Kirstin Stone was a candidate for ASUCD Senate running on the L.E.A.D. slate in the Winter 2010 ASUCD Election.

Candidate Statement

My name is Kirstin Stone and I am running for Senate with the L.E.A.D. slate. I am currently serving as both an ASUCD Business and Finance commissioner, and as the Publicity Director for the Lobby Corps advocacy unit. As an ASUCD Senator, I hope to implement a new efficient payment method in the CoHo, increase accessibility to on-campus student jobs, and bring back 24 hour study spaces. 3. Coffee House Efficiency The new CoHo will be opening soon, and to take advantage of the great expanded space, I plan implement a Coffee House Card like the student Aggie Cash card. Lines in the old Coffee House were notoriously long during the lunch and dinner rush, and in the new space it would be very convenient if there could be a “swipe card” that students could use to speed the check out process along. On-Campus Jobs Many students need to have a job to help pay for their tuition. The existing Aggie Job Link website is helpful, but the Internship and Career center can do more. I plan on making student jobs more accessible by creating a job fair highlighting on-campus student oriented employment. Improving access to campus jobs would improve students’ ability to pay for their college education. Additionally, on-campus jobs are ideal for students because university employers are mindful of students’ class scheduling needs. This understanding is essential for the success of working students, and as an ASUCD Senator I will promote access to on-campus jobs to promote such successes. Study Space While “all-nighters” are not ideal, they are sometimes necessary. Students may find that their home is not a suitable study environment, and turn to their campus spaces. Some of our 24 hour study spaces have been shut down in recent months because of budget cuts. As an ASUCD Senator, I plan to bring back and even expand the 24 hour study spaces during finals week. Reliable study spaces are an invaluable tool for academic success and I will make sure they are available when we most need them. With cooperation between student government, student housing, and the campus unions, each of these goals is completely feasible. Please remember to vote for Kirstin Stone for #1 for ASUCD Senate, LEAD #2-6, and Jack Zwald and Previn Witana for President and Vice-President on February 17th-19th.