Joseph is notably extant. He is a former commissioner of the Internal Affairs Commission, a subsidiary body of ASUCD government. He used to be Vice President of the Davis College Democrats, and he was formerly the Treasurer of DCD, and was the ASUCD IAC First Alternate Commissioner. Joseph was an active campaigner for the Phil Angelides for Governor campaign in 2006.

Other activities/groups Commissioner Bleckman is involved with include volunteering for KDVS and Undergraduate Admissions, the Davis Honors Challenge/University Honors Program, and the Living and Learning Community at The Colleges at La Rue. Joseph co-hosts the KDVS radio show "Math Robot" on Wednesdays from 9:30AM - 12:00PM. During the summer of 2007 the host of KDVS Public Affairs show California Focus. During his time with KDVS Joseph volunteer as an engineer for various shows and is an adminstrative assistant to KDVS. He was also a student member of the Academic Senate in the Admissions and Enrollment committee, which works to ensure fair and benefitial admissions practices at UC Davis. Joseph is currently the Undergraduate Alternate TAPS rep.

Joseph was an official candidate for the ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2006 Elections. He did not win the election, during which he ran as an Independent. In late 2006 he created the Aggie Centrist Team which he briefly ran on before accepting an invitation to become a Student Focus member in student government. He ran again in the Winter 2007 ASUCD Election under Focus. He lost again. He suprisingly received fewer votes in his second election, likely because he spent the vast bulk of his time in the second election talking to voters about the importance of voting yes on a referendum to keep Unitrans funded, rather than about himself. As expected the Unitrans measure ended up close to the 20% voter turnout threshold it needed to take effect - netting 22% in total. It passed overwhelmingly with 89% approval of those who voted. Joseph was a policy minister for GO in the Fall 2007 ASUCD election and is a current member of GO. He decided to run for ASUCD President in the Winter 2008 ASUCD Election with Andrea Thomas.

He maintains his own compost bin that he started after going to a presentation from Project Compost.

Joseph Bleckman mentored Greg Webb during his freshman year and helped put him on the path to righteousness.

Greg Webb on Joseph:

When I stand up for students, I do it because Joseph convinced me it was worth it.
Saving face with the hands of power makes people powerless if in the selfish acts we
lose our principles.

Joseph is a martyr, a victim of the lost souls desperately attempting to save face
to a God that sees beyond the cracked mirrors and toxic smokescreens.

I am proud to have upheld the good fight when the tired champion named Joseph
had moved on to more important battles. Joseph Bleckman is a visionary of hope
and a champion for the hopeful.


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