KDVS DJs at Picnic Day (2005)

The 2005 KDVS fundraiser was April 18th-24th. Pledge levels were $25 for students and $40 for community members. KDVS put together an amusing fundraiser movie for the 2005 fundraiser. (for DSL, for Modems).

KDVS had set a fundraising goal of $60,000 for the 2005 fundraiser week, and managed to pull in $60,056 during the week. On June 6th they had noted $62,590 in funds on their website.

Tune in, since many DJs will have interesting gimmicks to tune in for. DJs Ed and Remy are going to have live karaoke inspired by pledgers, DJ Rick will be cutting off his hair inch by inch as he explores "What's in Bush's iPod?", and lots more. Great CDs are being offered too, like Rammstein, Modest Mouse, the Shins, all kinds of Metal and Industrial and World music. KDVS has something for everyone, your mother, your little brother and even you, to suit every mood you could ever have. So tune in, and donate, and get something in return.

Every pledge you make not only gets you a great premium but also a "Freebie." DJ Napoleon Murphy Brock (Monday 2:30-4:30pm) has scoured the Woodland and Sacramento thrift stores in search of junky goodies. Freebies include a fondue set and fondue book, Toaster, vintage 60s ottoman, suitcases, classic novels, great videos, 45s and tons of other stuff. Remember, when selecting your premiums on the web site choose your "freebie" first, and your music, t-shirt or 'other' premium second!

["Fundraiser logo designed by Creative Media and taken from the KDVS fundraiser website"]

Several DJ's are offering their own custom-made CDR compilations as added bonus thank-you gifts. For $100, you can sweep all of the DJ's special compilations—totalling over 15 CDRs—at once. Surely, you will enjoy so much variety and deep obscurity if you pledge $100.

And let it be known throughout the Central Valley that Senator Rob Roy will join Dr. Andy on the radio Wednesday afternoon at 5 in a quest to raise one MEElion pennies! Tune in with your credit card nearby!

  • Thanks to Rob Roy and the many guests who phoned in and the donors who pledged, "Dr. Andy's Poetry and Technology Hour" reached its goal of raising $1,000.

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