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At Ken's Bike & Ski, we strive to provide our customers with world class customer service and advice. We are very proud to have been voted the #1 Bike shop in Yolo county by the readers of the The Davis Enterprise (2007-2015). - The Staff at Ken's

Serving Yolo County since 1988, Ken's sells, rents, and repairs bicycles, cycling equipment, snowsport gear. Ken’s carries Specialized, Marin, Raleigh, Globe, Electra, and Haro bikes and is the only shop in town that carries mountain, BMX and dirt jump bikes. Ken’s offers competitive rates on bike fitting from our certified fit experts. Ken's is a sponsor of the Davis Bike Club.

There are also frequently coupons in the Little Green Coupon Machine coupon book.

The current location of Ken's used to house Marvelli's ice cream parlor, and after that, Big D's. The old ice cream parlor mural is still on one of the walls.

They have a large selection of ever evolving products for the entire family.






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Very friendly staff. Some road bikes, more mountain bikes. - EricKlein

  • We have way more bikes in stock than you see on the floor. We have some pretty good deals on road bikes, and it's easy for us to nail the fit if we have to order you something. Feel free to read my comments on the Ken's wiki page. - KenNeville

See Archive Page for comments prior to 2008.

2008-02-02 12:52:08   If you want to have your bicycle repaired or tuned correctly the FIRST time, I would not recommend this place. I was told that the hub would be fixed as it was a routine item included in the tune up. Unfortunately because of my past experience I knew to ask if it was actually fixed when I came to pick up my bike. Of course it was not. I was given a similar excuse as the other time I had brought my bike in and it was not fixed when promised: "...is an inexperienced young guy and probably got distracted with another customer..." I was then told by the cashier that they had hired more experienced people now. Too late for this customer! That said, Sheldon has the best people skills of anyone there (including the owner, I might add). Unfortunately attitude alone has not improved the quality of the bicycle service. —G.L.

2008-02-14 23:39:36   Cheapest bike parts in Davis, IF they have them in stock, which is a big if. But I have scored some really good parts deals there. I don't think they really stock parts with the intention that people go in and buy them, they seem to be for the use of the mechanics. Best selection of bike tires in Davis. —twblalock

2008-02-25 17:35:42   *****DAMAGE WAIVER***** Just as an FYI in response to those who complained about being billed for damage to rental equipment, it says on the rental form: "If the waiver is accepted by renter, Ken's Bike & Ski will absorb the cost of repairing or replacing damaged equipment, subject subject to the following: this damage waiver applies to breakage of rental equipment under normal use only. It does not and cannot apply to abused, lost, misplaced or stolen equipment." As of 02/17/08, the fee for the waiver was a whopping $1. Don't opt out of this and treat your equipment as if they're your own. Don't drag them over asphalt, deliberately go over exposed rocks or grind them over every obstacle you can find on the free style runs. —MasumiWatanabe

2008-02-28 19:31:55   I really loved this place but after an incident where I got advice from many different mechanics working at the same time, one actually got angry at me for asking another for advice. It was extremely unprofessional and made me very uncomfortable. I will never bring my bike back here or give them any business. Sorry Ken! —Cuttlefish09

2008-03-13 23:00:37   Ken's Biko has great customer service, a nice shop and awesome mechanics. Best mountain bike experience in town as far as im concerned. Altho, im sick of all the specialized stuff, get some Intense or Santa Cruz bikes up in there. —harrisan87

2008-04-28 19:38:16   Great staff! I spent about half an hour talking with one of the bike techs about building up a single speed for my girlfriend and he was super helpful. My lockring on my Fixie is shot so he helped me with that and spent time looking up parts I could special order. and I didn't spend a dime there. I will definitely go back and spend my hard earned dollars there!!! —DavetotheP

2008-05-18 00:25:45   I absolutely love this place. I got all of my snowboard gear here—board, bindings, boots, underarmour, pants, jacket, everything. The staff really took their time to help me out, giving me the best advice. I didn't feel like they were just saying things to get me to buy stuff. What's even more wonderful is that they were all so knowledgeable that even though it was my very first time snowboarding, I had zero problems with the gear, didn't even need to rent to figure out what would work for me. They had a great sale on snowboards too—variety is much better than at Ground Zero—and the cost for shaving the edges of the new board / mounting bindings was very reasonable. The only thing I would suggest is to have them measure your stance before leaving the board to be worked on. Minor stuff, really. This is the best place ever. —eda

2008-05-18 12:55:52   I had a great experience at this bike shop. I went to their spring sale and purchased a bike for 240 dollars normally retailed for 370. The staff was very friendly and adjusted the bike,seat, handlebars ,etc to my height and comfort level. They asked questions and were very knowlegable. Also I purchased a nylon basket from JANDD and I love it. It works great. Highly reccommend this place for all your bicycle needs . —ElizabethBarthel

2008-05-28 09:58:56   The service staff here is always helpful and efficient, either when fixing my old "Wal-Mart Special", or our higher-end road bikes. —RobWallis

2008-06-01 15:45:45   I really hate how they are charging me $20 to put on grip tape for my roadbike ($10 for the tape, $10 for labor). The Bike Barn provides that service for free! =/ —EmilyTung

2008-06-11 17:10:20   I just saw a copy of a letter the owner, Ken Bradford, sent to Freddie Oakley, the Yolo County Clerk/Recorder urging her to "uphold California law and maintain public order by NOT issuing any same-sex "marriage" licenses unless and until the laws regarding marriage in California are altered".

