This is the archive for reviews from 2006-2008 for Kathmandu Kitchen.

2006-01-26 19:10:49   Okay, people...just because we're college students doesn't give some of us the right to display such poor restaurant manners. Rule #1- Don't ask for split checks-especially if you have a big party or the restaurant is busy. It's just kind of a dick move. Food servers hate it, and ANYONE who has ever worked in food service will tell you that. #2- If you are waiting exceedingly long for your check, simply go up to the hostess stand (or in this case the CASH REGISTER) and tell the host/hostess/manager that you would like to pay for your meal. Either they will make the transaction, or they will immediately get your servers attention. Then deduct a percent of your tip, because after all, TIP stands for "to insure promptness," and if they aren't prompt, then they arn't getting it. —SerenaDonovan

  • This comment is very condescending and out of place. I dont think very many (were there any?) people were complaining about waiting for the check or said anything about splitting the check. people are waiting for their FOOD. stop trying to belittle other people's personal experiences. Its uncalled for —MattHh
  • I thought that splitting the check is a big deal for wait staff too. Then I saw a friend who has been a waiter for a long time ask for a four way check split. I asked him if that was hard to do. He said that if you split the check evenly, or tell the wait staff how much to put on each card or how much to take out of cash, it shouldn't be a problem. Most modern registers apparently help with this. Kenny
    • I worked in food service for a year and a half (Chinese food), and had to split checks ALL THE TIME. Really, it isn't that big of a deal, it just requires you to ACTUALLY DO SOME MATH IN YOUR HEAD (i.e. calculating tax, etc). WOW...what a concept, actually using our K-12 education. Splitting checks? No prob, when you are a waitress it comes with the territory.

2006-01-26 19:12:09   Oh yeah, Kathmandu rocks. I've always had good service and the food is SOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!! Try the vegetable momo or the Matter Paneer! —SerenaDonovan

2006-01-27 10:36:28   They have these seeds at the front that are like India's version of after dinner mints. They're pretty good. Once my roommate laughed while eating one and it stayed up his nose for 2 days. He said it burned. —NickFranklin

2006-01-31 10:38:29   We went there the other night because New Delhi Chaat Cafe was closed, having their rugs cleaned (or something) - I got chicken tikka masala, which at New Delhi is the best thing ever... it was pretty bad at Kathmandu. The other people in my group got dumplings or vegan stuff, which were good, but I think New Delhi is waaay better, service and foodwise, and cheaper, too. —EmmaCoats

2006-01-31 13:08:20   I _love_ the Chicken Makhani. It goes great with a side of garlic-basil naan. —AlexPomeranz

2006-02-19 14:58:54   Everything in the lunch buffet was good except the nahn, which was too doughy and bread-like than what I'm used to (which is the real thing). Raja's makes better nahn. —JennaChan

"Dude you can't even spell naan! What makes you think you know what the "real thing" is? FYI - different parts of India have different styles of naan/roti." —dizzyditz

2006-02-23 18:15:08   this restaurant has a great atmosphere. the first time i went, i got the vegan thali, which was amazing. the second time i went, i got the vegan thali again, but this time everything was way too salty. it was still good though. if you get the vegetable pakoras, the sauces are not vegan or vegetarian, they have yogurt in them. [yogurt is made from gelatin (animal bones/hooves/skin)]. you should probably ask about all of your sauces, just to be safe. —VincentLee

Very few yogurts have gelatin in them anymore. —NoelBruening

2006-03-19 19:17:06   Their chicken dishes are pretty good, def. the best indian restaurant in davis. If you really like indian food though, the best place to go is Viceroy in Berkeley on the corner of Shattuck and University. It is well worth the drive. —JulienBiewerElstob

