Photo by Elise Kane for a 2006 California Aggie article Joshua Clover is a UC Davis professor of English and an accomplished professional writer. He also happens to own an amazing t-shirt that says "Who the Fuck Is Mick Jagger?" on it. Clover said he bought it because he didn't understand it. Other awesome shirts include "Piece Now" (with a large picture of a gun), "I (heart) Baile Funk," and "WWCLD?" (What Would Courtney Love Do).

Clover is quoted in Memorable Quotes. He was featured in The California Aggie in late 2005 and in 2006 though the archive is not available online at this time.

Clover reading his poetry at Poetry Night in 2015Clover read his poetry on July 12, 2007, at Bistro 33 for Poetry Night. Rumor has it that free wine was served courtesy of the poet. Clover again read his poetry for Poetry Night in March 2015.

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Joshua Clover sparked an international controversy in 2019 while proving to be unwilling to withdraw his visions about "cops who need to be killed". Aggie columnist Nick Irving combined Davis Police officer Natalie Corona's 2019-death by murder and Clover's long-standing "rioting visions" about the "bad police killing black people and police officers themselves need to be killed or, as institution, abolished". Clover never made a secret of his convictions and among (his) UC Davis students his opinions were and are also well known.