It's too bad because I have shopped here before, but I don't patronize businesses that don't support equal rights and fair treatment for everyone in our community. —RoryO'Dwyer

2008-06-12 06:37:52   Ken, of Ken's Bike and Ski Shop, is not supportive of Marriage Equality. This is his letter to Freddie Oakley:

Ms. Oakley,

I urge you to uphold California law and maintain public order by NOT issuing any same-sex "marriage" licenses unless and until the laws regarding marriage in California are altered. The separation of powers provision of the California Constitution clearly states that laws may only be changed by the legislature (with the governor) or the initiative process. The courts may rule on the constitutionality of existing laws, but may not circumvent the Constitution by writing new laws.

The applicable statutes (California Family Code, Sections 505, 300, 308.5, 301, etc) clearly state that marriage is between a man and a woman. County Clerks may not change the wording on these applications, and if in defiance of the law they do so, the California Department of Public Health must reject any such altered applications, as was properly done in 2004 by the Office of Vital Records. Any attempt to circumvent these laws, absent a change in the laws governing these forms and the process for their use, is dangerous and unconstitutional.

Thank you for respecting the California Constitution, in this vitally important matter.

Ken Bradford Davis, California —eclaire

2008-06-12 07:40:31   I will no longer be shopping at Ken's due to this narrow minded and destructive letter. —anotherkate

2008-06-12 07:59:39   Ken's response to my letter re discrimination against gay people: "The last I heard, freedom of speech, even political speech, was an important freedom in this country. While it's not my native country, it is my chosen country, and I from time to time exercise my rights to communicate with elected officials. My personal positions cannot be easily characterized, they are very "liberal" on some issues and very "conservative" on others. Incidentally, I am a registered non-partisan voter and vote my conscience in each election independently.

But at no time do I allow my political views, whether or not I excercise my right to air them in private or public, to affect how I treat friends, family or clients whose views or choices differ from my own; I think you would be very hard-pressed to find anyone who disputes this. Honestly."

The letter from "Tim" seems to disprove this. I will no longer be shopping at this shop either.


  • 'The letter from "Tim"' reference was removed, replaced, and then removed again for some reason. Here it is again:

2008-06-12 06:38:55 As a past-president of the Davis Bike Club and a gay man I can assure you that Ken Bradfors is NOT a support of us. This letter in no way surprises me. I had nothing but trouble dealing with Ken on a professional basis for DBC business after he knew I was gay. He also owns the religious book store next door to his bike shop if you didn't know.



—{Martin King}

2008-06-12 12:09:31   Hm. My lousy customer service experiences at Ken's could have been due to the rainbow pin on my bag, but I kind of suspect they had more to do with my being female. I mean really: talking to my (male) partner instead of me when I'm the one with questions and grease under my nails? Unacceptable. —LizPhillips

2008-06-13 18:02:24   Misogynist homophobe? Hmmm. This business ought to do really well in Davis...not. —AHoffmann

  • To be fair, I have no idea if I've ever met Ken himself. I definitely had a run of bad luck with the service, though. - LizPhillips

2008-06-15 07:24:37   I was in to Ken's last week looking for a replacement for my recently-stolen bike. I was helped by somebody named Erik. He did a great job of listening to what I'm looking for and fitting me into the perfect bike for a test ride. I told him about a few other bikes I've tested at other shops, and he looked them up on the Internet to help me compare specs. I've also talked with a few other workers at times in the past, and it's my experience that all of these folks really know their field, they stand by their product, and they care that the customer is satisfied. One thing not mentioned in the page above is that all bikes come with a free tune-up. —TheAmazingLarry

2008-06-16 21:36:18   Remember that he expressed this political opinion in a proper, rational manner. If he were organizing an anti-gay rally, or protesting on the quad, if he even had a sign in his store window encouraging us to vote against gay marriage, I wouldn’t ever bring my bike back. He wrote a letter that doesn’t attack gay people intrinsically, or inciting anything other than a political change. If writing a political letter is enough to cause someone to be ostracized, who among us is without such a sin? Have you, who ask us to boycott, ever written a letter in favor of gay marriage? Your own standards demand that no literal ‘Christian’ ever do business with you, yet this wonderful opportunity for marriages wouldn’t exist without letters that some of us wrote in favor of it.

