Jonina Balabis is a Global Disease Biology major and is the 2019-2020 Chair of the ASUCD Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission. (Source: 5-30-2019 confirmation.docx )

Ms. Balabis is a former member of the Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission. (Source: 10-4-2018 senate confirmation.docx )

Ms. Balabis was a member of the Commission in January 2019, when the Commission received nationwide criticism and condemnation for its actions following the murder of Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona. It is  unknown whether Ms. Balabis stands behind her actions in this matter, though it has been reported that none of the Commission members regret their actions. (Source)

Ms. Balabis co-authored a spring 2019 resolution demanding that UC Davis campus police begin patrolling without firearms. (Source: SR16_SQ19-2.docx ) UC Davis Police Chief Joseph Farrow  was present at the debate on this police firearms Resolution and expressed his discomfort with it. The resolution ultimately passed by a 7-6 vote.

Ms. Balabis also co-authored a resolution in support of the UC Davis Native American community (SR-15), a resolution calling on UC Davis to provide Punjabi language courses (SR-9), a resolution to support transgender students (SR-5), and a resolution condemning anti-Semitic fliers that were posted on campus (SR-2).