2006-03-20 08:20:40   As this is our favorite restaurant in Davis (for the food, definitely not the service), my girlfriend and I stopped in for lunch on Saturday. The food was superb, but the service was absolutely horrendous. The guy who took our order spoke very poor english, and we had to repeat our order 3 times. We ordered two curry dishes, one appetizer, a mango lassi, and one order of naan. Our curry arrived with no sign of the appetizer or naan. When we inquired about the appetizer, the waiter literally scoffed at us and told us that we never ordered one. I told him that I'd not only watched him write it down on the third line of his order sheet, but that he read it back to us and we confirmed the order (as read to us) was correct. We told him we didn't want it any more now that we had food. He says okay, and tells us the naan will be coming soon. We say fine. We have to ask about the status of our naan bread twice more. It finally arrives about 10 minutes after we've gotten our main dishes, when we are about 60% done with our meal. Well, better late than never, I guess. For some reason, there's a double order (one garlic basil naan, one regular naan). The waiter also bring us the appetizer we just canceled, obviously not having understood us when we said we didn't want it any more despite saying "okay" to our cancellation request. We send it back because we're not paying for it now. Then we proceeded to finish our meal (the food was EXCELLENT). He brings us the check (which was written on the same paper as our order, and the appetizer is clearly listed there, and then scratched out). We note that we have been charged for two orders of naan, despite only having ordered one. We have to ask them to remove this, since we never ordered it, and didn't eat it. They are obviously unhappy at us, despite us not being the ones who screwed up the order, and our meal is eaten in uncomfortable silence. All in all, I really wish the food wasn't so damn good here, because the service is so consistently poor that it frustrates me. I don't know why they continue to hire serving people who do not have a grasp of the basic english language. —AlexPomeranz

2006-06-11 14:37:09   Their buffet is awesome! Not only do you not have to deal with their typical crappy attempts at service, but they have lately been putting out some great curry dishes that aren't stingy on the meat. Get there early for good naan. I highly recommend the tikki masala, it's my favorite, and you can't go wrong with chicken. Advise that you order and pick up, because really, their service was so lousy the last time that I went for dinner that I vowed never to go again for a sit-down meal and it was the first time in years I didn't leave a tip. Having worked food service for over 5 years during school, that says a LOT. (note: My fiancee wrote this) —AlexPomeranz

2006-07-12 23:27:34   I wish they'd bring back the map of the U.S. It was amusing. Generally I like the food and am less than impressed with the service. —MisterProfessor

2006-08-06 14:58:05   At Davis Farmer's Market I purchased 2 containers of spinich which to my dismay the server did not completely fill the containers. I was disappointed an agitated because the stuff is expensive $3.75 per (very small) serving. Would I go back there? NO. —JoeCustomer

2006-08-09 20:27:26   The sign says they close at 10PM, however me and a friend of mine have been turned down the last two times that we've shown up here at 9:30 & 9:45 PM. I realize it kinda sucks to have people show up at the last minute, but we aren't horrible customers. We tip well and order an ample amount of food for two people. The last time we showed up there the 3 people who walked in split seconds ahead of us were seated, while the dude who works there stopped us in the doorway and said they weren't offering anything, not even take-out. Granted, we aren't bourge, but I really don't get it. The times I have actually managed to sit and eat, they have always asked us to pay way before we are done eating, and will pace back and forth by our table, sighing. —MorganFlores

2006-08-11 13:57:13   This place has gone down hill over the past few years. The bland lunch buffet is poorly refreshed, and the service at night is hopelessly slow. —CraigBrozinsky

2006-09-22 09:08:17   Went there last night, food was as good as ever. Also they had a ethnic nepalese dance program it was very entertaining. Love the food and will be visiting soon again. —MattBocher

2006-10-25 22:15:15   I frequently get some of their food at the Saturday farmer's market and overall have been very pleased. My 1.5 year old daughter loves their curry and masala dishes too. The samosas are great for a quick snack before the bike ride back from the market. —JonathanEisen

2006-10-25 23:43:42   Food is decent, overpriced IMO —TusharRawat

2006-11-01 15:57:17   I used to absolutely love this place, but the last 3 or 4 times I've been, the food was pretty average, despite the high prices. Now I never get to satisfy my indian food craving...I wish another Indian restaurant would open in Davis. We have more than enough Asian food and bistros now; why not better Indian?!?! —GradStudent06

2006-11-11 15:11:41   The food here is very good, but the service can be slow. I find their practice of placing the napkin in the empty water glass pretty annoying. Every time I have eaten there, I get grossed out by the debris that I see floating in my water after the glass is filled. Perhaps they should place the napkin on or beside the plate instead. —DavisCritic

2006-12-13 01:19:45   The reviews above seem to be pretty consistent with the experience I had, as well. I thought the dinner was quite yum- however, the service was very slow and the meal pricey. I would probably return, but only if I had the time (and the cash!) —StacieTownsend