What should democracy look like if writing to disagree leads to ostracizing someone’s business? Personally, I’m glad that our county has strong supporters of equal marriage, but I would worry if I have to ask what church someone belongs to before I fix my bike or buy a movie ticket. If anyone has evidence that he (or anyone else) espouses hate or violence, or harasses gays or others, I’ll leave my favorite bike store, because that is wrong. Until then, count me out. If we majority react this strongly to political letters, how would minority opinions ever be heard – and just a few years ago, equal marriage and global warming were minority opinions that would have been hard to support if writing a letter caused our neighbors to ostracize us. —NotTires

  • I don't think there is any talk of ostracizing anyone. It's more about what kind of person Ken Bradford is and whether one wishes to abet him by patronizing his stores. Many people don't like the idea of helping this sort of religious zealot with his anti-gay work and I think they are entitled to decide where to spend their money based on whatever criteria they choose. -Martin King

Not sure if I'm editing this correctly. I'll try... I've given Ken's loads of business over the years and have always enjoyed their service and pricing. But I'll be shopping around for a different bike shop after learning about this letter. Sorry to say, but that's how I roll.

2008-07-15 15:38:38   In the past, I've enjoyed shopping here (and the Open Bible). However, I can't support a business owned by someone who doesn't believe in equal rights regardless of gender. —jsg718

2008-07-29 00:59:32   For those looking to purchase bikes elsewhere, Mike's Bikes sells most of the brands that this place does. I have chosen not to give them my business because of their poor judgement in mixing business with personal beliefs. I can not support someone who runs a business in this manner. —BrandonBarrette

2008-08-06 17:05:52   I'm new to Davis and went here looking for a bike. The man that helped me seemed pretty unprofessional in his attitude and demeanor. He also proceeded to flirt with me and say degrading things about another bike shop I said I had been looking at, going as far as to spread rumors about people who work there, with a strong homophobic undertone (all the time obviously not realizing that I was gay). Needless to say, I had a bad feeling and left as soon as possible.

A few days later, I remembered that while I was there I asked to have a bike set up for me so I could test ride it, and they said they would call within a day when it was set up. It's been a week and still, no call. Obviously I already got a bike elsewhere, but it just shows how little consideration they have for potential customers.

They might have slightly better prices and coupons, but think about where your money is going to. I am willing to pay slightly more so that my money doesn't go to a misogynistic, homophobic business. You need to feel good about the business you are patronizing, and Ken's is sorely lacking in my opinion. I advise people to uphold their ethical standards and shop elsewhere for their biking needs. —ErinMasterson

2008-08-06 20:33:27   I had a terrible experience at Ken's. I told them I just wanted something that would get me around town easily on long trips, as I live out in BFE. They messure me and everything and tell me I need a 19 inch bike (I'm 5'4"). I try to get up on it and can bearly put my leg over the bike. Then they tell me to stand over the cross bar; when I do I'm on my tip toes and my crotch is right on the cross bar. The guy says looks good. You have got to be kidding me!!! Luckily some other sales guy saw this and came over and got me on a smaller bike, but it still wasn't a good experience. I felt like they were just trying to take advantage of someone who had no idea what was going on and unnecesarily sell me a very expensive bike. Needless to say, I left in tears and I will never go back. —bella1981

2008-08-06 21:28:55   I got a bike tune-up here maybe a month or so ago. I was going to get the most expensive tune-up, but the guy I talked to said I didn't really need that and I should go for the basic tune-up. I appreciate the fact that they were honest about that. The work they did was great. However, they never would have called me to pick up my bike, had I not called them after a week of waiting— they had misspelled my last name as "Hieth" and filed it under H. So, you win some, lose some, I guess.

I always get nostalgic for Marvelli's when I go there. —MaryLieth

2008-08-06 22:33:59   Ken's Bike n Ski is not a cult, church, radical group (left or right), etc. it is a group of people of all kinds who share a love for bikes, snowsports and many other things. We at any given time have 25+ employee with about 15-20% of us who actually plan on living in Davis for more than 4 years. Ken's opinions do not represent his employees and he has never tried to push any views or opinions on any of us. As a matter of fact it is usually a surprise when someone first finds out that he owns the Open Bible next door(Ken doesn't make it well known). Ken only preaches customer service to us. We hire men, women, all races, all sexual preferences, married, not married, educated, not educated, responsible, not responsible, etc. We try to help everyone the best we can but as in any group you have nincompoops and we do have bad days. We are probably one of the only shop that has female mechanics and I know we have had and have people of many "alternative" lifestyles. So cut us some slack, KBS is not one person with one opinion, we are a bunch of people who respect each other, their opinions and our customers whoever they may be. —Sheldon

Ken owns the Open Bible eh? You learn something new everyday. —StevenDaubert

Whoa... he hires people who are not responsible? I also like how a flood of negative reviews came after the fact that the owner does not support gay marriage was revealed. —hankim

2008-09-23 11:03:54   Ken's Bike and Ski is amazingly helpful and friendly! They don't try to sell you the most expensive bike or gear, they give you the options that will work for you and your particular bike. I personally found the manager Eric to be extremely helpful and even though I was holding him up after his hours he wasn"t rude or impatient. Ken's Bike and Ski is the best bike shop in Davis by far! —angelsgrl

2008-10-03 17:18:09   I always get great service there. I always come in for strange little odds and ends when I am working on my bikes and they are always very helpful. Staff in the shop seems very knowledgeable. They don't carry quite the selection of tools and parts that B&L does but their prices are much better. —jcoffman98

