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The sole goal of King Properties, Inc. is to provide the city of Davis with the highest quality rental service. Operating in Davis since 1981 and voted as the only Davis based company to be in the top ten rental management firms by the Sacramento Business Journal for three consecutive years, King Properties, Inc. sets the standard for variety, professionalism, innovation, and experience. We tailor fit our management services for each individual owner in order to maintain the quality of your property and to locate the best applicant for your property. Our staff works diligently to realize the expectations of our renters and help them find their ideal home. We at King Properties Inc. will help our owners and our renters to create a successful and mutually advantageous relationship.

We can assist you with all of your rental needs whether you are the owner of a rental unit or you are a potential renter seeking a new place to call home. Our company provides services for houses, duplexes, condos, apartments as well as Sabbatical rentals

What's your experience with King Properties?

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2005-03-01 12:00:06   They were pretty good most of the time. It did take over a week to get our a/c fixed, but I think it had more to do with the owners than the property management. Best rental experience/roommate experience I've had in college except maybe the dorms. —AlphaDog

2005-04-22 16:41:03   they suck...they let rats infest your house and refuse to do upkeep and matinence —SweetFranklin

1) they are ageist: if you are a college student, they refuse to take you seriously 2) they do not care if there are rats in your house: as far as they are concerned they will ignore the problem until the last possible moment 3) what is maintenance? they obviously do not know, cause they never do it 4) do not keep their word: if they tell you they are going to do something, they probably will not 5) THEY LOVE RATS!!!

2005-04-25 18:07:16   i have had bad experiences with king properties. i was applying for a house, trying to take over a lease from a friend, and every time i went in or talked to them on the phone, i got a completely different story. which, of course, resulted in our not getting this amazing and totally awesome house and pissing us the hell off. plus now we're out 75 bucks because the rest of their properties are total dumps. —DanielMedinaCleghorn

2005-09-14 11:37:00   I lost a really great opportunity to live with nice roommates in a wonderful house because King Properties does not consider student grants and loans to be valid income. This is a university town what are they thinking; is this even legal? —DamonCline

2006-06-04 09:25:45   I think they did a great job while renting from them. I was a college age student and did not suffer any ageism as previously posted. Thanks for a good experience, King Properties. —KaraLotta

2007-06-11 22:07:32   Be prepared to document EVERYTHING you do with this company. By this I mean take pictures, ask for receipts, and ask for any correspondance to be in writing. They have double charged or charged for something myself and my roommates were not responsible for paying (such as damages that were in place prior to our moving in to the rental property). They are responsive and nice, but if you are considering renting from them, be warned that they are really BAD at bookkeeping. Also, our house was really, really dirty when we first moved in. Do not be afraid to ask for them to pay for a thorough cleaning, as they will expect you to do the same when you move out. —JillBenciWoodward

2008-01-13 15:46:03   After I moved out of one of their apartments, they sent me a bill for $200 for additional cleaning they said was needed. I disagreed; I didn't pay; nothing ever happened. —KeithRancor

2008-02-03 14:21:47   I moved out of a duplex managed by King Properties. We lived there 2 years, and they tried to keep $1,000 of the security deposit. They charged for EVERYTHING, including painting (although the place had not been painted in 6+ years), and also charged $500 for cleaning. When we moved in, the place had not been cleaned (the carpet hadn't even been cleaned), and we had a cockroach, rat, and bee infestation (the yard maintenance crew would not do any work for a month until the bees were taken care of). We had to clean the entire place upon move-in, and I took before and after pictures and noted everything on our move-in checklist.

When we moved out, I requested a move-out inspection, which they scheduled a month before we moved. I pointed out that we wouldn't have anything moved out yet, and they said that was ok. Their move-out inspection consisted of a lady coming over (a half hour late), and handing me a move-out inspection checklist. Then she left, without looking at anything. The checklist said basic things: clean your place, clean the oven, mop the floors, etc.

When we moved, we had been living without a heater for a year (they kept trying to fix it, but it never worked), I had to have my treadmill motor replaced because a rat had peed on it, and we also made a lot of upgrades to the place (my fault for not documenting the repairs, although we did document everything else). We were very clean, we didn't smoke, we hung about 3 things on the wall, and we left the place in great condition.