2006-12-13 21:35:06   They clearly use great ingredients here as everything has just the right amount of spices. I come here for the buffet and I am always impressed at the quality they put out. Service isn't too much of an issue with a buffet, but servers do seem a little out of it. On the whole this place is great though and I shall return many times. —JohnHumperdinkle

2007-01-07 12:52:24   We used to pick Raja's over this place since this place is 6-7 blocks further from campus. However, the food is so good here that we will probably take that extra walk from time to time. The only suggestion I would have with this place is to label the buffet foods because we have no idea what we're eating since we didn't see any labels. —BeeBooBee

"2007-01-12 21:16:35"   I loved the food when my spouse brought home the take out. However, when I finally went to the restaurant after having a few take out orders at home, I was turned off by the messiness of the kitchen. I worked in a professional kitchen before so I know it 's usually stressful back there But they really need to clean that place up. I occasionally take a peak to see if it's clean. Until it is, I'll have to get my Indian food elsewhere. —SoyoungLee

2007-01-16 05:32:34   I went here awhile back. I was a little concerned about the cleaniless and the food was great, but just not big enough portions for the buck —JasonKong

2007-01-17 08:38:14   Kathmandu continues to be one of my favorites places to eat in Davis. This is not to say the place is perfect, like many Asian restaurants (though not true of all) service is a bit lacking sometimes (Americanized establishments tend to focus more on big smiles and forced conversation). However, only one time have I ever had to wait a relatively long time for my food, and when I go in for the buffets or to dine I never personally have had to wait for water. The Buffet is a great deal (try the Chicken Mekhani), and while the food is relatively pricey I've never been disappointed with the food. I'm not a great job of it's authenticity, but this non-indian likes this place. —AlvinTsao

2007-02-12 14:12:37   VERY good food, but gives me stomach aches..... —KatieStorer

2007-03-02 12:58:12   I enjoy the food served at Kathmandu but I don't really enjoy the service (can't they work with a smile? Please?) —DonnaChen

2007-03-15 12:58:38   Someone should really update the prices on this. It's not $6.99 it's $8.95 and they don't have the price posted anywhere so I felt kinda duped. Granted the food is good but if you like this place you should take a drive out to Pooja Indian Grill in West Sacramento. It's even better and their buffet is cheaper. Better Tandoor, Makhini, and Saag. —MattMuller

2007-05-02 20:35:38   My partner and I had a lovely dinner here one night awhile back. The food was very good; unfortunately, specifics have been forgotten. As with the one other Nepalese restaurant in our experience, the difference between Indian and Nepalese is subtle, if present at all; it seems to be mainly a difference in the spices used. Oh, but the spices! Definitely worth trying, if you never have. The service was slow, however; definitely the place to go if you're in the mood to linger. Since then, I frequent the stall that the restaurant runs at the Farmers' Market. There is generally a vegetarian combination plate that is very good; typical for the plate would be a spinach dish, a chickpea dish, rice, naan, and pakora. —CovertProfessor

2007-05-04 12:38:52   Food is a bit pricey but their raisin and nut naan is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! It looks semi-romantic. I have yet to try their lunch buffet but I hear it's good at a pretty decent price!-VT —VivianTang86

2007-06-08 01:02:46   The food was pretty good, and so much for a low price... However, I order take out and it seriously took forever to get my food. Extremely terrible service and they even forgot something in my order. Good thing I always check my stuff before I leave! Notice that this isn't the first time that someone has complained about service... Their cash register and check organization is terrible and they really need to figure something that works better. They seem to have no idea what they're doing! —CAkita

2007-06-19 16:41:06   Good food but RUDE, IMPOLITE and DISHONEST. Having a good moment. It was my idea when we entered in this restaurant last week. We ordered a $15 bottle of white zinfandel. The waiter brought an open bottle (no, he didn’t remove the cork in front of us) at least full with a cork from a red wine (different name and dark red mark at the bottom of the cork). Good but not white zinfandel. We wanted to spend a good night so we said nothing. Our entrees were good (the only positive point). The waiter brought the bill 5 minutes after the entrees had been served, I guess because it was 9:50 pm and the restaurant closes at 10. Music was stopped too. On the bill the wine was more expensive: $18. I asked why and he answered that they had no longer the one desired and therefore gave us another one, not on the list either, more expensive!!! He eventually changed the price but was upset that we dared complaining: he threw boxes for food on the table as you throw bones to doggy. Conclusion: TO AVOID