2008-10-06 12:40:46   Bad experience. Went there interested in buying a larger frame mtn bike. Knew they carried Specialized. Went with a roomate who is 6ft 4in and was new to town and needed a large bike to go to college. Had me try a small 19 inch frame bike, way too small, hated it. Had no large bike for my tall friend to try. Had him also try the 19 inch bike. Ridiculous. Sales person Patrick just talks AT you. The short guy is even worse. Not helpful, very unpleasant to have to listen to. I didn't want a too small bike. They trying to force their ill-informed point of view on us. They don't deserve to be a Specialized dealer. If they can't have frame sizes from 17 to 21in and 23 inches for customers to try they shouldn't be in business. —MikeH

2008-11-05 20:30:24   James Lane of this store donated money to the Yes on 8 campaign to eliminate the rights of gays to marry. —wunder1

See also criticism of this type of objection under Campaign ContributionsNotTires

  • Is James Lane an owner of Ken's Bike & Ski? If not, I don't see the purpose of this information being posted here unless it were an attempt to smear the shop. — CoffeeSnobDavis

2009-07-25 15:18:12   After taking my bike to a couple different shops and going through the worst service experience of my life at B&L, I finally was able to have my front wheel straightened at Kens Bike & Ski. My front wheel was bent so badly that I thought it was beyond repair. Kens Bike & Sky was able to straighten my wheel to near perfection in about ten-twenty minutes. B&L kept my bike for three days before they called me and said they would not even touch it because my front wheel was bent (duh) and they considered it a liability issue. Futhermore, when I went to pick my bike up from B&L, they hadn't even put it back together and they refused to do so .. though they had no issues taking it apart, so I had to do it myself. Kens Bike & Ski is by far the best bike shop I have been to and B&L is by far the worst. —RealComputers

2009-09-23 15:22:41   Last time I was there, I went in to replace my cassette. Person in the bike repair helped me find a suitable cassette (SRAM 8 speed) and even installed it for free!

The only thing I'd hold negatively is that when I went there to get a new chain and told them that my chain and cassette was at least 4 years old, I kinda wished the guy had suggested to replace the cassette as well, I had to find out myself (yeah, perhaps I should have known), nothing big, but it would have prevented some frustration later as my new chain skipped on my old cassette. Probably just a one time thing.

Overall though, Ken's is the place I still go over B&L and other places. —theyangster

2009-09-30 12:08:43   Great customer service and a surprisingly large selection of parts not found in other stores (things like ChainBoards or a good selection of bullhorns). Recommended! —Oleg.Lokhvitsky

2009-10-07 10:30:18   My boyfriend and I just moved to Davis in August. We drove across the country (he came from NY, picked me up in IL) with his bike attached to the roof. We stopped to spend the night in Salt Lake, and he didn't clear the metal frame of the parking structure. His bike was bent out of alignment, it looked pretty bad. When we got to Davis, we went to Ken's to have it fixed. The mechanic fixed in on the spot in about 5 seconds. He didn't charge us for it at all. This weekend I bought a bike from a woman who was moving. I honestly don't know much about bikes, but I know that I need a light and a helmet if I want to survive. So I stopped into B&L since I had been at the post office. They were out of stock of most lights and no one offered to help me, even though there were very few other customers. So I thought, hey, they were friendly at Ken's, I'll go there. The woman who helped me was very friendly and helped me find a helmet that fit and a light that actually emits light. Great service and friendly staff. It's too bad that Ken doesn't support marriage equality. I came in wearing a bag with a pin commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and a white knot for equality and still got excellent service. So perhaps it's just Ken, and not the entire staff, that express those sentiments. —lauraAsmith

2009-10-08 16:34:54   My experience at Ken's was great. they've repaired my bike at half the cost of what other bike shops were asking, and they were honest about what needed to be done. I've also bought a pair of brake pads from them, nd they gave me a quality pair of brakes without trying to push me into having them install them. Additionally, they have great compassion for customers, i walked in today to get a replacement bolt that holds my brake cable to the caliper and the repair guy gave me the bolt i needed without charge, so nice! —Helios38

2009-11-04 10:03:51   I felt completely ripped off. I bought pedals from them the other day, and I found the same pedals at another bike shop downtown for 65% the price. Never go to this place, they market their merchandise at unreasonably high rates. What's worse is that the clerk at Ken's told me that I wasn't going to find the same pedals at a lower price. This is just as bad as the Bike Barn. —ThanhVu

2009-11-22 19:18:55   I recently went into Ken's Bike & Ski because it's right next to the co-op and I love bikes. I ended up picking up some new handlebars and having some work done on my old bike - adjusting the brakes, putting the handlebars on, rewrapping the bars, replacing some cables. They were faster than their estimate, the work was done really well, and the bike looked awesome. Tim was the mechanic that worked on my bike and he took a bunch of time to talk to me about everything and was overall totally awesome. He also helped me pick out a new saddle for the bike, and when we figured out that the seatpost wasn't compatible, he got that ordered for me too. The wait is a little long for ordering parts, but they were totally up front about that so no worries. Overall I had an awesome experience at Ken's, found their mechanics cool and attitude-free, and everyone was really friendly and awesome. I'll definitely be going back there for any bike related needs and will probably rent some snowboard equipment there this winter too. awesome! —amandabean

2010-01-05 18:09:10   I've been going to Ken's (occasionally) for years and have had only good experiences. My wife and I have been in together quite a few times in the past few years, since she bought her new bike there, and they never talk down to her, or talk to me instead of her. They do sometimes either forget to call or take longer than their estimate (not sure which), but the service is otherwise so good that it doesn't bother me. I'd love to see them upgrade to an electronic recordkeeping system, since that might speed things up a bit and avoid some of those problems, but again, it doesn't bother me.