I disputed the charges, and got around $500 of the $1000 back, but after the initial refund they stopped responding to all further correspondence. I just let it go because I had graduated and started working, and I was too busy to keep at it. I still feel pretty ripped off, and as a Davis homeowner, I will never hire that company to manage any of my properties. I firmly believe they take advantage of students, who are unaware of their rights. —AmyG

2008-04-10 15:09:20   AWFUL people. Krissy Palata who is the boss there is always incredibly rude and cranky no matter how sweet you are to them. The worst thing about King properties (besides the terrible way in which they treat their college student residents) is that they ALWAYS try to cheat you. They took a $2,750 deposit for our house, which was in bad shape, had no carpet, one bathroom, bad paint job, etc. which we cleaned pretty well and they only gave us $1000 back! They illegaly never explained themselves, writing things like $500 -cleaning, when legally they are required to write out each thing they are charging for and provide copies of work orders, receipts, etc. When they came in to inspect our house a week before we moved out, the woman said it looked pretty good we just needed to mop. Then how can you charge us $500 for cleaning? There wasn't even carpet cleaning! Then, our friends that moved into our old house told us it wasn't even clean. Typical king properties. The other things they took off were unfounded and unfair. I hate them, stay clear from them and krissy...these people disgust me. —lovedavis124

2008-09-27 21:30:12   Like the vast majority of the posts on this page, I have nothing good to say about King Properties. They are terrible landlords: hard to contact, rude and unhelpful when you do contact them, and repeatedly dishonest about charges for utilities, deposits, and maintenance. If you can avoid renting one of their properties, you definitely should. It will save you a lot of frustration and money. —ESB

2008-10-10 17:53:18   The biggest problem with King Properties is that they're just plain incompetent. We send them detailed letters, and they ignore 90% of what we write. They claim to do an annual audit of your city utility bills, but they don't show you any numbers to support their claims. If you ask them for anything more complicated than the weather, they ignore you completely. It's terrible. —tokai

2008-10-14 12:00:29   Count me amongst those who have been RIPPED OFF by the likes of King Properties and their despicable practices.

Avoid anything of theirs at all costs. They will OVERCHARGE you for nameless things, and by the time you get what meager leftovers of your deposit back, you know exactly which building you're gonna go and piss on come the next picnic day. As far as I'm concerned, King Properties is a group of fat criminals who take advantage of college residents. I bet these incompetent sacks of crap at the office will vote for Palin because she reminds them of themselves.

I advise everyone to further review King Properties via. Google maps. Spread the word. —MK

2008-11-06 13:22:32   I would look for another management company if possible. I have rented from numerous companies in different cities and the majority are ethical professionals. King Properties is substandard in almost every respect. In short their policies are tenant-unfriendly. Before you receive a lease, you are asked to put up a very large "option" deposit which is nonrefundable. This suggests most of their properties aren't very nice and would be hard to re-let even in Davis. If you deal with them get everything in writing and be sure you receive copies. Before signing an agreement or handing over a deposit, check your lease carefully. Perform a thorough technical inspection of the property. Be sure all utilities, electrical, windows, etc. actually work as represented, and note down every problem so that you won't get dunned for things you didn't do. For maintenance requests or other correspondence, don't use their web portal unless you have some means to get a hard copy or save your correspondence. —grzyb

2009-04-16 15:32:02   King Properties, owned by Rebecca King, is the worst rental agency I have ever encountered. After dealing with them over a two year period, which resulted in unfounded repair and cleaning charges, exagerated painting costs, and a lawsuit by King Properties to intimidate out-of-town renters (which they dropped prior to the court date), I took the time to write letters to persons in Davis who might care about the image of the city and the university. In the end, King refused to return the security deposit and wanted more, claiming excessive wear and tear on a 60 year old tract house owned by a Florida slumlord. The Better Business Bureau has been contacted as well and a complaint will be filed. The rental property involved was very substandard for the Davis area, and rental of low quality, poorly appointed and shabby properties appears to be this company's expertise. Leasing from Rebecca King may result in loss of your security deposit when they assess "final charges" after the lease has terminated. Unless you are desperate and willing to live in squalid, worn out, and poorly maintained housing, select another property manager in Davis to serve your needs. I had to discover this the hard way. Do not make my mistake. —mauisun

2009-10-21 23:20:02   I've rented from 5 rental companies in various states and this is by far the worst rental agency I have ever experienced. They rip you off, lie to you, and do little to fix these problems. Beware... signing a lease with them is like signing your life away. The lack of professionalism is terrible and as others have stated, I moved into a house and still deal with cockroaches and rats. —VinnyT13


They will take at least a $100 out of your security deposit when you sublease for "paperwork fees". They constantly lose your paperwork and do not return your deposit on time. I have been waiting for two months to have my deposit returned and they still say that they cannot do it. They do not get back to you about anything and they obviously do not talk to each other because they constantly contradict what another person has said. They are quite willing to take your money and do not care if you get it back. Get copies of all paperwork from them or don't expect anything without a fight.