2007-07-16 15:15:04   Tried some of their food from the Farmer's Market to give it another shot... And not only did I find a nice, long hair in my food, but I got food poisoning later. I think it's safe to say that I will never be eating from this place again. What a shame... —CAkita

2007-07-19 20:00:45   The food here is DELICIOUS! (But I have never tried Indian food that was truly bad). I usually order different types of Naan (sp?). However, they are very rude. I remember it was almost time for closing and they just threw the bill on our table right after we got the food. I know it was almost time to close but there are nicer ways of handling it. —JenHuynh

2007-08-30 00:55:08   A friend and I came here for dinner yesterday. My biggest problem with this place isn't the service, it's with the booth they sat us in. If I'm going to drop $15 on a Tuesday night for dinner, I don't want to see grafiti in my booth and I don't want to see big orange stains on the tablecloth. Now, the food was good, but I felt a bit deceived. The platter that they served the food in was big enough, but I was expecting more pieces of meat, not just a few chunks in a sea of tomato sauce. —PaulHarms

2007-09-18 23:04:57   I just wanna grade them..... FOOD=A+ AND SERVICE=D- (because that place is not good for hungry people=you have to wait, wait, wait). Thank you. —SoMeOnE

2007-11-05 14:16:16   My family and I went in for dinner the other night and had an awesome experience. We were sat right away and promptly greeted by a friendly server. We ordered the works and everything was exceptional, My wife and I shared a Kitchen special, the lamb chops are to die for. I would suggest that dish to anyone who visits. My kids had childrens meals with chicken tikkie masala and they loved it. This will be a place my family visits regularly from now on. —Richard007

2007-11-11 10:27:53   Really great place. The owner and staff are really nice. They have very reasonably priced options. We went for dinner and sampled several items. My friend is a big fan of SPICY Indian food and they went over the top to bring her different condiments and pickled fair. The food is quite tasty even to an average American palate like myself. Nice atmosphere, you would not guess how nice it is inside being a door or two down from the Pub. Really nice people running a nice restaurant. —LouisM

2007-11-12 22:51:54   Cockroach crawling up the wall of our booth during lunch buffet. Yes, I reported it. No, won't be going back. —JessicaH

2007-12-15 22:39:29   I ate here this evening and was pleasantly surprised that the server was very nice, but not surprised she got our order wrong and our check wrong. Oh well, it was not a big deal. The food is pretty decent, but not what you would expect a dish to taste like. It says on the menu that chicken vindaloo is cherry sauced, and it actually is cherry sauced. It has a nice maraschino taste if you like that sort of thing. Not bad at all, but I prefer a more traditional vindaloo. The korma was okay- very creamy. Although the yogurt sauce is good in the thali platter, I don't suggest ordering the whole platter. Perhaps just an extra side of naan and some sauces on the side. The actual side dishes are congruous with a the coleslaw that comes with fried chicken, don't really want it but it comes with it... All in all a decent place. —KenichiSan

2008-01-09 02:52:04   I think the buffet is up to $8.99, but you can get a coupon online to save $1. My fiance & I have eaten off the dinner menu, as well as come in for the lunch buffet. I much prefer Kathmandu's food to Raja's (more flavor & more to choose from). I love that they offer a vegan thali. The waitress also helped us out with which other dishes were vegan options on the menu. The Bhindi Masala with okra was especially delicious. —AprilAries

2008-01-31 14:29:55   I walked through the door and was immediately hit by the strong odor of mildew. It was even stronger where we were sitting by the back. Probably from years of wet carpets and gunk under the floor tiles. I also went in the restroom soon after one of the cooks. Bad news: he didn't take off his apron when he was pissing, and HE DIDN'T WASH HIS HANDS AFTERWARDS! I used to work as in a food processing plant, you would have been fired immediately for that. Needless to say, I won't be going back. I love Nepalese food, but if I wanted it THAT authentic (like with free pathogens), I would just go to Nepal. —procrastinator

2008-02-09 18:08:19   The food here is very good, and the prices are fair. The servers aren't mean or anything, but I always get the feeling that many of them wish we would leave sooner than later. Forget about getting drinks refilled and things like that. Also, if you come in a half hour before they close, they stop making chai. They turned off the fireplace when I was sitting right in front of it, which wasn't very nice. Come for the food, tolerate the service. —StellaChiara