Until reading the reviews here, I had no idea about Ken's views on gay marriage. While I disagree with him strongly, it doesn't change the fact that he runs an excellent business and (from my experience) treats his customers well. So long as that continues to be the case, I'll continue to do business here.

I would be appalled if someone suggested that I refuse to patronize a store because the proprietor was gay, or pro-gay marriage. By the same token, I find it rather dismaying that people are suggesting the same thing because Ken expressed his beliefs in a respectful way through the appropriate channels. —TomGarberson

2010-03-03 15:19:07   Enterprise reporter looking to head up to Northstar or Sierra this weekend to capture local ski/snowboard feature story. If you think you've got something good, ring me at 747-8052 or email me at [email protected]jon.edwards

2010-03-29 16:44:46   I've been to Ken's before and it was alright, but I am now in favor of completely boycotting the business if Ken is truly against marriage equality. Boycotting the buses helped to achieve relative equality for blacks during the era of segregation; I recommend similar tactics today in order to support gay rights. It's peaceful protest, and let's face it, money talks. —ScottMeehleib

2010-05-13 19:02:44   Two experiences — first time, Ken's gave me a quote on repairs that was about 1/2 what I was quoted at B&L. Second, I went in today to get my bike tuned and a busted spoke replaced, and the technician 1) talked me out of the more expensive tune-up, saying I didn't need it yet; 2) gave me an assessment on my tire tread wear that indicated that I did not yet need to replace them; and 3) when I said the bike was my commute cycle, agreed to turn it around with same-day service. Whatever Ken's political views, he certainly runs an honest and efficient shop. —Virginia

2010-05-20 17:09:34   I referred a friend to this shop and we took a deceased friend's bike in for repairs. My friend asked that any replaced items be saved, specifically requesting (twice) that the back tire be returned. The original items were thrown into the trash against these requests. The staff felt no need to apologize for tossing his belongings.

That's a poor way to treat someone. I regret recommending their service. I live around the corner, and I'll be going somewhere else from now on. —EdwardRiggins

2010-05-21 10:49:36   I recently took a bike in for repair that has been loaned to me for the time I am in grad school. I have therefore been entrusted with its safe keeping and maintenance. When I took it in for repair at Ken's Bike and Ski, I specifically requested that they keep the rear wheel that was being replaced. I wanted to keep all parts for the original owner of the bicycle, as they are not mine to discard. Well, despite asking the technician TWICE to keep the wheel (and after receiving confirmation from him BOTH times that he would do so), when I got my bike back after being repaired, the wheel was nowhere to be found. When pressed, none of the employees could explain what happened, and none of them offered even the slightest apology or desire to remedy the situation. In fact, the person I talked to tried to make it sound like it must have been my fault ("are you sure you asked?") or no one's fault at all ("he must not have heard you")...DEFINITELY not their fault, though. Remember, when I brought the bike in for repair, I asked the guy TWICE to keep the wheel and he confirmed my request TWICE.

So I am left with good repairs (thank you), but am without one part that I specifically asked to keep, simply because someone neglected my incredibly simple request. So, I guess Ken's Bike and Ski is only "serious about your fun". Too bad they're not serious about simple customer requests being fulfilled. —eganio

2010-05-24 13:05:48   A follow-up to my last comment (immediately above): when I said the repairs on my bike were done well, I was going by appearance only, and was VERY mistaken. I feel foolish for having given these jokers the benefit of the doubt.

When I got on my "repaired" bike and rode it 3 blocks, I almost pitched forward over the handlebars because the chain got caught and froze when I tried to pedal forward after a stop sign. When I inspected to try and locate the problem, not only was my frame still bent (after I asked the folks at Ken's Bike and Ski to fix that), causing the chain to become entangled in the derailleur when I tried to shift gears, but the wheel itself was mounted very loosely, and was about to come completely off. I therefore have no idea what the geniuses at Ken's Bike and Ski did with my bike while it was in their hands...they may as well have sat there and stared at it. It would actually have been better for them to just sell me the new parts, at which point I could have gone somewhere else to have REAL professionals install them. This means there is no reason to go here at all, since other proprietors sell the same parts and equipment.

