it took us almost a year to find out about you. What's with the crazy location? —KyleAmbroff

2011-01-27 15:11:29   So completely yummy. I have only been twice, gotten the beer poached fig sammich both times, and I am completely hooked. Super fun and friendly staff, well executed and special food. Oh and the pops are killer too. Thanks, Jaymes and staff for making such fun treats! Oh and tip for consumers of fig sammich, put some kettle cooked black pepper chips on your sammy for a little extra salty goodness. Not necessary, extra tasty. —CaitlinAnn

2011-02-02 14:08:44   This place is amazing! Really Good Sandwiches! —ReiOkamoto

2011-03-10 13:48:10   Went for lunch today...amazing as usual. One of the true gems of Davis. Sad to see them close the sandwich operation, but they're on to bigger and better things :) Best of luck Jaymes. —aroach12

2011-07-05 12:43:53   The shared location with Bows and Arrows on 19th between R and S in Sac is now open, the location serves Beer and Wine from 11-11, Sammies from 11-3 Tuesday-Sat. Looks like a nice space to hang out, with some tables outside as well. —IAmNewHere

2012-01-30 00:10:27   The sandwiches they made had interesting ingredients, but they fell short of being good. —CarlosOverstreet