These are reviews of Jusco from 2005. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2005-05-06 14:17:08   We went there for dinner last weekend and they were really nice. They gave us free miso soup and a free pack of Japanese candy (in addition to the usual free stuff you receive with your billl.) —TracyPerkins

2005-06-15 21:14:07   The weird gender-based Sushi coupons were in the "Davis family values" mailer. It's perhaps the most glossy coupon circular to-date. —JaimeRaba

2005-06-15 21:16:14   And Jusco was a favorite among the Japanese law students. And as far as Sushi restaurants go, are there any restaurants in Davis owned by Japanese? Last time I discussed this with someone, my conversation partner pointed out that all the sushi restaurants in Davis were Chinese-owned. (But didn't Nobu at least used to be?) —JaimeRaba

2005-06-15 23:16:30   Most Japanese restaurants period are owned by Chinese or Koreans. —KenjiYamada

2005-07-03 17:05:16   It's a very cute place with some good selections on the menu. Most of it isn't the most flavorful, and I'm pretty sure they use a LOT of MSG there. I woke up the next morning with very puffy eyes, and my family has problems with MSG allergies. I have it much more mildly than the rest of them, so it had to have been quite a bit. —JulieEickhof

2005-07-17 15:38:24   Mirai is owned by a Japanese family. —NoelBruening

I have a weird Jusco story. Went there for lunch the other day, paid with a credit card. We had inspected the bill previously to determine the tip. The bill was handwritten and all the items were appropriate but the total there was clearly different than the total on the credit card receipt I had to sign later. I am confident there's no way I could have misread the writing that badly. Luckily the solution was to just pay what I had already determined to pay based on the handwritten bill, and there was no harm done.AnsateJones

2005-09-18 21:52:48   this place is the most vegetarian-friendly japanese/sushi restaurant in davis. if you let the waiter know, they'll really hook you up. —RishiTrivedi

2005-09-15 14:58:23   The SBC phone book lists "Enzo's" at this address; anybody know what's up with that? —SteveDavison

"Enzo's" was the name of the kitchen of the G St. Pub. It used to be where Jusco is now. —SharonZimmerman

2005-11-05 15:04:45   I went there for dinner last Sunday. They loaded a bunch of rice into the sushi and didn't have much fish, so we asked them to put less rice and it got better. A few days after signing for the bill we find they charged the credit card more than we signed for. —WesleyRyan