In short, this is a highly amateur establishment that seems more concerned with selling new equipment than assuring quality in their services or in satisfying their customers. My first (and guaranteed last) experience at Ken's Bike and Ski was terrible. Honestly, I will NEVER return to this store. —eganio

2010-06-05 15:51:08   We were so happy with our experience at Ken's. The staff member, Eric, who worked with us was very patient and answered all of our many questions. He was clearly an expert in the field and even let our Davis student try out many bikes before she made a decision. We are so pleased with the quality of the bike and thrilled with our purchase. The whole store was well run and considerate of our needs. Thank you Ken's! —Schools

2010-07-10 17:03:56   Ken's is AMAZING!! Their staff are so great and helpful. I've been to them to try out a bunch of bikes and the person I talked to was extremely informative. They were also completely understanding when my u-lock was cut through and my bike was stolen. They helped me out in every way they could. Ken's employees always seem to care more about providing a helpful service to their customers over just making a sale. Their selection of bikes and accessories are also great!! —avbarr11

2010-08-11 22:51:26   WORSE buying experience ever! They sold me a $500 bike based on what I told them about my purpose for buying. The very next day after less than 40 minutes ride I got a flat tire. Had to walk back home part of the way and then call for a ride to come nd get me back the rest of the way. Took the bike back to them for the repair. Regardless of the warranty that they talked about the repair guy asking for fee to repair. Very rude, unprofessional with attitude. when complained about their policy telling me to "Zip it".Based on this I decided to return the bike the manager ( Eric) is asking $75 "restocking fee!" when there is less that 24 hours that I bought the bike and have not even use it more than 40 minute. Unbelievable. Not backing up their product, in it to rip people off. I do not recommend this place to anyone. Disrespectful. Super poor customer service. Inapproriate. —kayvanhaddadan

Flats happen. It's just something you have to deal with when you ride a bicycle. As long as the flat wasn't some pinch flat from the tube being stuck between the bead of the tire and the rim, they aren't to blame for your flat. If you ran over a nail the day after you bought a new car, would you blame the dealership and demand they fix it for free? Anyway, flats are easy to fix yourself. A decent set of tire irons and a patch kit will cost you less than $5. Why don't you head over to Bike Forth and learn how to patch the flat yourself? This certainly won't be the last flat you'll get and having the bike shop patch you up every time will get really expensive. —WilliamLewis

If you bought a new Honda Accord and got a flat on the way home, would you insist that the dealer fix it for free, and then if they didn't, tell them that you wanted to return the car? —jimstewart

2010-08-13 23:11:48   I think william and Jim did not get my point. I did not blame anyone for the flat, actually I took the bike for repair. The way the repair guy (I do not remember his name) handled it was with total disrespect and that was what made me to return the bike as I did not want a possibility in future to deal with this guy again. And then with thier policy for restocking fee which was not explained to me before I ended up using the bike (with unsatisfaction I might add) for 40 minutes and be charged $80 for it the next day after I bought it. Even the money is not the issue but their improper interaction made it a WORSE buying experience. Not to mention that it should have been their job as so called "bike experts" to offer a liner or antitorn tire or tube especially after I described the purpose of me buying the bike but they did not. The only important thing for them was to sell the bike and if it is returned who cares they will get their "restocking fee" doing nothing. They are unprofessional and I will do my best to raise awareness to whoever I know to avoid doing business with these people.If you don't like to be dissatisfied with your bike buying experience avoid going to their store. They do not care about the customer's fun as they calim but the customer's money and does not matter to them how to take it this is my impression from dealing with them which is very unfortunate. —kayvanhaddadan

They didn't try to charge you $80. They tried to charge you to fix a flat. You're the one who threw a hissy fit about it. It sounds to me like you only had to pay 80 bucks because you were too stubborn to pay for the flat to be fixed. About the restocking fee: 1. they have to fix your flat anyway, so that means that you had to pay for it to get fixed; 2. presumably, they made all kinds of adjustments on the bike to make it perfect just for your rump to sit on. They have to undo all of that; 3. because they probably made those adjustments for free when you bought a new bike, when you returned the bike they may have gone back and charged you for them. You just went from a paying customer to an annoyance — no more free tune-ups. Next time you get a flat, fix it yourself. It takes 10 minutes. Come to Bike Forth and we'll teach you how for free. One of the great advantages that bikes have over cars is that so much of the labor can be done by the owner. —TrueHatch

2010-08-16 10:50:17   It seems like you are either the owner or somebody in that bike shop, then you exactly know what the problem was and twisting the facts is just so pitty. You have already proven the fact that rudeness and being impolite is running in that store with your comment. You know more than anybody that there were no special assembly made for my needs. The only thing was that the appropriate size of the bike was not available in the store. It is unfortunate to have such a business in Davis that does not know the 101 of customer service and tries to twist the fact to make their wrong doings justifiable instead of simply appologize for their mistake. I would recommend everybod in that store take a basic course in customer service as it would come in handy and also to be honest in the business, I have seen your true colors on the second visit and you could not fool me no more. Thanks God that there is lots of options to buy a bike or fix it in Davis. —kayvanhaddadan