2008-02-24 02:01:34   I would like to add: If you say your lunch buffet runs until 3:00, DON'T unplug the warmers & start carting the food away at 2:35. I came in at 2:15 & was seated by a server. I had a glass of wine & was just finishing up my soup & starters when the main dishes were being pushed off. I had no intention of keeping them past 3:00, but at least give me a chance to go up for the main course. I was not the only one eating. Another couple came in after me, & they too had to run back up before the food disappeared. If you want to shut down at 2:30, just tell people before they sit down please. —AprilAries

2008-03-23 23:31:11   I have always ordered their food to-go since we have read about the terrible dine-in service. The food is always delicious (try the basil garlic naan bread instead of the regular)! We dined in for the first time last night and our waitress was wonderful! The other couple we went with had never had Indian food before and didn’t really care for curry flavors. Our waitress recommend some excellent dishes for them to try and they loved them. She was very attentive even though the restaurant was fairly busy that night. Over all service was excellent, food was great, and we had a good time. —NtoWolves

2008-03-27 16:38:25   ShazAam! Other than the waitress at lunch time, this place has AmaZing food! I have to comment on the service/waitress today as I am fed up with the attitude. I love this place, but the middle aged female waitress who works during lunchtime consistantly gives attitude and is very rude when i eat there. she doesnt say hello when we come in and just asks for how many. she constantly stares at us when we goto the buffet bar with her arms crossed standing next to the cashier. I thought maybe she was like that to everyone, but no. when some food distributer/delivery man came in she was all smiles and hello's. Has anyone else noticed her stare of death? its not cool nor comfortable with her pacing with arms crossed next to where i'm eating. i might just have to give up the buffet and only eat during dinner time. —markphillips

2008-04-11 14:22:15   I just went to there lunch buffet about 30 minutes ago and now its 2:15. There service was horrible, and the hostess kept eye balling me as I went to get my food (as if I was gonna steal some food?). The only words spoken to me was "for two?" and thats it. The only thing close to decent was the red chicken curry and the bread called nahn. I might have came at a bad time or something because the rest of the food was soggy and tasteless. The price lies, it is not a "little over 6 dollars", it is really 9 dollars plus tax and tip. This is my worst experience of a buffet in Davis. —John916

2008-04-11 14:57:06   The food here is pretty good. I tried one of their dinners that had a main dish, plus a bunch of other things included. The chicken Makhani was quite good. The nan was plain (a bit surprising, since it is usually served buttered). The rice was also quite good, as were some of the things that came with the meal. Oddly, I felt somewhat sick afterwards - possibly (hopefully) from eating too much of the food. The meal was large - I did not finish it. I also got a mango lassi. Not the best lassi I've had by a long shot, but it was decent, and definitely much better than the one I had at Raja. Service was fast, as far as getting my food, taking my order, and paying, however no one stopped by in the middle to see if everything was ok or if I wanted something else. Price range was in the $12-$20 range for a dinner for one person. Overall, I'd say this place wasn't bad. Not the best indian restaurant I've been to, but I'd consider going back. —IDoNotExist

2008-05-02 20:46:59   I had their mixed vegetable curry thali plate for dinner tonight. For $14, it was a let down. The food was nothing special, just plain, and the portions were just right for one person. For the money, I would rather go to Raja or some other establishment. —justinhu

2008-05-05 08:27:38   My girlfriend and I went there last night for dinner and the whole experience was awesome. We have lived in Davis now for five years and had never tried the place till now, and I am glad we did. They had a good selection of beer, and the menu is huge. We shared a couple of dishes the rack of lamb which was excellent, and the chicken korma, it was the best I have had in a while. The service was great our waitress was very attentive and helpful with the menu. We will be visiting them again very soon. —miles001

2008-05-25 19:46:29   I'd like to second many of the comments that I've read above about service. Having come from Berkeley, I have a pretty high standard for really good Indian food. While not quite of the same caliber, Kathmandu used to do in a pinch. Lately though, I've become exhausted by their continually rude service. If serving food is such an inconvenience for you, than you shouldn't be in the service industry. I don't think we'll be going back - any other suggestions for good Indian food in Davis? —Stina