But basically avoid this company and all of the properties that they manage. —LeahW

2009-12-29 07:28:17   Some friends of mine had to take them to small claims court over their security deposit. King kept the full amount, iirc $2000 or so. The court required King to return the amount in full, plus costs. Shady, shady, shady. —TomGarberson

2010-01-01 14:30:53   not only do they rip off tenants, they rip off the landlords too! the staff there is ABSOLUTELY incompetent. they take money from both tenants & landlords. very dodgy. very shady. very cheeky. how many more synonyms do I need to describe them? —erika.m

2010-01-08 08:35:54   Terrible service- can't say that enough!! We flew in from Texas to view 3 properties. They called 2 hrs before appointment and cancelled. Apparently, there was no one else who could show the properties to us. No customer service - won't use them as a property management company. —hollyp

2010-03-03 08:53:01   As an out-of-state homeowner who hired King Properties to manage the rental of my Davis home, I can't tell you how much I regret this decision. Obviously I have fired them. They did manage repairs to the property, but totally ignored the curb appeal of my home once tenants were in. This house is on a busy street, easily monitored by KP, and the renters had a garbage can full of empty beer cans sitting in the front yard and other trash littering the place. I agree with other comments about the unprofessionalism of the office staff....they seem to be in their own little world. The message comes through that they don't care about their tenants or their homeowners. Their record keeping is unclear and disorganized, with omissions and unexplained charges. I am paying now for their mistakes. —jbarryd

2010-03-29 19:16:52   I feel like I should contribute a positive note about this company (though I don't doubt the people who have left complaints here are quite justified). After living in one of their properties for a couple of years, we moved out, and we weren't able to be there for the final inspection. When we'd moved in two years prior, the walls were already painted different colors, and we didn't make any changes; however, when I got the deposit refund back, they'd kept $1000 for the cost of repainting all the walls white. It did take about six months to resolve, but at least part of that is because I moved out of town, started school, and wasn't terribly persistent about sending letters to check up on the issue. However, I will say that they agreed with my view right away, without requiring any proof that we left the walls in the same condition they were in when we first moved in. In the end, it sounded like they were having trouble getting the money out of the owner of the house. Rebecca (I think) called me to apologize, and sent me a check for $500 "from her personal account", saying that she'd get the other half to me by the end of the following month. Which she did, with a whole three days to spare ;)

Point is, I shouldn't have been charged in the first place, and it shouldn't have taken so long to get my refund, but they took me at my word that I was owed more money, and eventually followed through on getting the full amount to me. After reading the other comments here, I wasn't really expecting to see the second half of the money (it sounds like AmyG had a similar experience with a different outcome), so I was surprised and happy that they managed to do the right thing in the end. —zbrimhall

2010-04-19 14:47:52   I have not been a renter with King, since we ended up choosing an independently owned home to rent, but Lisa and Kelly at King were really professional in setting up houses to view. Kelly put together a list of five house for us to see that fit within our parameters, and when she got sick, someone else called the day before we were due to drive to Davis from the Bay Area, confirmed the schedule, improved it so it was more efficient, and told us to expect Lisa. Lisa was right on time on the day of our visits and was very nice and realistic about the properties (one was in bad shape and she didn't try to sugar coat it, and in fact noted the things about the places that might not work for us). She was friendly, encouraging and not pushy at all. We visited all five places in about two hours. It was a very positive experience. —EvaG

2011-02-03 20:35:38   I subleased an apartment from King over the summer and it was a nightmare. It seems like they can be polite and practice good business ethics with anyone but college students who live in Davis and who rent from them the most. The people on the phone were rude. The building had terrible plumbing to the point where the kitchen sink wouldnt drain for hours. The same problem with the bathrub. King sent out plumbers multiple times who just just used drain-o, and then King billed us for the plumbers. Finally someone came out and said the whole building had terrible plumbing and needed replacement, and I highly doubt King listened to that advice so my condolences to whoever lives there now. They inspected the complex the day after picnic day and sent a bill to all the tenants because of 'garbage'. I went into the King office at one point and the employees were just as rude and unhelpful to my face as they were over the phone. At one point one of them accused me of lying about who I was, and seemed to think I was not an actual tenant? In the end I was very happy it was only a short sublease considering this is the worst rental company I have come across in Davis. —cj2012aggie

2011-07-15 09:47:31   We applied for a property and paid the fees immediately. Waited 3 weeks and never got even a "No" from King despite asking them directly about it at the two week and three week mark. We put in applications elsewhere since they can not manage to give any answer at all. If they were not considering us because they want a family to move into a certain house instead of grad students then they should have told us. Instead, they just took our applications fees and sat back at their desks.