2010-08-20 14:29:38   Amazing experience!! My wife and I are relatively new to Davis and to biking, and both needed a new bike. After some research and shopping around several shops in Davis, we ended up purchasing both of our bikes at Ken's. Their selection for the type of bikes that we were looking for (commuter/town) was the best in town, the prices were *very* good, and best of all, the service was fantastic. We spent more than 3 hours at the shop, rode about a dozen bikes, and could not have been more pleased with the service. The guy helping us, Joe, was super knowledgeable, equally friendly, and seemed genuinely interested in finding bikes that fit our needs and our budget. Super nice guy and zero sales pressure. Five star shop! —BMoore

2010-08-26 01:40:01   Great place to go if you want bike stuff at good prices without going online. Staff is quite nice too. —HarrisonM

2010-09-04 15:46:07   Kens is my favorite bike shop in Davis. They have a wide selection of bikes for different skill levels. The staff is always friendly and helpful. My wife just bought a bike there, and we have had a very good experience. George was very helpful, he made sure she had the right size and that it was adjusted properly. When she found the saddle to be uncomfortable, George helped to get one that fit her better and adjusted it along with the handle bars to make riding more comfortable. Definitely the best bike shop in Davis. —ScottMauger

2010-09-12 17:19:22   Every time I've been to Ken's, they are super helpful. The last time I came in here, 9/03/10, the mechanic went over all my repair solutions so that I could determine which is the most cost-effective one. I like that they are open late, and they don't make fun of me for not knowing how to fix my own flat tires. I don't know what kayvanhaddadan is talking about, the staff is always friendly and never rude. The mechanics always remember me and are really sweet. Nothing but love for the Ken's staff. I just wish my bike would break more often so I would have an excuse to come in here more often. —CalamityJanie

2010-09-24 16:50:49   WOW! Great experience. I brought my bike today to the Bike Barn on campus, because I had a flat tire. They told me it would take 7-10 days, and estimated $18+ on my ticket. So, I took it to Ken's instead. It took 15 minutes and was $15. AWESOME! And in addition to fixing my flat they tightened up my brakes, handlebars, and kickstand, and it even looks cleaner, all for no extra charge. Next time I have a bike problem, I'm definitely taking it there first. —zombiek

2010-09-26 17:23:30   Good experience here. The salesman listened to what I was looking for(as I didn't know the first thing about bike types) and didn't pressure me into a particular type. Other bike stores tried to pressure me into a cruiser or a super expensive road bike. I now happily own a Specialized Hybrid. —Kipusa

2010-10-14 15:13:28   I brought my bike here for repair. They repair guy broke something while fixing it, and then charged me for the new part. I didn't make a fuss, as I just wanted to get out of there, and I don't mind that he broke something (accidents happen), I don't even mind that he didn't apologise, but I was miffed that he would charge me for his negligence. —SteveDavison

2010-12-01 13:17:01   Ken's Bike & Ski got a shout-out in the American Express radio commercials that aired in the Bay Area for Small Business Saturday on 11/27/10. It was a little bit thrilling. —ElleWeber

2011-02-21 15:14:53   My experience with Ken's (equipment rental) was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE, and I definitely would not recommend it. The equipment itself was average, but do not expect any understanding or accommodation if things don't work out properly. Our never made it up, and we wanted to reschedule for the next weekend. Rather than hearing us out, we were charged for our rentals (never taken out of the car) and were treated in a very condescending way. At several points I was told "This is a pretty simple concept, and if you can't grasp that *chuckles* well..." I certainly won't be doing business with them ever again, and to any new consumers, I suggest you find somewhere else to do business. —AlexMcFall

  • Wait... did you have the equipment in your possession, preventing them from renting it to someone else? If so, of course they would charge you. What you do with the equipment (or fail to do with it) is up to you. At best they might have offered you a discount on the subsequent rental, just to smooth things over and make the customer happy, but I would not say that they were obligated to do so. —CovertProfessor

2011-02-22 09:40:44   @CovertProfessor, I completely agree. I completely understand why they had to charge us. The reason I rated my experience as horrible (and why I will never be going back again) is because I was treated with condescension and disrespect. As you mentioned, a discount or at least a "There's nothing that can be done" would have been appreciated. Instead, I was mocked, and left very dissatisfied. —AlexMcFall

2011-06-16 20:27:40   Ken's is quite simply the best bike shop in Davis. Lowest prices in town, best tire selection in town, best accessories selection in town, and best repair shop EVER. The whole shop has a very friendly homey vibe, everyone is extremely helpful and nice. If you need repair work done, talk to Tim in the back, he's the best, he'll be the guy probably wearing brown and truing a wheel at the counter. Awesome shop. —GSpencer

2011-06-30 23:15:23   compare with wheelworks, their service is poor. when i tried to get my first road bike in 2010 spring, they just throw me a bike, never do any fitting things for me. on the other hand, wheelworks put me on the trainer, and step by step help me for fitting before test ride. —jayhsu

  • When I bought my bike from them years ago, they were very service-oriented. Weird. —hankim

