Kirk Cowgill unsuccessfully ran for ASUCD Senate in the Fall of 2006 under the Christian Slate. He was by far the least preferred candidate, being eliminated in the first round and receiving 174 #17 (last place) votes, which was far more than any other candidate. He received only 56 out of 3621 first place votes, giving the Christian Democratic Party 1.6% of the votes in their first election.

Kirk graduated from UC Davis in August of 2007.

Fall 2006 ASUCD Election Statement

"My name is Kirk Cowgill. This ASUCD election season witnesses the beginning of something new. A coalition of Christians of various denominations, both Protestant and Catholic, has banded together to try and gain some representation in student government. In furthering that cause, I have decided to run for ASUCD Senate in order to represent the Christians at UC Davis.

"We don't seek to control student government or bring together "church and state". All we ask is that the UC Davis Christian organizations have some say in the small matters that ASUCD dictates.

"We will having weekly meetings to discuss Christian consensus on matters brought up in the Senate, and public discussion will be held in the Facebook group "Kirk Cowgill For Senate". I pledge to work together with campus Christians to make our voices heard.

"Please help us realize this dream. I ask for your vote November 15 - 17."


  • I will vote for and assist in making the Pledge of Allegiance a part of ASUCD meetings.
  • I will make the ASUCD Budget readily available for anyone to see, research, and comment on.
  • I will make the ASUCD agenda available to students and will make it easier for students to see legislation before it is actually decided on.
  • I will vote to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot requiring the ASUCD Senate to pass resolutions with 2/3s majority vote.
  • I support the American military including the UC Davis ROTC program.
  • I worked to bring Target to Davis.
  • I will not pass divisive resolutions.
  • I agree with the Adopt a Club Senator requirement.
  • I will protect the CFC from being cut.
  • I will help to promote ASUCD newspapers to educate the public when the California Aggie does not.

"I don't desire to push Christian beliefs and ideals on anybody. I'm simply happy to be among the first to try and help give a voice to Christians in ASUCD Senate."

Kirk was an intern for Governor Schwarzenegger's campaign up until the reelection of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He will have a B.A. in Political Science/Public Service in August of 2007.

He was an Intern for the Office of State Senator Dave Cox of the First District and was responsible for drafting replies to constituent letters, checking local newspapers for mentions of Senator Cox’s name, and answering phones.

He was a volunteer for the Santa Clara Republican Party in 2002.


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2006-07-10 08:47:20   If you cannot stay in school until the end of December 2007, you will end up graduating before the end of your term. People will see this and not vote for you... —PaulAmnuaypayoat

2006-07-10 11:24:30   Yeah, there has been some discussion on that point. It's not certain when he will actually graduate out of UC Davis but in the event he does graduate in June he would be replaced with another CDP candidate. But I do believe that seniors should be able to run for office and I will personally campaign for newly enrolled freshmen up to seniors if they want to be involved. —SteveOstrowski

2006-11-09 13:44:03   1) measure K has passed -before the election has taken place so that promise is pretty much pointless. 2) ASUCD has no control over ROTC, so that promise is emptier than light side of a gun barrel. 3) Above and beyond, it was the work of Kristen Birdsall, who revised the ASUCD website, that will help to put the Budget online as an Excel document but when I was a senator I already started the tradition of putting a non-itemized ASUCD Budget on the wiki. So that means your only promise is that you'll write a bill (that I assure you won't pass) to have the pledge allegiance said at senate meetings. And that you'll make it harder for the senate to voice an opinion as a resolution (therefore castrating one of its most useful abilities in helping student causes) by making it need 2/3 of a majority. The US Congress doesn't even needs a 2/3 majority to declare war so why should the ASUCD Senate need it to pass an opinion? —RobRoy

2006-11-09 14:10:44   The entire budget is already online. —JamesSchwab