The last time I rented with King properties (6 years ago) there was a lawsuit initiated by a housemate regarding their violations of tenant right's—which they lost—guess things have not changed much. —CyraEmery

2011-07-19 22:14:38   I was really unhappy with my experience with them. I applied for a nice house that I was qualified to rent, and paid the application fee. I was the first application in and the first person to apply. Then I spent three weeks emailing them trying to get a yes or a no, and they kept just hedging and not giving me an answer. The house is still on the market, its been a month, and they never even said no. Screw you guys. —Sorrel

2011-07-21 09:23:48   the people at king properties have no morals whatsoever. my housemates and i applied for a house and were told that our application looked really promising and that we were one of the first few to turn in applications. we kept calling them for a whole month after, and they never gave us a straight answer until i called and demanded an answer. their answer was that they had already chosen tenants for that particular property (ages ago, it seemed.) so basically, all they do is keep the house on the market so that people apply and pay the $50/person application fee and they make money off of that! so messed up. and their attitude is horrendous! absolutely no respect for us, what, just because we're college students trying to find a place to live?! —xsnickerdoodle

2011-08-27 19:00:04   Great property management. We were leery leasing from them given their reputation as reflected on the wiki and through word of mouth around town. But they were above board on everything throughout our lease. They made repairs rapidly when needed, dealt with us fairly and respectfully, and only took minimal deductions out of our lease for cleaning ($60). We had vacuumed and mopped, etc, but hadn't done the stove, windows, and the big move out cleaning chores. Everyone in the office was friendly, flexible, and helpful throughout our tenancy. Would definitely rent from them again in the future. —bustercat

2011-12-06 23:12:27   As a property owner, I am completely dissatisfied with the services King Properties offers. In my own experience they are extremely unprofessional, hard to get a hold of, and most of the time unresponsive. We have had a home for rent and on the market since September of 2011 in a safe neighborhood in Mace Ranch. I understand the economy is not in the greatest condition but considering the fact that Davis is a college town and a nicer suburb of Sacramento, we would have more than one potential renter. As things weren't working out the way we had hoped, either the renter or this little real estate business wasn't meeting our needs. Extremely EXTREMELY unprofessionally, they failed to call/email us of the bad news that the renter was unable to rent our property. Instead of doing any of the above they MAILED in REGULAR USPS mail a "letter of regret" with our properties full address and the key enclosed within the letter. WHO THE HELL in their right mind does that?! Any postal man that may have had their hands on this piece of mail could have misplaced this piece of mail or in worse circumstances stolen the key and EASILY been able to access the home. It would have been like giving candy to a baby! SERIOUSLY, if they didn't want to do business with us all it would have taken was a phone call and we would have picked up out key end of story. I feel as if this was a violation of my privacy the way they very immaturely ended the owner/Realtor relationship. Please don't trust these people with your property. they already have a pretty bad name in the Davis area and i'm sorry to say I gave them a chance. —miketyson

2012-03-16 18:29:59   So far I have not been impressed with their money hungry schemes and their maintenance manager treats people like they are scum. They take way too long to fix serious problems and have no concern for you or you're family. If all of their employees were as decent and hard working as John, their maintenance man, than they would have something to brag about, but unfortunately that is not the case. —RainaCorson

2012-04-13 12:10:39   If it seems too good to be true... it probably is. My 4 roommates and I all waited to be contacted if the best house we've seen got snatched up by someone esle. I ended up having to call them just to hear that someone was already turning in a security deposit by a really rude woman. so glad we missed out on it tho after reading all of the reviews. —RachelSt

2012-06-20 11:19:07   King's is supposed to give us 24 hour notice before anyone comes onto our property to fix things, but TWICE now Wilson & Sons tree trimming has just shown up. This is a serious problem because we have a dog that could get out when they're in the back yard. The first time it was early in the morning and we were woken up when they opened the gate and came into the yard. Didn't even knock on the front door! Kings needs to make it clear to the people who they hire that this is not acceptable (or legal) behavior. —Myra