2011-07-20 09:10:05   Best bike shop in Davis. I took my piece of crap bike in and they did a full tune-up, replaced the tires, chain, brake pads, and more stuff that I don't know the name of. They were really helpful and got it all done in just a few days and called me right when it was done. And they gave me a really really good deal on the whole thing. I was still having some trouble with my front break when I took it home(because it's always been messed up and I had stopped using it) so I brought it back in the next day and talked to a different mechanic. He didn't hesitate to work on it right there with me and explained to me what the problem was and what adjustments he was making. He said if I still wasn't happy with it after that, to come back and he'd be happy to work on it some more. There was no need, as soon as I left I could tell it was perfect. I would recommend them 100%. —BarbiBeegle

2011-09-05 22:57:45   Thank you, Ken's for being a truly neighborhood bike store!! We had just ran a 10K race and came back to find my tire flat. The guy up front was super cool; helped us find a tube and let us borrow a tire iron to fix it. We will always recommend your store to our friends. —DebWestergaard

2011-09-17 18:54:02   I've been here for a few bike-related purchases, including shopping around for a new road bike. They've got a decent selection of bike-related supplies in here at competitive prices. However, I haven't been really impressed with their service. The few interactions I've had with the service department haven't inspired great confidence in their abilities, and their bike fitting service is best avoided. They use some laser-guided measurement technique for fitting, which sounds high-tech, but as best as I can tell it's a crutch for employees that haven't been trained how to properly fit out bikes by hand (as they'll do at Wheelworks or Freewheeler or several of the other good shops in town). Also, they're pretty conservative in the sort of test rides they'll let you out on when shopping for a new bike. They let me take one of their road bikes out for a 10 minute spin, but if I wanted to try it out for longer, I'd have to pay $65 to rent it out for a day (which they'd take off the purchase price if I ultimately bought it). The other shops I've tried in town let me go out as long as needed, even encouraging me to take each bike out for 10 miles (not minutes) at a minimum, all for free. When you're looking to buy a fairly pricey bike, a 10 minute ride really doesn't give you enough of a sense of how the bike rides. At the other shops, it really seems like the staff wanted me to purchase the best bike for my needs, but I didn't get that sense at Ken's. —TrayBiasiolli

2011-11-14 14:19:42   I have been going to Kens for ski equipment and clothes for the last few years and they are a great store to have in town for this stuff. The staff are always very good to my kids who need gear updates yearly to keep up with their growth. Also, they let the kids sit and even ride on the bikes while we wait to get them fitted out. Whenever we need a new bike or repair we bring it here as well as they have a very fast turnaround and are so nice to work with! Thanks to the nice folks who work here and I look forward to continuing to be customers for years to come. —TheBurns

2011-12-23 12:57:14   I have come here for all my flat tires— 3 or 4 in the past 4 years (is that normal or do I have bad luck?). They have always been so kind and helpful, and their fixes are inexpensive. It's nice too that they show you the crazy things they pull out of the tires that made them go flat. They came highly recommended to me by my friend and I would recommend their fix-it shop to anyone. —ActionFigureBarbie

2012-04-28 19:12:11   Just bought new skis and binding from Ken's and the experience couldn't have been better. The knowledgeable staff took the time to figure out the best set up for me, asking plenty of questions about my skiing preferences and explaining why they made the suggestions they did. The ski and board tech invited me to stick around the shop while he put the bindings on and prepared the skis for me, needless to say I learned a lot and felt totally welcome to ask any questions. Overall, loved the experience and got a great end-of-season deal. I'm coming back here in the future and would most definitely recommend Ken's to anyone I know. —CallaLily

2012-07-26 17:35:24   Why do business with anti-gay religious fundamentalists when there are many other choices? —grzyb

2012-07-29 13:42:29   To the above comment. Ken's Bike and Ski hires people from ALL backgrounds and beliefs. If you have ever been in the store you would realize that. —GSpencer


2013-03-24 09:56:00   Ken's bike and Ski is awesome!!!!!!!! They saved my morning by letting me use tools and a tire pump free when I got a flat at the Co-op and the bike repair station proved non-functional for my needs. The repair folks are fast, skilled and honest - they'll tell you what you can fix yourself, give you diff. cost options for repairs, etc. What a great, trustworthy business. —emmes

2013-07-19 14:31:45   I created an account here just to rave about Ken's. These guys are the best! We rented bikes for the Vineman 70.3 last weekend and the bikes came in tip-top condition, plus extras like a frame pump, extra tube, etc. Special thanks to Tim for being so helpful and considerate. —MaxineKwan

2013-10-25 10:29:54   I've been coming here for years and had nothing but good experience with the service at Ken's. The other day I came in half an hour before closing with an unusual problem. I spent a few minutes mulling over possible solutions with Ben, the mechanic, and he ended up grinding down a part for me and solving the problem. They didn't even charge for it! Ken's seems to have a lot of the obscure tools needed for older bikes that none of the other shops have, as well as experienced mechanics who have been there a long time. I trust them completely to work on my bikes. —keraunoscopia

2014-08-14 12:17:25   Very nice service from mechanics Paul, Kimo and Bobby. Thanks especially to Bobby for showing me how to do some fine-adjusting on my derailleurs to keep them operating smoothly and to reduce wear-and-tear on the cogs. —stephthrasher