This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


213 F Street
Monday - Saturday 10:20 - 5:30
(530)753-TOTS (8687)

CLOSED FOR BUSINESS AS OF JULY 2011! Just KIDding Children's Shop is a delightful downtown store selling new and gently-used clothing and gear for parents and grandparents to be. It was founded by a Davis mom who wanted an alternative to having a garage sale regularly as a means of recycling her 'gently-used' baby clothes and equipment.The store offers a family-friendly environment with a safe place for children to try out toys while parents shop. They offer a changing table for customers with babies needing a diaper change and a cozy rocking chair for "nursing moms, tired grandparents or bored daddies."


Just KIDding buys almost anything families can use for babies and children (size 0-6) that is clean and in near-perfect condition. In addition, they buy casual styles of gently-used maternity and nursing clothing. Up to two bags of clothing or small toys can be dropped off any time during store hours. They also buy larger pieces of equipment such as cribs, changing tables, toddler beds, high chairs, paknplays, cradles, bassinets, strollers, outdoor toys, etc. on a space available basis. Buyers will call in a day or two with a quote. Sellers have the option of cash or 20% more in store credit same as cash in Just KIDding for up to three months. More expensive items are consigned on a 50/50 basis, with checks issued mid-month after items sold.


Debra Minnema Dingman bought Tots Trade Center in the early 90's and sold it to Kelly van Boxtel who ran it in Downtown Davis from 2001 to 2005. In 2004, Debra made an offer to purchase Tots Trade Center back from Kelly but the offer was refused. In 2005 Kelly closed Tots Trade Center at 322 C Street. That same year Debra opened "Just KIDding". Debra partnered with Dianne Rosner for 3 years and as of June 2008 Dianne bought Debra out of her share. Dianne Rosner is a married Davis mom with two sons who often work in the shop during Summer and on weekends.


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2007-04-29 21:00:39   I love this store. My kids were quite satisfied with their new clothes! —ButterScotch

2008-06-24 15:48:53   Putting the comment in context - Kent appears to be "Kent Rosner", husband of Dianne Rosner, one of the partners. —calvinz

2008-08-16 14:46:46   This store is great & a huge resource to the moms of Davis. Plus Dianne is so nice about letting your child play while you shop. I always find something when I go there, I'm glad its doing well, thanks Dianne! —jwendt

2008-12-20 22:56:31   me and my partner went in a couple week ago in prepration for attending a baby shower, cute place, helpfull service. —StevenDaubert

2009-06-15 17:59:10   Bought most of my stuff there when I was pregnant, fantastic deals! The owner is a really friendly lady, too. —JuanaBNDavis

2009-10-19 14:39:36   This store is okay. Sometimes I can find good deals. I still think most of the things are over priced considering this places sells used clothes. The owner can be very nice. When I go there as a customer, the owner is very helpful and talkative. Expect one timew I went in wanting to sell her clothes, but she seemed to be very picky on what she would buy from me. I thought my clothes were decent quality and cute, but she said she didn't want to buy any of my clothes and the owner gave me more of a cold shoulder. In the end, I know it's her business. I definitely felt treated differently when I sold her something as opposed to buying something from her store. I feel the good customer service should be for everyone. —areli00

2009-12-03 12:17:07   We love Just Kidding! I got my son the coolest hand knit booties with leather soles for $5 that were probably like $40 new at least. Diane is awesome, and she loves the chocolate we bring her in trade! To the person who tried selling their clothes there, buying and selling used is a tricky business, especially in a down economy. Chances are good that you just took that personally when it wasn't about you, as is often the case when people come on here and leave negative feedback. —Joy&Taylor

2010-09-28 15:45:22   Really nice owner, very nice things, but the clothes are ridiculously over-priced. Sorry, but it's true. I've gotten a few cloth diaper covers there at reasonable prices, but I never buy much clothing there. I get that they are boutique brands, but I can go to Once Upon a Child and find the same brands for half the price. It's sad, really. She could sell so much stuff if she lowered her prices! It's a second hand store, people expect to pay second hand prices...just my opinion. Cheers. —janellemacdonald1

2010-10-21 17:43:59   This store is great! I wish they'd offer a service to come pick up all my big items for resale!!! Hint. HInt. : ) —creepergirl

2011-01-10 18:08:58   I had the worst experience at this store. I had been a customer for years and got fairly decent(not amazing service) from this lady. The day i decided to go in and sell some gently used and even new baby clothes and furniture/toys, i was not treated well. She watched me unload all the stuff from my car only to tell me that she would not accept any of my items as they were not good quality or gently used. I had a bag full of new clothes with tags that my daughter grew out of as well as some clothes only used once. She refused to even open the bag to see what was in it. At that point i was so offended and asked her how she knew that my items were not what she was looking for " i have done this a long time" REaly!!. well if you can judge that i am not the right type of person to buy from then she is certainly not the right type of person i will ever buy from. Yes and i will tell all my friends not to go in there. I even walked around the store and was really surprised at how worn and used some clothes and carriers she was selling looked like. I even had a carrier that i had never used and she claimed that it was not good yet she had the same brand carrier on the rack that was very worn. A lot of red flags there. —CustomerServiceabiga

2011-03-28 13:45:07   I went here once to buy a gift for my best friend's baby. The service was a little ify. The lady was nice to me, but kind of odd to a couple of ladies that were looking around. After reading the last comment, I don't see myself coming back. —cora

2011-06-02 18:46:05   I love this store! Dianne is friendly and helpful. We got lots of stuff with great price for our baby from the store. Because of its convenient location, I often walk by and look around see if there is anything we need. Dianne is always helpful, even I ended up not buying anything. I definitely recommend this store to my mom friends. —waimeiYEUNG

2011-06-16 11:00:49   This store is a little more expensive than other children's resale stores in Vacaville and Sacramento and the store is very small. But the sales staff have always been friendly to me and Davis rents are much higher than nearby those of nearby cities. The selections tend to be higher-end, too. I do wish they'd stop using so much fabric softener on their clothes- The fragrance is very strong. It's not a problem once I wash them but it's almost too much while I'm shopping. I've been very happy with the items I've bought. —JuliaFitzgerald

2011-07-14 12:27:56   I went there yesterday to look for a leotard for my daughter, and the place is empty! Did they close for good or are they moving someplace new? —shannahw

2012-05-01 14:22:53   Debra Minnema Dingman, now a grandmother of two, has opened a new shop, "Nana and Company Children's Resell Boutique' at 141 N. First St. in her hometown of Dixon (right on Highway 113 in the heart of downtown Dixon.) Go to for details. For stellar customer service, a wonderful shopping experience, great bargains, and all the quality items you can use for your family during the childbearing years, go visit soon! Or, call (707) 678-Nana. (She made sure she has a changing table, baby scale, and rocking chair for customers!) —DebraDingman

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