2012-08-02 15:26:43   I don't know how they've stayed in business so long. My experience as an owner was very negative. They tried to charge for "improvements or inspections" they deemed as needed or mandatory. An initial inspection is done when they take control of the property. Then they seem to find additional requirements to charge you for and unless you do your homework and call them on it they will keep finding other miscellaneous items to charge. They have an accountant that only works part time doing their books. The cryptic reports are vague and apparently only the company owner and accountant are allowed to view them, so if you have a question your limited to two people to clarify any questions. The billing of utilities is far from ideal and creates undue financial problems for both tenant and landlord. My overall impression is that the company seems to think tenant and owners alike have limitless funding and can afford any and all recommendation regardless of cost. Davis is an affluent community with many professionals but the economy is hardly in a financial boom, far from it. As a college town companies should set a standard of efficiency and creativity not limitless spending and reckless business practice. King properties needs to put more back into the community of Davis, not take more out!!! As an owner I feel bad for the tenants of any property rented or leased from King Properties and I sincerely apologize to the tenants and wish I had spent more time working to find a tenant and worked with them directly. In the long run EVERYONE would have saved time, money and frustration. SORRY!!!


2013-06-07 16:07:42   Wow!! All I can say is that my experience with King Properties is that they are fair, caring, timely, efficient and professional. I guess when people are disgruntled for what ever reason they fire off mean and biased remarks. Here is my suggestion . . . walk into the office of King Properties on G Street near 5th and see how the people treat you. Every interaction I have had with everyone from the boss herself to the maintenance staff is cordial, understandable and caring. So I would say go talk to the people in the office and experience them for what they are . . . —FrancisSousa

2013-06-08 11:15:03   I've been with King Properties for my rental since the mid-80's and have no intention of looking for another property manager. I think they are fair, not perfect. As a property owner they keep me informed of what's going on with the city and the rental market. They're quick in their accounting, maintenance and doing repairs - it's important that tenants keep them informed of leaking faucets and such, they aren't mind-readers. They do periodic inspections at owners request but they don't intrude on renter's privacy. I like the staff very much, have never had a problem that couldn't be resolved AND that includes them going to bat for residents. I appreciate their screening process, it's important. No matter how nice prospective tenants might be, if they can't pay the rent or have a bad history, I can't afford to rent to them. King Properties is excellent about taking care of rent deposits and needed documentation which in the end is good for both tenants and property owners. They are flexible, supportive when I find my own repair-person or do my own work if I think a bid is too high. There have been a couple issues over the years where I think they could have been more on top of things from a owner's perspective. But those times have been rare and ultimately it's on me. Although I live in another city, I can't be a completely "absent" landlord and they make sure I'm aware of that. All-in-all, I think they're great and can recommend them highly. —KarenEnglish

2013-08-14 08:20:38   Our overall experience with King Properties Rental is pleasant. The staff are very professional and quick in responding to tenant's inquiry. They are very attentive to property issues and fixes problems within reasonable timeframe. They provide ample notice whenever they are doing maintenance or repair on the property. Highly recommended to future tenants! —JonesFamily

2013-08-18 20:41:43   This is going to be a long post so I will sum it up to save readers time.


Unfortunately, the reason this business is still around is because there's a continual influx of college students. The high turnover allows them to run a business that is below satisfactory. Remember elementry school grading? Yeah, I am giving them a big old unsatisfactory.

-Anytime I or my roommates had to go in and see them, the staff there were clueless and obviously didn't give a crap about their customers. They even had the wrong names written on some forms for us to sign... -Read the lease and read it carefully. Like other comments below, document everything and keep records. This will help tremendously when they try to steal your entire saftey deposit. -When our only bathroom had issues and was therefore unusable (toilet and shower), we called their emergency line and left a message. Well it wasn't until the following Monday that they sent someone out. We couldn't shower, defecate, or urinate in our house for 3 days! What the hell! What's the point of your emergency line then, King? -We too had a rat infestation. They sent people to the house to take care of it, however, what they did was minimal. One of the traps was a sticky trap, which caught 3 baby mice. Well those little guys wouldn't stop yelling so I had to go out back and find a brick...something I shouldn't have had to do but calling King and getting it taken care of would have been a more painful process. -Like others, we too were charged up the ass for when we moved out. Cleaning, painting, repairs etc. We received the house in terrible condition and according to their responses we had to return the house in better condition than we received it. They also didn't give us a copy of any receipts of what they did, which is illegal. They have their own private contractor that does the repairs and charges you something like 70 an hour even if its for replacing a light bulb...they also tried to charge us more than 3k (our security deposit) and sent us an invoice asking for money. Were there a few damages? Yes, but more than 3k worth? Absolutely not you money hungry thieves.

