Katherine "Katie" Sherman is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2013 ASUCD Election running on the NOW slate.

She received a trip to Israel from The David Project following her election to ASUCD Senate.

Candidate Statement

Hey Ags,

My name is Katie Sherman and I am a second year nutrition major from San Diego running for Senate. I believe we all deserve to have the college experience we always dreamed of and I hope to provide that for every Aggie. I’m excited to be a part of our student government and help improve our campus climate with immediate results. On campus I am involved in Greek Life, hold a club board position, and aided in putting on the Finals Stress Free Fair last spring.

I want people to feel comfortable speaking with me about their concerns and interests on campus in order to aid the day-to-day Aggie.


UC Davis is one of the greenest campuses regarding the environment, but what about our own bodies? I want to work with student housing to provide a wider range of snack options in first year convenience stores that are healthier and will better fuel the minds on our campus. In addition, I hope to reach out to the silo and provide a meal option other than fast food. Something with grease will always taste good, but in order to keep our students healthy and minds sharp it shouldn’t be an everyday choice. I want to make eating healthy between classes easy, convenient, and affordable.


Approximately 13% of United States residents are deaf or hard of hearing, yet at UC Davis we don’t offer the necessary tools to communicate with such a large community. I want to help Aggies stand out by bringing American Sign Language as a credited course to our campus. It should be offered as another language as well as count for credit to fulfill the B.A. requirement. I aim to make Davis one of less than 20 universities in California to offer such a useful, lifelong course. I want to help further diversify our campus and include all groups.

Be sure to VOTE KATIE SHERMAN #1 and NOW #2-6 for ASUCD SENATE on November 12-15 at elections.ucdavis.edu!


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