2008-05-29 03:16:09   As I mentioned above, I was rushed out of the lunch buffet by the same waitress other people here have described as rude. The last time I ate here for dinner with my fiance, she waited on us. Our order came out wrong & after we explained it to her, we later caught her talking about us to a busser (she was pointing & gesturing directly at us). I explained this to another waitress, from whom we have always had great service. She took care of us for the rest of our meal & apologized for her co-worker's behavior. I haven't been back since then. —AprilAries

2008-06-24 23:00:11   I reviewed this place a few months ago on my Solano County Dining blog. We really enjoyed it. There was a little English language barrier but other than that we thought the food was great. We liked the service because different people kept coming by to see if we were good to go. Some restaurant owners and managers can get jaded, but the Kathmandu folks were friendly. I didn't even tell them I review restaurants! The full review is at —pbrite

2008-06-24 23:48:42   A good way to try Kathmandu, without quite as much expense, is to visit their booth at the Davis Central Park picnic on Wednesdays. They are someone cheaper than eating at the restuarant, and they have a pretty good sampling of their food. Yum. —IDoNotExist

2008-07-05 19:29:49   Great food! Prices are about average. The place is kind of dirty and unsanitary. Why is it in America we kiss the waiter staff's arse? If you want the check split, then ask for the check to be split!! It's a college town for pete's sake. Do you think some 19 year old kid is gonna pick up the tab for 6 people? —JimBob

2008-07-31 18:25:03   Kathmandu has a tent at the Farmer's Market on Wednesday evenings. The menu is limited compared to the restaurant, and the portions are a bit smaller. But the food is quite good, and you pay somewhat less for the food too. This is a great way to try their food, and is very tasty. —IDoNotExist

2008-09-06 15:59:01   I go here with my father everytime he comes to visit (because i'm a bit cheap). It is my favorite restaurant in Davis now that the Afgani restaurant is closed. The food is good, and it sis one of the few places that gives me what I ask. I've found it to be the only place in Davis that will actually give me really spicey food when i ask for it. No one else does. i think there is a misconception amoung many restaurants that if a white girl asks for really spicey food, she doesn't actually want it.

anyways, just make sure if you get the meal instead of the entree that you don't get appetizers. its just way too much food. and come here, its delicious!!!! —ascapoccia

2008-09-24 10:26:18   I was a bit skeptical before we went here, as I am not too hot on Indian food. But, I was pleasantly surprised! The food was wonderful! The vindaloo was spicy, as requested. The garlic naan was amazing. Our server, a young, dark-haired woman, was very nice. I can't wait to go back! —maymay

2008-11-03 16:56:11   When I think back to when I lived in Davis, all I can remember is how much I've taken this restaurant for granted *hangs head*. I used to order garlic basil naan and the chicken vindaloo (EXTRA, EXTRA SPICY) for lunch, usually to-go and be happy for the rest of the day. Now, I drive 2 hours for this meal. And since I'm also a fan of Davis Noodle City, I stop in Davis for lunch and dinner and try not to fall asleep on the drive home HAHAHA!! —LizKim

2008-11-10 23:42:05   BY FAR my favourite restaurant in Davis. The staff is VERY friendly and accomodating, and are happy to give you suggestions and answer questions about the menu. I LOVE the baigan bartha and the vegetable korma (excuse me if I am spelling these incorrectly). If you are not very hungry, see if your waiter will let you order from the kid's menu, the portions are just right for me! This restaurant may be a bit expensive, but the food and service is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. My aunt who lives in Martinez drives all the way to Davis to have lunch with me at Kathmandu (bypassing S.F. and Berk), that is love my friends (love for me or love for Kathmandu? I can't tell for sure). Aree Rating: 9/10 —ArianeMetz

2008-12-01 18:09:33   had this again last week (tika masala) and was not impressed— bland and not nearly as good as i had hoped. seemed like deli chicken breast cut into cubes, thrown into premade sauce and heated in a microwave. very disappointed —KenichiSan

Sigh* if only making indian food was so simple, id have done it a long time ago. I just had crepes. I hope I paid for what was more than sliced fruit and nutella sandwiched in between pancakes and topped with lucerne whipped cream(that part might be true)- Derek

2008-12-01 20:00:24   I can definitely recommend their lunch buffet. Great selection. Very tasty. I wish they had more varieties of naan at the buffet (they mostly just have plain naan), but the food is really good. —IDoNotExist