Dealing with King Properties is a nightmare. Their employees are unhelpful, unprofessional, and rude. Their work ethic is terrible and in my opinion does not meet any standard minimum. I am almost positive someone could take this business to small claims court and win over the things they do. This experience is obviously thie general trend if you read other peoples comments and I hope they go out of business soon so us college students stop getting cheated. AVOID KING PROPERTIES AT ALL COSTS. —anonymousdavisstudent

  • UCD offers (well, you technically pay for it with your tuition) fifteen minutes of free legal consultation to students each quarter, and it's usually used for situations involving rental agreements. Just go to the ASUCD office and ask the person at the front desk about it. —hankim

2014-02-14 00:31:00  

King Properties truly deserve their reputation as the Slum Lords of Davis. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!! I strongly second the previous comment: my wife and I rented for three years (we are both professionals, not undergrads!) and we were treated like scum: the staff is unprofessional, incompetent, and tries in every way to gouge you for money. Of course, they tried to keep our entire security deposit - their only mistake was they lost track of how much extra money we had given them over the years. And, repairs often took forever - our ROOF LEAKED FOR MONTHS, damaging the landlord's property because they couldn't manage to hire competent roofers to get the job done quickly. But, the worst were the many, many threatening letters demanding we move boxes, etc or else threatening us with $100 fines (I think it was $100 per DAY until we complied, something ridiculous like that).

When we passed their "tests" (e.g. threatening letters informing us we would be fined $100 unless we moved a few boxes out of the garage) - guess what - they REFUSED TO RENEW OUR LEASE AND WOULD NOT TELL US WHY!!! This sounds outrageous, but is true. We then managed to contact the landlord and he realized what great tenants we were and argued on our behalf to King Properties that we should be allowed to stay in his house. He won and we stayed another year (because we only had 1 year left in Davis), but they were actually pissed at him for this!!!

All of this sounds crazy, but we are great, respectful tenants. We loved living in our previous apartment (Oxford Parkside, with the best property manager around!). Our current landlords are amazing. This is truly the incompetence and price-gouging mean-spritedness of King.

King are slum lords and do not deserve to do business in Davis or anywhere. Please, please avoid them at all costs: both renters and landlords - they do not respect you and only have greed in their cold hearts. —FormerDavisite

2014-08-14 11:48:58   Move In Review: We've been very impressed by King Properties since we began home searching with them a few months ago. Kelly King is very friendly and professional. She showed us every property we were interested in, answered any and all questions or concerns we had and paid extra attention to details that we mentioned were important to us in finding the right place. The move in process had been smooth and easy. Maintenance has been extremely quick and efficient in any requests we have had. Having dealt with other Davis landlords who fix things themselves or ignore requests altogether this had been a welcome change for us. We love our new flat and we're impressed by its quality and upgrades despite the building's original age. The location is amazing and quiet. We are happy. —DRPadalinski

2015-09-25 12:39:05   My family members used King properties to manage their duplex. The tenant complained about not having a stopper for the bathtub so a repairman was sent out to her. Instead of fixing that problem, their repair man proceeded to cut open the wall and "fix" plumbing inside the wall that had JUST BEEN REPLACED. They then installed a new very cheap faucet, I think it is plastic, and a new handle to turn the bath/shower on and off. They never contacted the owners to ask permission to do these "needed" repairs, just sent a bill. Then they completely rebuilt the fence in the back yard and also replaced the brand new kitchen faucet. I guess they like to replace brand new things. They like to bill the owners and love it if they get a tenant who will call them for any little thing. They just see dollar signs. Needless to say, my family got rid of King properties and has since used a different property management company in Davis. —dbelly

2018-10-10 00:18:17   King Properties was always nice to our face while we live in the property they managed. We lived at 2043 Alta Loma for less than 1 year but when moving out though they kept over $1500 of our security deposit. They charged us for painting walls that they said were a different color even though we didn't paint any walls. The charged us for cleaning even though we thoroughly cleaned the house. They even charged us for things we had previously put work orders in for and they had not fixed. We did a pre-inspection and none of these things were mentioned. We were told to our face that we should receive ALL of our deposit back except the carpet cleaning fee. When we contacted them about this they added small arbitrary amounts ($5 for maintenance, $15 for vacuuming, etc.). I am a graduate student and have lived in many rental apartments and houses. I have never had ANY of my security deposit deducted. Please do not support this business. —tsnelsen